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Your math is wrong. 1000 for 1 cubic meter means 1 trillion (1000 * 1e9) points, not one million for 1 cubic kilometer. View More
Supreme Harem System · C32
3 days ago

DeuGonZ: I hope that Qidan can upload from the fitst chapter because this is definitely not yhe first chalter of this novel. I think that your already copying the translated version done by so many different translators atleast start from the very beginning..damn!,and you got the guts and dare to get it premium..shame on you!

God and Devil World
4 days ago

Dallas_Kramer: It's missing over 140 chapters. I would love to read it but what's the point when the beginning is not there?

God and Devil World
4 days ago
Reading Status: C10
This is a passable story, though not a great one. The grammar and editing could use some work, there are multiple errors in every chapter which detracts from the reading experience. Furthermore, the story doesn't really follow the "show not tell" golden rule of writing. Instead, many events are stated as happening rather than being described. We are not shown what Reynolds sees, experiences, or feels other than as a list of events, almost like a summary. View More
The Burning Fiend
3 weeks ago
Should he not have another lucky draw since his first purchase was also above 5k? View More
The Lustful Dungeon Master · C12
3 weeks ago
The MoM tracks underage magic. This was never addressed here. How does Chad get around this? View More
Dark Lord Dumbledore · C13
2 months ago
Reading Status: C381
This is an okay story, though the MC is very Gary Stu-ish and really does not run into any big difficulties. His cheat easily makes him really powerful.

The translation quality could use some work. Many terms are inconstantly used in the translation. For example, at some point, the Emperor tier was changed to the King tier with no note from the translator. From that point on, Emperor tier became the tier after King tier, which is quite confusing. Furthermore, randomly, the translators revert back to the old tier system, making things very confusing. Someone really needs to go through and make everything consistent. View More
Monster Pet Evolution
2 months ago

BLUEPHOENIX: Poor translation.

Some like a mt translate.
Some like a copy-paste from google.
Sometimes Translator just wanna change name like he dont care.

Use wrong gender so much. You use "he or his" with a girl in many paragraph. And use "senpai" in Chinese novel, really!?!

Poor translation the name of skill. I dont know what the hex with that (Bālī s̄ạns̄kvt) skills.

The story is good and MC have a god system support him. But I tried every time I read this novel bcoz bad translation quality.

History's Number 1 Founder
4 months ago

isengoethe: This is not an overall score but a rating on the Translation Quality only. Mistakes are seen frequently in every chapter, ranging from ****** spelling mistakes, to name switches and/or wrong pronoun usage (e.g. her instead of him and vice versa), and now to untranslated chinese words. This hits my bottom line. I can tolerate everything else (I read MTL) except seeing untranslated chinese. Hopefully I don't experience this again in my reading.

History's Number 1 Founder
4 months ago
Reading Status: C75
Horrible translation, the translation cannot stay consistent in its terms or even the genders of characters. Add to this the numerous grammatical errors, untranslated terms, and general laziness, the translation really ruins this story. View More
History's Number 1 Founder
4 months ago

The_Auditor: Hello guys, I am here once again putting 5 stars to my novel! I want to talk about the main character…
Marco is part of a trio that will enter in other animes, there is already Gabriel in Hail the Ant King, which was too boring for me to continue it so I dropped it at 40 chapters, and there is Billy, who will be in Akame ga kill, but that novel is not even started yet.
I will not make promises with this, but it will be surely go over 40 chapters, maybe I will even finish it.
There will NOT be harem, only 1 girl will be with Marco, and you will find out when you read it.

Nine Tailed System
4 months ago
Reading Status: C1
The grammar in this story is quite bad, demonstrated perfectly by the massive run-on sentences which is the first sentence in chapter 1. The author also does not seem to apply the story-telling tenet of "show don't tell", abruptly stating things that would allow us to immerse ourselves in the characters and the world if "shown" or described and integrated into the flow of the story. View More
Rebirth: Battle Through The Heavens
4 months ago

TheGentlemenWorld: Where do I even begin? This novel is literally Cool Anime System all over again, for those of you that remember it. I've only read 2 chapters and I immediately knew it. The hype for this novel is very stupid and I feel like giving an actual review that doesn't make me sound brain dead.

