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I am into fantasy/kingdom building, so here are my suggestions:
-The World Online-
-The records of the Human Emperor (gravitytales)
Great story and character development, with the mc being strong but having to actually use their heads to win (also the first one is close to completion, so no waiting for next chapters).

-Death Scripture-
-Kingdom's Bloodline-
Both great stories and development and the authors are doing an awesome job into breaking any cliche outcome you might expect. They are big into conspiracies and politics, emphasizing realism than heroic/OP mc that solves any problem with a swing of a sword. But they both have the downside of being a bit complicated and difficult or tiring to read sometimes.
WARNING: Both have A LOT of cliffhangers.

-Throne of Magical Arcana-
Sorcery, physics and a smart mc. Simple, but effective.

-Gourmet of Another world-
Not really exciting story-wise (simple OP mc with system), but has made me laugh way too many times to not recommend it

-Trafford's Trading club-
Interesting concept and always liked stories with a devil-like mc.

-Overgeared (**********)-
The best character development I have ever read so far, not just for the mc, great world exploration and epic battle moments.
WARNING: What makes this novel great, is that the first 100 chapters are TRASH, with the mc being useless, greedy and stupid. But after chapter 100 it gets marginally better. If you want to get the first 100 chapters over quickly, there is a manhwa (same title) that covers the important points.

-The Novel's Extra (**********)-
Nice concept, good development. Love it. (Also close to completion)

-Edea Chronicle: Hero Summoning Conspiracy-
A nice hidden gem... I love anti-hero stories and this one is a little special that it 'starts' way earlier than many others. But the author takes long breaks and has the cliffhanger syndrome.

-Death Mage (lightnovelbastion)-
OP mc, foolish past companions, stupid gods and fun moments. Simple and relaxing. Unfortunately, slow updates.

That's pretty much it. Hope I helped you find some interesting and fun novels you did not know of.

Happy reading! View More

Teneberis: Any, really just board

System: Harry The Harem lord
4 days ago
What genres do you prefer? View More

Teneberis: Also since you are a reasonable person could we swap book suggestions cuz I need some

System: Harry The Harem lord
4 days ago

Dontlookdown: *catches the fleeing author*

Edea Chronicle: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C174
5 days ago

Ruruci: *flees*

Edea Chronicle: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C174
5 days ago

Grimoren: Side story, SIDE STORY!! Damn author, after waiting so long to finally see what happens in Edea, we get two releases of side story! 👹 Well, I liked them and it was nice to see some closure happening on a few loose ends, but that is not the point!! (Love you, please keep updating the story 😋)

Edea Chronicle: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C174
5 days ago

Infamous_Samurai: Thanks for the chapter! I am DEFINITELY looking forward to some actual PROGRESSION with the main plot, hopefully SOON. 😠😠😠

Edea Chronicle: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C174
5 days ago

VersusZero: Hiatus... Drop... Sounds ominous... *sees author fleeing* wait someone catch that person...

Edea Chronicle: Hero Summoning Conspiracy · C174
5 days ago
He can make copies of himself and have sex with different women at the same time. It can be a threesome, where he fucks the same woman (DP), or during an orgy, not leaving a single woman waiting for her turn.

Also, can "Expecto Patronum"(Spell) be used for sex? Like when the spells of two people are having sex, their wielders feel the orgasms or something. It may even be made that sex through that way is a way to make your "Expecto Patronum" stronger. View More
Harry.... · C13
3 weeks ago
Surrendered or not, Ogedai is ****ed! Wang Jian will skin him alive and OS is just going to watch. View More

Dark_Prophet: Damn. Woukd have been really nice to see the Mongols surrender. Wouod have been an interesting twist.

The World Online · C1271
3 weeks ago
I am not sure if more information about the time skipped is necessary (lots of new stuff introduced at once), but I am sure more explanations will be given when those things come into play in the main story. View More
Harry.... · C3
1 month ago
I do not know about a horcrux, but the Philosopher's Stone should make an appearance soon (1st year in Hoguards). I am sure that there will be some options then. View More

DragonkingKyo: thanks for the chapter I wonder it he ever thought about make a good(non evil) version of a Horcrux one that doesn't need murder to make. So he can make one for him and his girls to revive them form death.

