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Oddpancakes: Without modern stuff everything takes more time and effort. Maids for cleaning, washing, water carrying and other chores will take all day. Gardeners probably come with a hunting, wood gardening, repairman, carpenter and handyman together. Cook and kitchen maid to prep, cook with firewood, clean and wash stuff without soap for 20 people everyday.

Yeah, things get really expensive to keep a big house maintained.

Lord of the Mysteries · C742
2 days ago

TrueBlue: Arrodes should become the next member of the tarot club. He could sell information and embarrass all the members with weird questions. Just imagine Emlyn White awkwardly struggling to answer Arrodes.

Lord of the Mysteries · C740
4 days ago

PotatOS: I hope Klein manages to buy /trade for Arrodes from the Machinery Hivemind. It would be fun to have Arrodes as the Fool's butler /secretary who filters and responds to most of the normal prayers to the Fool (at some point in the future he ought to expand his followership). He'd probably be super evil and make fun of everyone as long as Klein isn't watching!

Lord of the Mysteries · C740
4 days ago

BluebellBerry: If Klein accidentally wipes himself on the same napkin, Arrodes might make it his heirloom 😂😂

Lord of the Mysteries · C740
4 days ago

Randompasserby: Klein's butt will be shining clean in a matter of days, maybe hours even if he actually took Arrodes as his Butler lmao 🤣

Round the clock asskissing service plus a complementary mystical Google search artifact heh

Lord of the Mysteries · C740
4 days ago

Ozwin: Lol for the first time in a long time I am becoming a slight bit impatient with the pace. There are so many people and interactions I want to see, I want more displays of his new persona, I want more irl interactions between Tarot club members... All in due time Ozwin, calm yourself, you just need to wait a half day for each new chapter... Surely I can remain patient for that long?

Lord of the Mysteries · C740
4 days ago
Thanks for the chapter ! ^^ View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C740
4 days ago

burntpotato: Guest: Excuse me, I'd like to ask where the restroom is?
Butler Arrodes: Just turn right at the end of the corrider. Now, based on the principle of reciprocity, it's my turn to ask the question.

Lord of the Mysteries · C740
4 days ago
It's more that he prevented info from spreading.
People in the circle know but not the public View More

Grish99: you know the synopsis say "basicaly a god on earth" or something like that. he probably have the power to bamboozle a historian (like change his face)

The Immortal Mutant Teen
1 week ago

gtfantasy: At end of Vol.3 Author summarised the volume and I do a brief translation here, note this is not a word to word translation.
Volume 3’s title is “Traveller” so author writes it using a casual style, the structure is also simple, a man on his journey, stop at a place for a while then move on, see some sceneries, meet new people, complete some tasks but don’t get deeply involved.
To be honest this kind of travel style story is not easy to write, you try hard to create a new character, a new place, make some custom differences, and then you have to leave all these behind and keep on your journey. It challenges author’s writing skills to quickly introduce new characters with unique characteristic and new events that are interesting. Authors believes he did a good job before Klein advanced to Marionettist, however after that he was busy to close some story lines, too many things to write and it’s on Klein’s return way, so he omitted some details for those revisited places, author feels he rushed a bit on this part.
Many readers believing author has a very detailed outlines for the story but he doesn’t, he only made detailed settings. After he sets a theme for a volume and decides using what style to write it, what foreshadows he is going to close from previous volume and what foreshows he is going to lay in this volume, then he just fills the volume with stories freely, he doesn’t want to think every plot beforehand as he constantly has new ideas. Just like at the end of last volume the scene when Klein left Backlund, then he has the idea how he is going to return at the end of this volume, also mention his siblings in last chapter. Also he wants the book world to be introduced in this volume but he is not clear how this part of story going to end beforehand. When he writes release “Nightmare” beyonder characteristic plot he then has the idea to write a plot to pass message to the daughter, this can be also considered as a journey’s end in a way. When he designs the setting of “Groselle’s Travel” and creates a Leon solider character, then he has an inspiration to return him home. Combines everything together he is clear of how he is going to write for this volume.
Volume 3 is kind of flat because of the structure and the style. Author mentioned this before in Raw that reader may be disappointed if they want to see something big unfold at the end of this volume. He wants to create a perilous atmosphere to set off Klein’s return, this includes Ince appears scene, malicious of the Mother Tree of desire and Rose school of thought’s attack.
There is another ordeal in this volume, that’s how to write the raids of ruin of God’s war and book world. As he gained experiences from his previous books, he sets two themes for it, one is “Suspense” and another is “Comrades”, he then wants to add “interesting” on top of it, but at the end his is not completely satisfied and he should do better. He explains the thinking how he creates and writes these two raids, for this part it’s too long for me to translate. For example the book world, because it’s going to be a short story in this volume, so Klein as an outsider doesn’t have time to know those characters’ past, so he only records what they say and what they do, for this part of story you can see generally Klein has no inner monologue.
Author summarised at the end, he created some good characters and stories but rushed the last part of this volume, and he wished he can slow down a bit. The next volume is going to be called “Undying”, the opening words for this volume are “Undying, a bless or a curse”. ** the opening words for “Traveller” are “Every journey has an destination”.