Grammar - Holy ****. Why is 'that' spelled 'taht'? You don't even need to be an English major to know 'that'. There aren't any commas, ever. Don't even give me that 'English isn't his primary language'. My Spanish is sub-par at best and you don't see me writing novels in it. This desperately needs an editor ~ 1 Star

Story Development - I racked my brains on this and I can't tell how the author thought that these were even decent wishes. Who on Earth would not wish to be overpowered? The point of reincarnating in novels is because you desire something. In this novel, he desires to struggle pointlessly because he is literally mentally challenged. ~ 1 star

Character Design - Everyone speaks like a 1st or 2nd grader. I haven't read much but I don't wish to know more. When they speak like they or someone else is talked when they can barely talk right, it just doesn't come off as convincing nor impressive. In the end, this goes back to grammar. ~ 1 Star

World Background - Kinda difficult to rate world background for a fan fic. After all, all they are doing is taking the background from another novel and pasting it onto this novel soo... ~ 2 stars

The only thing somewhat decent about this novel is the update rate. It's at least daily so that's an easy 4 star. I hope this clarified some things.

Rebirth: Battle Through The Heavens
4 months ago
Reading Status: C1
Grammar is very bad, which makes this quite hard to read. The first chapter is rather bland, telling us about the circumstances of the MC but not displaying any of his emotions or character traits. I'm unsure if this is indicative of the entire novel, but it does indicate that the author has not followed the "show don't tell" principle of literary writing. View More
Rebirth: Battle Through The Heavens
4 months ago
Reading Status: C0
This barely understandable mess of a synopsis is a good indicator of the quality of this novel. I can't say how well the story and plot of the novel progress, but with this level of grammar, it is basically unreadable. If this is edited, I'd be willing to give the novel a shot, but as of now that's untenable. View More
Everything Start from the BTTH
5 months ago
Reading Status: C2
Bad grammar story with not too great storyline.
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa View More
Harry Potter And The Rise Of Golden Falcon
5 months ago
Reading Status: C1
11111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111111 View More
5 months ago
Reading Status: C14
Okay story. Character actions are not that realistic and there is a good deal of plot armor. Darc's relationship with his mother is strange when he leaves home to search for the Dragon Balls. Perhaps there were reasons for that, but the relationship was never built up, making it rather unbelievable that a mother previously described as very protective would let her 8 year old child wander the world alone searching for magic wish balls (and that she'd just accept that such a thing exists). View More
Dragon Ball: Saga Of The Strongest Human
5 months ago
You randomly switch to first person for a paragraph. Please fix this. View More
Dragon Ball: Saga Of The Strongest Human · C3
5 months ago

PBK: I was asked by the author to do a review so this will be a bit directed towards the author directly.
I really like the story. It's fun and has a surprisingly catching story.
My biggest concerns with this story are that it seems rushed and the wordings is quite mainstream. (E.g. in chapter one you use eyes full of anger. Couldn't you have used a stronger emotion than anger? Rage, hatred, bloodthirst etc. Maybe used derived instead of full). It's really minor things but it makes you stop and remember them. It also makes the reader think about the story when they aren't reading it.
The are quite a lot of punctuation errors, which probably only bothers a teacher like me. No biggies though 😊
In the first couple of chapters the boy is supposed to be completely possessed with hatred, yet he seeks out others company. It seems a bit contradicting. The same sort of goes for the girl.
Your story shares some similarities with Shen Yin Wang Zuo in the beginning. Maybe you could get some inspirations here from how he describes a background filled with hatred.
Other characters are sort of poorly described and while there are a very appropriate number of people to keep track of, you don't really have an impression of them. I've seen you commenting on the story with descriptions. Those should definitely have been written into the chapters instead.
Outside of that I'd have liked some "As Rei walked into the barracks he.."
Tell us what he first notices, his impression of that and what he doesn't notice.
I'd have liked a little humor as well, but that wouldn't align with the whole concept of a young boy possessed by hatred, so it's well within reason to leave out.

All in all, I think the story is very good and with some minor changes to your narrating it could be great.

Best of luck with your story 😊

Draga of the Vanguard
5 months ago

DaoistLeftNut: I feel that the people who gave this five stars are either bots or people who have a poor understanding of the english language. This novel does not deserve more than 2.5 stars. For it to have more than 4 is actually just astounding. The synopsis is a giant f**king run-on sentence that is repetitive, and so is the entire story. I know that almost every user created novel on this site has more than 4 stars and deserves less than 3, but I decided to check this one out, so it will receive my hate and criticism. The actual coherence of the novel isn't entirely unreadable, but the formatting and repetition and everything else grammar-wise needs improving. It is difficult to care about character and world-building when it takes conscious though to understand what the author is saying. Yes, you can applaud that they are putting out a chapter a day, but who cares when that daily chapter is a piece of s**t.

