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listenedpromise: 28 September is Wei Chen's birthday. Happy birthday, shameless grandpa Wei. 🎉🎂 Do you love dolls as gift? 😅

Some Wei Chen's moments (chapters) :
511-519 Introducing, Commander Wei Chen
531-541 Stealing boss, shameless trade with guild leaders
545- 546 Helping LG escapes
543-544, 618-619 start as spy in Samsara
610-614 Wei Chen arrives in Happy internet cafe
541-542, 544, 626-630 Skill points research
811 - 812 Challenger's League, old Wei on stage
1199 Wei Chen vs Xiang Yuanwei (Miracle)
1354 Wei Chen vs Li Xun (Void)
1410-1428 Wei Chen in team battle vs Blue Rain
1498-1502 Wei Chen vs HWQ in group arena
1657 FR executed plan based on old Wei's judgement


The King's Avatar · C1686
2 weeks ago

Laugh_Not: Fun fact, if the 1 vs 3 hp remaining records in the Group Competition includes the playoffs, Happy occupies the top two spots
1. Fang Rui (Happy) - 68% hp remaining against Wind Howl (Season 10)
2. Tang Rou (Happy) - 52% hp remaining against Samsara (Season 10)
3. Wang Jiexi (Tiny Herb) - 48% hp remaining against an unknown team (Season 4)
4. Zhou Zekai (Samsara) - 45% hp remaining against Happy (Season 10)

References: Chapters 1276,1654,1673

The King's Avatar · C1673
3 weeks ago

Tidy_nerd: Omyglob. Wait. Holy Shxt. Wait. I went ahead and calculated it. Holy Shxt. It's POSSIBLE.

Okay, okay, so I went ahead and looked at the sheet music for a basic count. I made it as if only one hand was doing all the important melody work. So:

>I only counted the melody. So if two hands did something at the same time, it only counts as 1.

>I counted each note in the runs

> and counted each chord as 1 (not sure if you press 2+ keys at the same time in gaming, if yes, this count goes up)

Total basic note count: 791
Played over 48 seconds.

[(791/48) x 60] so its actions per minute

Answer: 988.75


Okay, so switching melodies between hands WOULD lessen the burden and MOST of the continuous input is on the right hand.

BUT. Assuming God Ye Xiu's left hand is AS NIMBLE as his right AND that his rests are just by slowing down a bit, then

It's possible.

Oh my glob.

The King's Avatar · C1621
2 months ago
"Younger generation"... Aren't Zhang Xuan and Zhang Jiuxiao in the same generation? Lol View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1630
3 months ago

Santana1919: I posted this info in the comments of the last chapter but I'm repeating it to get the word out. The first feature length The King's Avatar animated movie will be released August 16 2019! So in addition to the new live action series and Season 2 of the anime there will also be an animated movie.
The title is "The King's Avatar: For The Glory" and it's posted on YouTube
The movie is a prequel set in the early days of Glory and the Pro Alliance. Butterfly Blue wrote several prequel short stories in a collection called ”The Summit of Glory” / “Top Glory”, spanning the early days of Glory up to the end of season 3 published in 2015. The movie is based on that. Keep your eyes open for a 14 year old Su Mucheng and (wait for it).... Su Muqiu!

The King's Avatar · C1548
4 months ago

Khalis: Lin Jingyan: Not again!
Lava: Hello, Old Friend. Come into my Warm Embrace once more.

The King's Avatar · C1543
4 months ago



HAHAHA at least he won once

The King's Avatar · C1534
4 months ago

iasf: I'm tearing up. Their belief and confidence in YeXiu. He won't get suppressed like that. Team Happy are like kids still, who think YX is invincible, and he is invincible and im crying. I loved how it was written, even WeiChen joining the fray and voicing his support.

The King's Avatar · C1398
5 months ago

Charlatan: Today’s topic should be Huáng Shào Tiān, but I noticed something perhaps more urgent yesterday. So I’ve prepared a table of the ages of all* main characters in the novel by far. It may help you build a clearer awareness of their relationship in age.
You may not know that TKA is set in the future.
Since I cannot copy and paste a table in comments, I uploaded it on my blog. Here’s the link:
(There’s an official art book of TKA in which their personal data is told)

And If you wanna know or discuss more, this Discord of TKA is strongly recommended!

P.S. Huáng Shào Tiān for the next time then🤔😆🙏

The King's Avatar · C834
5 months ago

Charlatan: I see almost everybody’s missing Deception, today let’s talk about him.

*I’ll write word-for-word ungrammatical translation between【】

毁人不倦[huǐ rén bú juàn]【destroy/disrupt people no tired/bored】

Since there are so many homophones in Chinese, we play a lot with puns.

