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man the league probably brainwash their recruits with who knows how many crazy methods , rhas al ghul probably improved these methods for who knows how many centuries how does this guy is going to leave the place with his mentality intact? it doesnt matter if he is really a kid or not lol View More
DC: Dragon's Head · C3
57 minutes ago
she created black zetsu to free her from the seal while white zetsu to use it as an army against the ootsutsuki , it has nothing to with fear , kaguya could not be killed but momoshiki and kinshiki were killed , and urashiki on the boruto series gaara and chojiro fought against him without losing . Kaguya is still the most powerfull otsutsuki shown in the series no questions View More

Shinkaio_Genesis: She fears the Ootsutsuki clan, it's for that she created the Zetsu.

Hidden Emperor of the Naruto World · C8
6 hours ago
man he is a vampire a devil a phoenix and a dragon ? i mean whatafuck ? its really bad fics that ppl keep creating absurd "bloodlines " like "void chaos vampire ancient eidolon dragon god" its so stupid . A bloodlibe its basically your race man half vampire half devil its okay but "azure phoenix dragon" what a **** even is this View More
One of the Great King of Hell: Kiel Lucifuge Paimon · C3
9 hours ago
kaguya is stronger than the rest of the ootsutsuki , she is the only one with a perfect rinnesharingan , sasuke and naruto couldnt even win against her and had to seal her but they fought the other ootsutsuki no problem View More
Hidden Emperor of the Naruto World · C8
14 hours ago
an good ability that wouldnt be too out o canon annd that make sense in this setting to equalize agaisnt the op guys in the late game would be to use earth release to harden his skin to a level of diamonds and maybe boosting it with senjutsu later to withstand even the crazy attacks the bosses do on 4th war View More
Gaara · C58
1 day ago
madara only got the rinnegan like that bcause he is reincarnation of indra , too get the rinnegan you need indra and ashura chakra , its easier ttoo gaara just take nagato eyes View More

Dao_Li: Sharigan is the 1st step b4 rennigan getting some hashirami cell + sharigan will help then evolve and the one tail will help with the large chakra cost. Getting sage mode on top would just be a even better over kill.

Gaara · C57
1 day ago
if you want to make him at level naruto and sasuke wil be at on the 4th ninja war you really should go to more obscure techniques like yin yang release , mastering senjutsu to a level even above naruto bcause lets be honest the natural energy of the world only be used to get a boost in physical strenght? what a joke , also seals , becoming the jinchuriiki of the juubi trying to get a rinnegan or rinesharingan bcause a normal sharingan really aint gona cut it with the bull**** eyes in the late game , or trying to evolve his magnet release to electromagnetism? really, being one of the strongest in naruto world without some bull**** bloodline or without being a jinchuuriki is dowright impossible if you dont have some op technique like 3rd hokage lighting armor that made him able to fight the hachibi one o one or minato hiraishin View More
Gaara · C57
2 days ago
go pairing with ciri pls View More
Elder Blood Witcher · C13
2 days ago
henge is just an illusion , ninjas are not actually transforming to anything the only one that does it is tsunade with her yin seal and the mc doesnt even know how to start making that View More
Hidden Emperor of the Naruto World · C7
2 days ago
dont bother about the ppl that want an edgelord mc super op that kills everyone without feeling anything , never loses or face dificulties , super evil with a harem of 60 ****toys without emotions View More
Nero, the God of the Underworld · C27
3 days ago

T0XIN: Shameless Author here.

I know you're disappointed about me dropping my last book, but I assure you this one's worth it. All in all, this is my second attempt at writing something and I have high hopes for it.

Hope you enjoy!