Lord of the Mysteries · C732
1 week ago

VioletLily: Hey Rxel! Is this some sort of version of Sarah? Bc I’m getting some Sarah kind of vibes from Ophelia.

Curse the Mainframe! · C236
1 week ago

burntpotato: Time to contact the Customer Service Mr. Fool again he

Lord of the Mysteries · C720
1 week ago
Thanks for the chapter ! ^^
I kinda want Sari to take Kyle to see the last John Wick movie XD
She'll be like you see that teenager ? He's my idol ! I would love having his autograph ! But I still like you best don't worry ^^!
And Kyle so awkward XD maybe even recognised after that ? View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C511
2 weeks ago
And they still have the time to think of not squiching Kitty XD View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C510
2 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter ! ^^ View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C713
2 weeks ago

Randompasserby: I'm just waiting for Arrodes to continue evolving and catch up with us in 2019 lol

He could already use emoticons and pictures, next up is image macros, gifs, tiktoks and who knows what else 😝

Lord of the Mysteries · C713
2 weeks ago

Davidwrn: You people have all been enticed and beguiled by Arrodes. Try asking those guys at the church of Steam and Machinery, especially that Ikanser guy. Does he find Arrodes adorable?
Arrodes is the perfect example of our modern day politicians.

Lord of the Mysteries · C713
2 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter !
Waiting for more character development for Sari View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C498
2 weeks ago
Back from stockpiling, thanks for the chapter !
It's funny to see Kyle in the same situation as a normal boy sometimes XD View More
New Life : A Second Chance · C496
2 weeks ago

Randompasserby: Title "Excellent Teamwork"

Klein : aight imma just watch to the side here and make my move on the last page of the chapter 🧐

Lord of the Mysteries · C700
2 weeks ago

Alessan: Current Stash:
~15199 Pounds

Dark Emperor Card (Priceless)

Sea God Scepter (Lots)

Corrupted Tinder (???)

Azik’s Copper Whistle (N/A)

Creeping Hunger (37500 Pounds|20000 Pounds + Characteristics inside)
- 1x Interrogator Characteristic (1500 Pounds)
- 1x Baron of Corruption Characteristic (4000 Pounds)
- 1x Zombie Characteristic
- (4000 Pounds)
- 1x Desire Apostle Characteristic (8000 Pounds)

1x Priest of Light Characteristic (8000 Pounds)

Biological Poison Bottle (~3000

Midsummer aka Sun Brooch (2000 Pounds)

1x Nightmare Characteristic (1500 Pounds

1x Interrogator Characteristic (From Capim, 1500 Pounds)

1x Lunatic Characteristic (650 Pounds)

15ml Thousand Faced Hunter’s Blood (45 Pounds)