And in this case, 毁人不倦[huǐ rén bú juàn] and 诲人不倦[huì rén bú juàn]【teach/tutor people no tired/bored】are partial homophones(the tone of the first syllable “hui” are different).

诲人不倦[huì rén bú juàn] is a set-phrase(Chinese idiom) as I said yesterday. It comes from a very famous Chinese canon— Confucian Analects—you may have already heard of before.

In Book VII: Shu R, Chapter 2
Confucius's humble estimate of himself.
The Master said, "The silent treasuring up of knowledge; learning without satiety; and instructing others without being wearied:-- which one of these things belongs to me?”

In general this is a very kind and respectful way to describe or praise a teacher/tutor/educationist/professor.

But if we change the first word of the idiom from “teach” to “destroy/disrupt”, well, you know. It’s quiet ironic but very much appropriate for Mò Fán’s character—he’s pretty patient and resistant when scrap picking, or, confronting recruitment.😂

Again, I need to state, translators have done a great job. Just imagine if we translate his name faithfully, it’s gonna be like this:(cut from Chapter 464)
Like a helicopter, Lord Grim flew in Deception’s direction.
Like a helicopter, [my lord, please don’t tease at the drunk soldiers] flew in [destroying others without being wearied]’s direction.


The King's Avatar · C819
5 months ago

Charlatan: What about “Lord Grim”? Another mistranslation!
君莫笑[jūn mò xiào]【you don’t laugh】
“Lord” in this context is the second person imperative when you address sb in a very respect way, kinda like “my lord” in English, but a little different. The sentence means “please don’t laugh”. It comes from a verse of a poetry of Tang Dynasty. The whole poetry is:
(There are two translating versions)
Version One:
Grapewine I would like to taste,
have to go yet I would crave.
Thou dost not tease drunk soldiers of all,
Long ago few come back from war.

Version Two:
Exquisite wine in cups that glitter at night,
The pipa(a Chinese instrument) playing on horseback urges us to drink.
Laugh not if we lie drunk on the battlefield.
Since ancient times how many have ever returned from campaigns afar?

So “君莫笑[jūn mò xiào]【you don’t laugh】”are the last three words of the third verse. What the hell is “Lord Grim”?😂

When we see this name, we can perceive the solemn and stirring shadings, when YX just got kicked out of EE then bring out a Card with this name. And thinking about the pro league is just like a battle field, only very few of the players could enter the pro circle and those who win the cup are even fewer.

Nevertheless, we can not ask more, cuz as the translator of the Anime of TKA said, it’s a pity that we cannot make subtitles very much “faithful”, the cross-culture translation is so hard. I bet some of you has already blamed that the English subtitles just flying through the screen and you can not catch up with them.

If anyone is interested in the true meaning of their names(not only for characters but also the names of guilds are so beautiful), please give me a thumb or reply in the comment, to let me know if it’s worthy to continue.

btw, My major is foreign languages and literature. I major in German and live in Italy currently. So please forgive my low Englisch level.😂

The King's Avatar · C817
5 months ago

Charlatan: If you are REALLY curious about the meanings of character names, read below. Might be a little LONG. No spoiler.

First of all, we should know that Chinese is a tonal language, while English assigns stress to one syllable of every word. Tone is one of the distinctive features of standard Chinese(Mandarin). If we neglect the four tones in the transcription of Chinese names, we may lose/misunderstand informations, sometimes are quite important. Just look at these names: Chén Guǒ(Boss), Wèi Chēn(God of shamelessness), and Wǔ Chén(Captain of Team Everlasting). We’ve got three “Chen”s here but they don’t share the same tone. Yep, there are still two of them alike, but if we write them down in ideogram, you’ll see that they are completely different(of course their meaning varies). Now we’re at around Chapter 800, as a Chinese fan who has run through the whole novel four times, if you already find it hard remembering Chinese names, well, keep working, cuz still loads of new names ahead.
I mentioned this point just because I saw a comment saying their names are similar. In fact, not at all😂.

Second, Chinese is a high-density language, it means it carries more information per syllable than English, besides, Chinese has an enormous amount of so called set phrases(Chinese idioms) which are in general consist of only 4 ideograms each, but can tell a whole story!(that’s an insane information density). For the fluency of reading, it’s not possible to translate their names accurately. The translator has had to trim.

Butterfly Blu is a vey talented writer, his works are written with much literary skill, as well as naming. We know that names can convey something, and almost every author would use this technic. For instance, in the Beggar’s Opera of John Gay, we have Lockit, Macheath, Peachum, etc. Without knowing the meaning of the names, it will definitely be a great loss.

So, enough talk, let’s get started.