1 week ago
if you cant take this much dont even bother to continue writing on webnovel then , there will always be ppl complaining and finding faults View More
Gaara · C0
1 week ago
i feel like you still havent showed how the mc is on the scale of good to evil , we know he did some pretty dark stuff be we dont know if he is one of those that would do anything for power and see ppl like objects or if he has a set of morals, if you dont want to just say it in the novel show it in the form of flashbacks from his past life , i also think you rushed somethings and scalated stuff quickly like the dumbledore expulsion , you didnt explained why or how even though is a pretty big thing on the story you just said all of a sudden that dumbledore was expeled from being headmaster , and theres the jhonny thing , he just goes from good friend to slave all of a sudden and we dont even know the tought process of the mc why he did that other than bcause he didnt asked to marry the girl , it feels like the mc is too random View More
The Life of Tiberius · C15
1 week ago
i dont understand he wants to change the world but dont even try to get stronger? View More
Chains of Heaven · C3
1 week ago
number 1 unconscious ninja , dropping aslep after every thing he does View More
RWBY: The Phantom of Remnant · C18
2 weeks ago
uzumakis dont have healing factor naruto onlt has it bcause of kyuubi View More

InnerVoice: No no no my friend, they do have massive amount of chakra but there isn’t a healing factor.
They instead have very high stamina as a benefit of their massive chakra reserve. Nothing more, nothing less

RWBY: The Phantom of Remnant · C3
2 weeks ago
Grand Arcanist: A Warcraft (Fan)Fiction · C4
2 weeks ago
he cant only get stronger by killing ? and is this one of those novels that levels equals strenght? View More
Reincarnated as a dragon egg in DxD with a Fate System! · C14
2 weeks ago
nero empress of rome View More
Reincarnated as a dragon egg in DxD with a Fate System! · C0
2 weeks ago
letf eye of chaos , what a chuuni name xD View More
From Rebirth to Perfection · C1
2 weeks ago
its your novel , if you want the mc to be a servant just dont stop or change bcause it doesnt match the wishfulfilment fantasy ppl want View More
Being Summoned Isn't Easy At All · C5
2 weeks ago
so what if ppl already did it too much , theres no reason why he souldnt be able to get a rinnegan unless you write it needs the bloodline of the sage View More

Rero_Rero: Guys help.... I want sharingan...but everyone else already did it....I want rinnegan... but everyone did that too... help...should I put them in...I mean he already has red eyes when activating his destruction ability...so a few tomoe won't hurt...right?

The B.U.G. · C0
3 weeks ago
i just dont understand what kind of boner ppl have about systems , why does he even have to do missions? what are those missions for ? what is the system? what fun is it to have to complete missions like someone is controlling him? it feels like his existence is all about stats and it takes out all the fun about training , getting stronger and all , if he loses the system then his strenght is gone ? after all he used stats , levels , and the system ''skills'' to get stronger not even his own effort . Also for a system novel to rly be good you have to put real tought in how the system will work and always keep track of his stats and not the half assed stuf that most system novels do View More
The B.U.G. · C0
3 weeks ago
always tought it was strange the mc on the original novel , dodgin bullets and beating 50 ppl before they can blink and none of his woman nor lin ruoxi ever asked how he did those things or even got suspicious View More
Can you be gentle? · C17
3 weeks ago
wouldnt it be better if he crippled the ogre for life? imagine the strongest man cant even **** whithout help anymore lol , View More
Another Hanma in a World of Martial Arts Anime · C3
4 weeks ago
maybe develop his personality more? whe dont know nothing about him or how he even feels about goku and the other z fighters apart from roshi who he sees as family View More
I am Krillin! · C14
4 weeks ago
what kind of ninja that entire lifes are based on deception and spionage wont realize that someone wants to frame danzo , lol kkkkkkk View More
Reborn: Adventure throughout the Multiverse · C20
4 weeks ago
why sayian ? the fun of the novel is bcause krilin is human and his dificulty to keep hus strenght on par with the saiyans View More
I am Krillin! · C8
4 weeks ago
could try to improve the mc a bit it just feels like he is an doll without emotions , the interactions with ppl from his group also became almost non existent , even the lizard girl disapeared View More
Devil Fruit Powers in The Tower of God · C32
1 month ago
why is he acting like a 12yr old like that? it was okay til last chapter and all but its just getting annoying , that bickering got old real fast View More
[EMERALD]❇️ · C36
1 month ago
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