Harry.... · C3
1 month ago
The Tibet campaign is over; the Tibet-India campaign now begins! View More

Dark_Prophet: So is the Tibet campaign over?

The World Online · C1248
1 month ago

Lonely_daoist: Has the MC become idiot? Like what? if he let tht whip hit him it wouldn't even hurt like bro. have you forgotten to fvckin lowprofile?

He knows that he ain't that too strong yet he kill the one who offends him immedietly, lmao. Retârdëd MC.

I know he is an emperor and all but his worth is still currently a fvckin ant that can be killed immedietly in the heavens awaken world, he knows there are higher beings that is much, much, much stronger than him and killing without like just pummeled the guy or talking is like seeking death if you have no plot armor.

The Lord’s Empire · C984
1 month ago

Vampfan1: I think that he was actually Gay in the stories, just not explicitly stated so?

System: Harry The Harem lord · C87
1 month ago
I heard that theory too. I also think that JKR confirmed it in an interview too. It would be nice to see this unseen part of the original series. View More

Vampfan1: I think that he was actually Gay in the stories, just not explicitly stated so?

System: Harry The Harem lord · C87
1 month ago
Not sure if I will regret suggesting this or not... but how about making Albus Dumbledore gay?

And he id in love with Harvey (not Harry)?

Imagine the wise and mysterious Albus Dumbledore be as we know him from the original series in front of Harry ans everyone, but the moment Harvey enters the scene, Albus becomes flirty and jealous of Harvey's girls and takes revenge on them!!

I think it will be quite hilarious and refreshing.

(To avoid misunderstandings, I do not suggest that Albus should be part of the harem, but him be the funny gay pervert of the story, who tries but never succeeds) View More
System: Harry The Harem lord · C87
1 month ago
The point is that a "bad relationship" leads to war, which costs gold, food, equipment, human life and, most importantly for the mc, time.

"Good relationship" means giving them the minimum to bring a portion of the enemies to your side. Then deal with the remaining ones in a easier pace and make sure that those that submitted will not want to betray you.

I am not saying that the mc must be kind and gentle. I am just saying that there are missed opportunities that show that the mc has grown as a powerful being, but not as a ruler. Like seriously, imagine that the mc was not a human cultivator but a strong beast that could talk. Would there be any difference on how he treats his external policies?? (or women btw?) View More

For_Great_Justice: What's the point of giving benefits for diplomatic relations when a bad relation means they try to stab you in the face and good relation means they stab you in the back?

The Lord’s Empire · C973
1 month ago
The factions are not stupid; they are greedy. That is a huge difference.
What they really want is to make sure that they contain their wealth and authority. Qin threatens to take it all away. Do you expect them to roll and die without a fight?? Of course they will fight with everything they got, dirty or not!

And what do you mean "saved their asses"? GQ never did anything that was not to it's advantage. Just because the result was that humanity benefited as a whole in the end was always a side reason, never the main one. (I have not problem with that btw)

To be clear, I never said that these factions were worthy of trust or anything. I am just pointing out that the mc is too head strong on "attack the enemy" philosophy, completely setting aside politics and negotiations, and is missing opportunities that will cost him in resources, soldiers and time. View More

ddsurvivor: It’s the reverse for me. Got so many stupid factions backstabbing and hating on Qin when their world should have been destroyed or taken over if not for the Qin had saved their asses.
Also they were asking for something they had no part of. They didn’t turn the tide with Qin. They ran away. So yes the whole “ submit or die “ was an okay response to the idiot factions.

The Lord’s Empire · C973
1 month ago
Diplomacy does not require trust; it requests benefits on BOTH parties.

The southern continent is practically a wasteland right now, while a lot of the original lords is dead. If the mc had offered to the southern lords to return to the southern continent and redistribute the land left behind by those dead lords in exchange for them submitting to GQ, at least half of them would have accepted.This way he could have repopulated the continent AND weaken his opposition.

As for trust, he can either use a blood contract or he can restrict them by not allowing them to control the military and political supervision. It is time consuming and difficult, but how is fighting them on a head on war a better choice???

Not only that, but he does not listen his subordinates' opinions. His aid Li Si understands the situation and hesitates to follow the mc's order. I am sure that he could actually make good suggestions if given the chance.