[1] 叶修[Yè Xiū], MC
叶秋[Yè Qiū], the younger brother
In Asian culture, if we are brothers, our names are usually some how similar, as if to demonstrate that we are brothers. It’s kinda like the rhetorical figure anaphora😄

another example will be more obvious:
苏沐橙[Sū Mù Chéng]
苏沐秋[Sū Mù Qiū]
(Sū is their family name, not Sū Mù.)

They doesn’t need to rhyme, but “anaphora”.

Here we can see 叶秋 and 苏沐秋 have a character in common—the last character [Qiū], means autumn. This is merely a coincidence.But in the case of “One Autumn Leaf” is not.

*I’ll write word-for-word translation between【】

一叶之秋[yí yè zhī qiū]【One Leaf ’s Autumn】
The second and the last character are exactly the name of Yè Qiū. Or, it might be a combination of Yè Xiū and Sū Mù Qiū.
We know that it’s Sū Mù Chéng who picked this name for YX. She knows YX’s real name from the very beginning, so maybe she wished that they could fight together in the Glory.

And, “One Autumn Leaf” is a mistranslation, cuz the literal translation should be “The autumn of one leaf”, “one leaf” is actually an attribute of the word “autumn”. We shift the order, and the artistic conception changes.
P.S.Chinese is an isolating(analytic) language, means it plays with word order, and lacks inflections in morphology. That’s one of the reasons why it has such a high information density.

BUT! When Sū Mù Chéng picked this name, she made a typing error. She wanted to type “一叶知秋”[yí yè zhī qiū],the pronunciation is exactly the same as “一叶之秋”[yí yè zhī qiū], but you already found that the third character has changed. The third character “知” here means “know, foresee”, so the whole meaning changed completely, because “One Leaf ’s Autumn” is a noun phrase whilst the one with “know” is a sentence which means “From a falling leave we can tell this year/my life(here’s a pun) is coming to an end.” 【One leaf heralds autumn】This is precisely the set-phrase I mentioned above.

Sū Mù Chéng preferred a poetic name, but her fingers slipped. So here we have 【One Leaf ’s Autumn】instead of 【One leaf heralds autumn】

The King's Avatar · C817
5 months ago

Charlatan: Of course one inch ash comes from poetry too:
As easterlies sough through a drizzling sky,
Soft thunders strike beyond the Hibiscus Pond.
The statues of gilded toad holding a lock in the mouth cannot keep incense out,
The well decorated with jade tigers is deep yet long is the rope on the pail to water draw.

Jia's daughter peeped through the screen at the handsome Han and later his wife became,
Concubine Mi could only leave the Wei prince a pillow to express her love for this prodigy.
Be still my beating heart, compete not with spring on blossoming forth,
For what remains of my every shred of longing is a mere disheartened, ashen core.(literally translation:an inch of missing/yearning of you, an inch of ash.


The King's Avatar · C810
5 months ago

Charlatan: In fact almost all their names are very beautiful. But unfortunately it’s very difficult to translate them in a proper way. For example, “one autumn leaf”(Sun Xiang’s character)is a Chinese idiom, means “a falling leaf heralds autumn”. Another example, “lord grim”is actually not even a “lord” meaning in it. It’s a mistranslation, because “Lord” in this context is the second person imperative means you. And lord grim should be “please don’t laugh”. It comes from a verse of a poetry of Tang Dynasty. The whole verse is:
Grapewine I would like to taste,
have to go yet I would crave.
Thou dost not tease drunk soldiers of all,
Long ago few come back from war.
So, you see, it isn’t lord grim at all, it’s “don’t laugh(at the sodiers)”.
And our cute Baby Sitter Blue River, his name is cut from a poetry too:the day you return, a blue river covered with snow; in the gaze of mount Qin, I shall leave.
Almost every character name are very poetic, it’s a pity that you cannot perceive it.
Btw, I’m chinese😄

The King's Avatar · C810
5 months ago

Plummette: Suddenly I felt rather sad. If Ye Xiu ran away from home at age 15 and then focused on Glory for the rest of the years, that means he didn't manage to finish his official studies - schooling. I'm pretty sure he's already a genius and talented boy before, and that's probably another reason his family was disappointed in his choice - because they saw him as a 'wasted' potential or if the fantheory is true, a perfect son/an heir that they used to anticipate his future and proud of. He could've been a prodigy in other fields already - medical field or science in general, business, music, etc but no, he just had to run and waste his youth for something 'low' or 'unbefitting' of his potential/identity.

Now, he's basically someone that could be scorned at by assholes, for his lack of background in 'education'.

The King's Avatar · C631
5 months ago

Tidy_nerd: Hmmm

Luo Ji is like Zhang Xinjie. Extremely meticulous. Scarily smart. Plans for every single possibility. Tactical mind.