= ~69,400 Pounds + Dark Emperor Card + Sea God Scepter + Corrupted Tinder

Lord of the Mysteries · C700
2 weeks ago

Alessan: Known Potion Names: 140/220
Known Potion Formulas: 30/220 + 1 incomplete

8-9 Low Sequence Names: 41/44 (13 Formulas)
5-7 Mid Sequence Names: 60/66 (12 Formulas)
3-4 Saint Names: 22/44 (2 Formulas +1 incomplete)
1-2 Angel Names: 7/44 (2 Formulas)
0 True God Names: 5/22 (1 Formula)
Unsure: 5

[] = Ancient Name
✓ = Known Formula
X = Known Incomplete Formula
* = Mid Sequence Starting Point

Corruption Pathway: (10/10)
9 Lawyer ✓
8 Barbarian ✓
7 Briber ✓
6 Baron of Corruption* ✓
5 Mentor of Confusion ✓
4 Count of the Fallen ✓
3 Frenzied Mage ✓
2 Duke of Entropy ✓
1 Prince of Disorder ✓
0 Dark Emperor ✓

[Devil] Abyss Pathway: (7/10)
9 Criminal
8 Unwinged Angel [Coldblooded]
7 Serial Killer
6 Devil*
5 Desire Apostle
4 Demon
0 Abyss

[Dragon] Dreamer Pathway: (8/10)
9 Spectator ✓
8 Telepathist ✓
7 Psychiatrist* [Psyche Analyst]
6 Hypnotist
4 Manipulator
2 Discerner
1 Author
0 Visionary

Creation Pathway: (7/10)
9 Savant
8 Archaeologist
7 Appraiser
6 Machinery Specialist [Artisan]*
5 Astromancer
4 Alchemist
3 Arcane Scholar

Deception Pathway: (7/10)
9 Seer ✓
8 Clown ✓
7 Magician* ✓
6 Faceless ✓
5 Nimblewright Master ✓
4 Bizarro Sorcerer
2 Miracle Invoker

Demoness Pathway: (7/10)
9 Assassin ✓
8 Instigator ✓
7 Witch* ✓
6 Pleasure ✓
5 Affliction
4 Demoness of Despair
2-3 Unaging Demoness

[Elf] Hurricane Pathway: (7/10)
9 Sailor [Keeper of the Sea]
8 Folk of Rage [Guardian of the Storm]
7 Seafarer [Storm Priest]
6 Wind-Blessed* ✓
5 Ocean Songster [Elvish Songster]
4 Cataclysmic Interrer
3 Sea King

Order Pathway: (7/10)
9 Arbiter
8 Sheriff
7 Interrogator
6 Judge*
5 Disciplinary Paladin
3-4 Law Weaver (Likely 4)
3-4 Imperative Mage (Likely 3)

Sun Pathway (7/10)
9 Bard ✓
8 Light Suppliant ✓
7 Solar High Priest* ✓
6 Notary ✓
5 Priest of Light [Envoy of Light] ✓
4 Unshadowed X (Main ingredients only)
0 Sun

War Pathway: (7/10)
9 Hunter
8 Provoker
7 Pyromaniac [Fire Mage]
6 Conspiracist*
5 Reaper
4 Iron-Blooded Knight
0 Red Priest

[Giant] Combat Pathway: (6/10)
9 Warrior
8 Pugilist [Gladiator]
7 Weapon Master
6 Dawn Paladin*
5 Guardian
4 Demon Hunter

[Phoenix] Death Pathway: (6/10)
9 Cor**e Collector
8 Gravedigger
7 Spirit Medium
6 Spirit Guide*
5 Gatekeeper
3-4 Undying (Almost certainly 3)

Journey Pathway: (6/10)
9 Apprentice ✓
8 Trickmaster ✓
7 Astrologer ✓
6 Scribe*
5 Traveler
4 Secrets Sorcerer

[Vampire] Moon Pathway: (6/10)
9 Apothecary ✓
8 Beast Tamer
7 Vampire*
6 Potions Professor
5 Scarlet Scholar
4 Shaman King