The mc has become powerful and that is good, but his mind is not fit of that of a ruler! View More

DeBaus: True, but honestly why would he trust them? 30% of all remaining factions were willing to submit to the fish scale world and betray their own. Plus these guys switched their tone immediately after GQ saved them. I mean of course he wouldn’t come out to save them, the last time he did all he was rewarded with was getting teamed up on by the Chinese factions who invited World Protectors of the worlds that had ALREADY slaughtered humans before.

The majority of humans in this world are just snakes, there’s no knowing what will happen if he gives them any power. In all honesty based on this story the only way to even make sure you won’t get attacked is through power alone, diplomacy is only something u can do when both sides can be trusted. Seeing how quickly their tone changed after the war, I wouldn’t trust them either.

The Lord’s Empire · C973
1 month ago
I am starting to feel a bit disappointed about this novel...

I do not mean the random trashing of the common folk against the mc. I can understand it as them being brainwashed by the anti-Qin faction, jealousy and greed. Boring but understandable...

It's the mc I find annoying at this point.

What kind of a response is the "Submit or die" to the southern factions!? How about a little bit of diplomacy? I am not saying to give back the continent, but I feel that if the mc was willing to make a few offers to them, at least half of the southern factions would have submitted willingly.

The mc is powerful, but his arrogance and hot-bloodness is getting out of hand. He has grown only in strength and not matured at all!! View More
The Lord’s Empire · C973
1 month ago

Makisha: Begin the great cleanse. Kinda funny how amongst all the other dynasties and what not only Great Xia is experiencing this and outta all the lord player plebz Ouyang is the only one to actually care for the future and not just his benefits. Makes me wonder what would happen on Hope without him.

The World Online · C1233
1 month ago
I do not think that the other dynasties do not experience something similar. It is just that almost all of them are part of Silver Hand or Azure Badge, so whatever happens to Hope is already set up for them. The OS has to built up a stable faction from to ground up. He has done it in the game, so he now has to do it outside of it as well. The only other dynasty in the same situation is the Indian dynasty (not in SH or AB). I am curious about this will work out... View More

Makisha: Begin the great cleanse. Kinda funny how amongst all the other dynasties and what not only Great Xia is experiencing this and outta all the lord player plebz Ouyang is the only one to actually care for the future and not just his benefits. Makes me wonder what would happen on Hope without him.

The World Online · C1233
1 month ago
Can somebody answer me the question of: How much time has passed in the story?

It is irrelevant to the chapter, but I get the feeling that, in the story, less than 1 year has passed...

I am a little terrified about how long it will be until we reach the 10-years mark. View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1488
2 months ago
From what I understand, these 500 will be under the direct command of the Guild Leader (something like a personal guard or elite force), while the rest of the guild members will be trained and distributed among the existing Legions.

It is the only way this make sense. View More

EdenOfTheEast: Might be true. But the guilds have members in the 100.000 or millions and great xia wouldn't care if their army got another 1000 people.
The scale just doesn't fit. Especially if he plans to build an army for planet hope.

And I thing they will have the necessary talents in the guild to at least control a legion

The World Online · C1169
2 months ago
Reading Status: C66
Read quite a few reviews about this novel, so this is mine:

First things first, it is an "R-18" rated novel, with the word "Harem" in it's title. What does that mean? It means "SEX SCENES"!!

If you not like them in general or does not like them in a Harry Potter fan-fic, you will probably find this novel displeasing. But, the author has made everything possible to warn you what this novel is about, so if you read it, you will have no right to come back and complain about it being "vulgar" (to put it nicely).

Now as for the novel itself:
-the writing was terrible in the past, but some good editing has done the trick for this novel and it is now actually quite good.

-the updates are somewhat stable, about 5~6/week, but there were periods of time with no updates (about 2 to 5 days)

-the story is no good. Nothing really original and it is just the mc using the System to become rich and powerful and get more women, etc, etc...
And there is no indication to show that there is going to be an explanation of why the System exist, where it came from and what is it's purpose. Just the standard typical system framework we all know and love(?).