Journey Towards Greatness
6 months ago
Reading Status: C1
The writing quality of this work is horrendous. This is obvious from the synopsis, which is a giant run on sentence rife with grammatical errors, but is also apparent in the chapters themselves. Furthermore, the chapters are written in a script format not appropriate for a novel/webnovel. Even if a story has an amazing plot, it is completely unreadable if the writing quality is abysmal. While I cannot remark on the fields besides writing quality, they are irreverent with writing quality at this level. This story badly needs significant edition. View More
Journey Towards Greatness
6 months ago

Rober611: the edition is terrible and de low quality
the edition is terrible and de low quality the edition is terrible and de low quality the edition is terrible and de low quality the edition is terrible and de low quality the edition is terrible and de low quality the edition is terrible and de low quality the edition is terrible and de low quality the edition is terrible and de low quality the edition is terrible and de low quality

Artifact Reading Inspector
7 months ago
Reading Status: C182
This is a good story. However, the horrible translation quality really makes this hard to read and ruins this work. What a shame, another work on webnovel.com ruined by the translation quality. View More
7 months ago
What is a char monk? I assume that the many times "char" is used here should be "chore" instead. Can you fix this? View More
The Sage Who Transcended Samsara · C3
8 months ago
Telepathic should be Telepath. The former is an adjective, the latter a noun. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C65
8 months ago
I think this chapter needs to be reedited. The real and gender of the spider are wrong. View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C42
9 months ago
I have a feeling the author forgot Wang Rouxu's favorite disciple was killed by Li Suchun's previous corpse. I would assume there would be some animosity remaining from that. View More
Pursuing Immortality · C282
10 months ago

DodgeChance: I would first like to write that for some reason some words in this review keep getting censored for no reason even though most of them are not even bad words... Regardless, try your best to fill the gaps when necessary.

This novel isn't bad so far and for fans of this kind of genre i would recommend it but i cannot see where the 5/5 stars are coming from, especially since many of the reviews i have seen hadn't even reached over chapter 100 before reviewing. I will go over some of the key reasons for my overall score of about 3.5, which i think is very fair for this novel at the moment.

Translation quality. The translation is littered with small mistakes and grammatical errors, which although alone do not make any significant difference, pile up overtime to make it into a bit of a problem. The reason it’s a problem is that small misunderstandings can cause bigger problems in a mystery style story, which this one seems to have turned into after the first beginner dungeon. Each dungeon (a bit of a stretch to call them dungeons) at this point are 'solve a mystery in a certain time' missions and therefore to follow along with the mystery an excellent translation is essential so that you get all the details. Another problem is that i think some of the words aren't translated exactly to their correct meaning or at least some of the meaning from the original Chinese is missing. Now, i am unable to read Chinese and cannot confirm this so i may be wrong and it could just be bad writing, but either way it would lower my score. An example of this happening would be during chapter 71: Venture In, where the MC enters his first team dungeon. He reads the background which says "Alcatraz Prison has been experiencing some mysterious incidents lately. Your special expert team has been hired to solve the mysteries". And from this he says, "Terms like "mysteries" and "special expert" made Kieran think of paranormal activity or something along that line" and then goes onto state how it must be ghosts that cannot be killed by regular means before even getting to the island. How does this make sense? Since when has special expert or mysteries instantly meant that it must be ghosts or paranormal? Of course, he ends up being correct (because the writer obviously already knows what he will make happen) but him ****** random claims like that is either bad writing, the MC is retarded, or some meaning has been lost. At least in English mystery certainly does not mean it must be a ghost, which means that the translation is missing some information somewhere or the writer is just bad. Which could be either as i will explain.

Story development. The story develops in a way that might trick you into thinking that it and the MC are smart, but neither actually are. Why? Because for it to be smart stuff actually has to make sense with clues given to the reader, things that can actually be picked up on if you're careful. If **** pops up out of nowhere, that isn't a twist or an amazing reveal in a mystery... it’s just bad writing and feels cheap as ****. And this happens in all 3 of the 'solve this mystery dungeons' (the animal one isn't as bad). Example of this poor writing. During the MC's second dungeon where the MAIN MISSION is to find a girl, he only finds her by coincidence at the end whilst completing a side mission. Now, maybe i just missed some masterfully hidden secrets and we should have known she would be with the gangster dude hiding in a coffin underground, but to me it just seems like a bull**** way to wrap up the mission because he felt like it was about time to end that arc. Just randomly bringing in characters out of nowhere isn't a twist, it's cheap. Another thing in the same mission is that the Duke dude is introduced literally right at the end... Who thought that's a clever idea? Introduce a brand-new character out of nowhere at the end. Again, not an enjoying mystery to read if it is literally impossible to try and figure out who the bad guy is. If **** just pops out of nowhere then what’s the point of following along? I thought the writer would trick us by ****** it a character that has already been established and has been trying to trick the MC, like Carl. Such as he was manipulating from behind the scenes, acting the fool but in reality, was in control. A kind of the mantis stalks the cicada, unaware of the oriole behind sort of twist. After-all, i thought to myself, he won't just add a new character in out of nowhere at the end of the mission, will he? But then this Duke dude shows up with some of his goons and a captured police chief. Sure you sort of knew there was an army dude but him just showing up isn’t interesting at all. The story after the first dungeon turns into a solve this mystery game written by a guy who can't write a very good and compelling mystery story. You can put that down to lack of experience, poor translation or limited time due to it being set in a ‘dungeon’ but whatever the reason the mystery aspect doesn’t feel very fleshed out which is important for it to be enjoyable.