[Mutant] Mutant Pathway: (6/10)
9 Prisoner
8 Lunatic
7 Werewolf*
6 Zombie
5 Wraith
4 Puppet

Mystery Pathway: (6/10)
9 Mystery Pryer
8 Melee Scholar
7 Warlock*
6 Scrolls Professor
5 Constellations Master
4 Mysticologist

[Demonic Wolf] Night Pathway: (6/10)
9 Sleepless
8 Midnight Poet
7 Nightmare
6 Soul Assurer*
4 Nightwatcher

Thief Pathway: (6/10)
9 Marauder
8 Swindler
7 Cryptologist
6 Fire Bandit
5 Dream Stealer
4 Parasite

Fate Pathway: (5/10)
9 Monster
7 The Lucky
5 Winner
2 Soothsayer
1 Snake of Mercury

Secrets Pathway: (5/10)
9 Secrets Supplicant
8 Listener [Whispered]
7 Shadow Ascetic
6 Rose Bishop
5 Shepherd

Sage Pathway: (4/10)
9 Reader
7 Knowledge Keeper
6 Polymath*
5 Mysticism Magister

Life Pathway: (2/10)
9 Planter
? Doctor [Healing Pastor] (Likely Low or Mid Sequence)

Unknown Pathways: (3)
4 Prophet (Likely Reader Pathway, possibly Secrets Pathway)

? Planeswalker (Almost certainly High Sequence, Likely Journey Pathway)

? Weather Warlock (Likely Saint Level)

Known Pathway Connections:







Lord of the Mysteries · C700
2 weeks ago

CKtalon: This is a story that the author spent months researching. Set in the Victorian era, the author strives to make it an epic masterpiece. Actual factual tidbits from the real world are weaved into this steampunk world.

There is rich world building with characters and their personalities fleshed out perfectly. However... Maybe it's best not to get too tied to the characters...

The development of the mystical elements are very well planned, with 220 classes. Imagine the richness that will bring!

Many things are foreshadowed in this story, so look out for that!

As translator, I will try to make sure the release rates are high.

Lord of the Mysteries
4 weeks ago

TomoyaNagase: Bribes? What are bribes? 'tis is just a token of appreciation, I say! *discreetly pushes two crowns over the counter*

Lord of the Mysteries · C678
4 weeks ago
Well... I guess being affected is still fine as long as he is still himself...
But still... I think it will leave me a bad aftertaste T^T
But I guess it's part of the package of being a main character, so in fact it's super in line with the story, whether I like it or not. But that won't prevent me from pitying Alec. View More

Rxel: Oh, he's definitely going to be super affected, but Alec being Alec.. well. Let's just say there's a whole road in front of them.

I like treating Chers as the 5% of the population that "fall in love at first sight" which happens in the real world as well. Or as close as we can get, anyway^^ Hmm, I haven't gone that deeply into the explanations yet, but I will say I kind of treat them like soulmates.

Curse the Mainframe! · C210
1 month ago
Yeah Yeah, not intentional... I don't believe it !

And wow, I hope Alec won't be really too affected, I don't like these "predestined person" things.
It's like they don't have a choice...
It's fine if he fells in love with her slowly but love at first sight would really be too much...
Poor Chers...
I feel like it would be better for them to just have continuous meetings with their fated one rather than just love at first sight... it's like they aren't themselves anymore... View More
Curse the Mainframe! · C210
1 month ago

q00u: Rxel: "I swear these cliffs are not intentional." (sweats)
Me: "Aren't you the one in control of where the chapters end?"
Rxel: (sweating intensifies)

Curse the Mainframe! · C210
1 month ago
Continue them !
They are fun !
Good work by the way ! <3 View More

Reili: so should I continue the mini chaps in authors notes or stop them?

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C162
1 month ago

Bai_lanlan: I hate contractual marriages. Women as a commodity, well now it has become even worse.

1 month ago
A chapteeeeer !!! 🎉🎉
Hurray for the God of Writers !!! View More
Aria's Tales · C57
1 month ago
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