An Wenyi is like Yu Whenzou. Slow but uses prediction and impeccable timing to make up for it. Practical mind.

Qiao Yifan is like Xiao Shiqin. Good grasp of battle situation and teammates' capabilities. Just needs to work on his confidence. Discerning mind.

...And they're all under the guidance of Ye Xiu. The greatest and most black hearted Mast Tactician of them all...

Happy is...Happy is going to be so broken in the future. These kids are going to be absolutely terrifying in the future. 😂

Lights a candle for the future of the Glory pro league 🕯

The King's Avatar · C1504
5 months ago

Tidy_nerd: [Glory Season 2: Top Glory, the prequel]
Ye Xiu to Han Wenqing: "Speaking of which, I feel like you're lacking exactly that kind of high level healer by your side, someone who can control large situations."

[Glory Seaon 4]
Zhang Xinjie, a cleric and future master tactician, joins Tyranny. They win the championship that year.

[Glory Season 8: Chapter 253]
Ye Xiu to Han Wenqing: "Of course I know that you always like to go all out. It's just that, at our age, we should slow down a bit. You've probably felt it."

Han Wenqing: "Sorry, I only know how to go forward. "I don't understand what 'slow down' means."

Ye Xiu: "Then, hurry up."

Han Wenqing: "If you've already recognized that you've lost, then leave the stage yourself!"

Ye Xiu: "Leaving doesn't mean I recognize that I've lost." (Laugh)

[Glory Season 10]
Tyranny slows it's pace. Han Wenqing learns to step back and it doesn't mean he has conceded defeat.

- even Old Han follows Old Ye's advice (^-^)though it does seem to take him 2 years.

The King's Avatar · C1502
5 months ago
Haha, you go, Nightingale! View More
Release That Witch · C238
5 months ago

bryson502: Bear Grylls covered in hides day 51 the demons still do not know that I am not one of them

Release That Witch · C151
6 months ago
Lol, it's like Blue Rain and Happy are playing Hot Potato, but Ye Xiu is the only expert at the game View More
The King's Avatar · C1464
7 months ago

Tidy_nerd: Dear Blue Rain,

the guild leaders of every single guild in both the 10th sever and heavenly domain can tell you with absolute certainty that if you want to fight a long drawn out battle, Ye Xiu is NOT going to crack first.

RIP my dudes.

The King's Avatar · C1437
7 months ago

Blacklotusx: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) title actually has an inner meaning for those who didn't get it still... How can a single man handle a royal harem of 3000?
His metal rod will whittle down to a needle at some point of time ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Library of Heaven's Path · C1294
8 months ago

VillAnthem: Jia Xing sees an ambush. Waits for Devil World Flower to expire. Gets ambushed by Spirit Cat.
LJ: JX meet Meow Fan, ninja cat.

The King's Avatar · C1336
11 months ago
Haha, what a unique character this Leylin is. View More
Warlock of the Magus World · C386
11 months ago
I'll never look at St. Patrick's day the same again... View More
Warlock of the Magus World · C87
12 months ago

Technothepig: end of chapter is missing:
This skill could only be used behind the target’s back. Previously, when the Cliff Ronin and Lord Grim clashed, it was so brief that they hadn’t understood what exactly had happened. In that short instant, Ye Xiu was able to turn around and use a Cut Throat. Even though they had been with him every day, Tang Rou and Steamed Bun Invasion couldn’t help but be shocked.

“Dumbstruck again?” Lord Grim had already drawn his sword and used a Collapsing Mountain to follow up.

The Cliff Ronin’s “Colliding Stab” hadn’t hit, so he stopped, while still inside the Sword Boundary. The Cliff Ronin was only able to turn around halfway when he was hit by the Collapsing Mountain. Steamed Bun Invasion came in from the left and smacked him with a Brick, while Tang Rou came in from the right and stabbed twice with a “Double Stab”.


The Cliff Ronin let out one final cry, before the light in his eyes faded.

The King's Avatar · C229
12 months ago

System: A dog driving a car with a small monk passenger. If I saw that in the street, probably slap the person beside me to see if it is a dream.

Cultivation Chat Group · C231
1 year ago
You have great taste in profile pictures. View More

Dao_Ancestor: This monk is a pain, I miss the jailed monk at least the western monk could take the blame not like this runt

Cultivation Chat Group · C226
1 year ago

Cravenx: muscle maids will help you recover from flu. these muscle maids with suspicious bulges have a tendency for suppository medicines though

Cultivation Chat Group · C221
1 year ago

Chinogen: Poor guy enchanted by Venerable White then drilled by Shuhang... how's he gonna keep his dignity after this

Cultivation Chat Group · C201
1 year ago
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