Now about the MC not actually being smart. Perhaps that is unfair because he can say some reasonable stuff, especially near the beginning imo. But, some other stuff just doesn’t make sense and is similar to how he jumped to conclusions about ghosts and such mentioned previously (assuming that the meaning was translated correctly). He goes to Nobian’s place after killing him and sees a blackboard with 5 names on it with 4 of them crossed out, his name is also on the list but hasn’t been crossed out. Lawless comes and says that he knows the guy called Gibbon, saying he was strong. All that they know is that Nobian must have worked together with someone because even in ambush he couldn’t have taken Gibbon alone. They also say, for some reason, that “He seemed to be quite familiar with my information, something a man alone could not have achieved.” Which doesn’t make much sense. Why could a man alone not find out his information? It doesn’t seem difficult to ask around, purchase the information or simply watch the MC himself. But that’s fine because we have already established that he has accomplices anyway. So what information do we have. We know he has accomplices and killed four other players… Then the MC jumps to the conclusion “There must be a killer organization founded by a couple of players, an organization unknown to the public”. How does he conclude that with the information he was just given? It even states that Nobian might have been a psychopath, so he might have just been doing it for the sake of it. Or he and some people he knows might just PK together for extra loot, after all it was known that the MC was loaded, and so must Gibbon have been if he was a veteran. It doesn’t seem to make much logical sense to instantly say with so much certainty that it just must be some sort of secret underground killer organisation. Perhaps the translation has something to do with it, but I think it’s more likely that the writer doesn’t really know how to make a character solve mysteries and seem smart, so he just basically gives them the ability to see into the future instead. It would have made much more sense if the MC said that It MIGHT be an underground organisation instead of instantly being certain of it as if he already knew the answer when he couldn’t have. There are other examples of this too where the MC, with very little or no evidence, will say **** that doesn’t make much logical sense with the information given, but still ends up being correct because the writer obviously wants him to be.
Another problem is the dumping of weapon stats when the MC doesn’t even use the weapon. It feels like a waste of time and seems to be there for no reason. It adds nothing to the story at all. I think it would be much better to only give detailed item breakdowns for stuff the MC will use or important items and enemies.

Also, I don’t know if this is an issue with character design or story development, I think a bit of both, but the MC’s motivation and pressure of curing his illness is solved a bit too quickly imo. After his second dungeon you can already see how much money he can potentially make so any and all pressure about trying to save cash to cure himself is down the drain. It removes a certain amount of pressure for me because at this point he is ****** so much from a single ‘dungeon’ that he can pretty much cure himself easily. The beginning dungeon in this regard was my favourite because he was still weak, had to strategize more and the pressure of his illness was still looming over him.

Another problem I have is that by ****** the ‘dungeon’ areas into these mysteries it handicaps character development in a sense. This is because mysteries are made good by interesting characters, thought provoking goings on and clues that you can follow along with the character. But by ****** dungeon missions into mysteries instead of what traditional dungeons are like it means that new characters must be made each time, ****** it hard to become interested in these characters, because you know they will be gone by the end of the story. This in turn makes me even less engaged in the mystery mission and is also part of way I liked the starting dungeon a bit more than the other dungeons. Trying to write an intriguing mystery is very difficult in the kind of style and format the writer is using. This is also why the fights are much more intriguing to read and is why I wish we would put some more focus on those instead.

I also would have liked some more variety in the main missions given. More solve this mystery started to get tedious.

I could go on and on about more issues I have but by then I will probably end up with 3-4 thousand words, so I will stop here with the criticism.
Now you might be thinking that I must fucking hate this novel… but I don’t hate it, as can be seen from by score. I think a 3/5 is more than fair because despite all of the issues I could name if I wanted to the premise is still somewhat interesting and this story does appeal to a certain niche of reader. It isn’t terrible but is by no means revolutionary. I would say give it a read because if you can ignore some of the holes in the translation and story it can be enjoyable at parts.

The Devil's Cage
10 months ago
Reading Status: C32
This is a rather good story. Initially the translation was good, but unfortunately it was taken over by EndlessFantasy Translation and went downhill significantly. What a shame, this is one of the better stories on this site, but it's marred by the translation quality. View More
Daoist Master of Qing Xuan
11 months ago
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