-the characters are quite tricky to judge.
They can be said to be the same with the story: typical for the genre and nothing really original (mc strong, smart and with big penis/ women beautiful, smart, horny).
BUT, so far, the characters that show up in the original Harry Potter keep most of their original features but we are shown a different side of them here. Yes, it is a more horny and shameful side (especially for the women) but I personally like that about this novel. I mean seeing characters that I already know and love (or hate) in an entirely different view.

-the world background is EXCELLENT! It is the reason I like this novel, really. The author has done a very good job into explaining the world of Harry Potter in a scale far beyond Hogwarts.
The original Harry Potter series is, in my eyes, one long school arc, with a few out-school scenes and events, with only the last book being outside of Hogwarts, but the final showdown still happened there!!
What about the other schools of magic, the wizard communities outside of England, the political struggles in the worldwide wizardly world? We are given only small glimpses of those and I find it a shame.
This novel has already shown a wider scope of the world of wizards in the UN and the US, and refers to schools other than Hogwards.

Overall, it is a standard system/harem story you might expect it to be, but what makes this novel special to me is that it gives me the chance to read about the parts of the wizardly world that were left out in the original series. View More
System: Harry The Harem lord
2 months ago

To be honest, Gaia gaining a real body is not that much of a surprise. We all kinda knew that it would happen at some point.

The reason I am relieved is because this body was made artificially!

Ever since Gaia made contact with Bing'er, I was afraid that her intentions were not kind... Seriously,my worst nightmare for this novel would be Gaia taking over Bing'er's body as her own! Can you imagine the consequences of this development on OS and the entire dynasty??(can you imagine OS going against Gaia?scary...)

But now that this worry is out of question, I believe that Gaia helped Bing'er as a test subject to collect data for her future body. Besides, Gaia is not all-knowing and in order to develop the ideal body for herself, she would have to observe girls with high cultivation and even higher potential. Bing'er had initial talent and her big brother made sure she had all the resources she needed to develop. She is practically perfect!(but I wonder if there were other girls who were contacted by Gaia for similar reasons..)This is probably the reason why this happened 5years into the game. Collecting data is time-consuming.

As for the relationship between OS and Gaia, I think that Gaia is thinking about the future and specificly about Hope.

She understands that once they reach Hope, she will no longer be in a seat of power and slowly be disregarded. Silver Hand wands to be in control and the Academic function treats her like a pawn. She has no place with either of them...

But what about OS? He is new in this game of power and politics, needs all the support he can get and, most importantly, has been treating NPCs equally as humans from the beginning.

I believe most players treat NPSs nicely because they are useful in the game and not regard them as truly equals to them. They are nice to them now, but when the game ends, the number of NPCs that will gain a real body on Hope will be very small and they will probably be discriminated against (importand generals and even Gaia included).

OS is the only player with authority that truly cares about them. So supporting him is is to all NPCs best interest!

There is also another matter.

Even if Gaia is the best AI system in the world, capable of leading humanity to greatness, if she proclaims herself ruler, even if she has a whole army of robots or whatever, it is highly unlikely the average human will accept her. All the planning in the world does not change the fact that the federation will have the absolute advantage in influence over the masses and most of the weapons on Hope. She literally has close to zero chance in changing that.

But what if Gaia is an importand member of Great Xia?

Great Xia now holds tremendous influence to the masses, firm baseand a HUMAN leader who values NPCs. Gaia will not be the official leader, but she will have the ear of the emperor, accessing tremendous power!

Honestly, I would not be surprised if she ended up marring OS... An NPC empress, now that is interesting! View More
The World Online · C1141
2 months ago

Takamuraa: "Sister Nethery, i want to buy one Chili Strip !"
"Munch...munch...gulp. We're sold out !"

Gourmet of Another World · C569
3 months ago
Hey, I am watching you as well!! (...that sounded kinda creepy, but anyway)
Thanks for the suggestions! I'm not really into mecha and sci-fi, so LotSS does not excite me too much, but I have read a little bit of INEBM and it seems indeed quite interesting.

If you want to read something similar to World Online, check out the "Records of the human emperor"(gravitytales). It is the same in the way that strategy and politics are important, but no game elements.

If you want something with game elements, I suggest Overgeard(**********). Warning: The MC is ANNOYING for the first 100 chapters, but after that it gets a lot better. If you want to skip the hurdle, read the manhua. It is not 100% the same, but keeps the important stuff until the story gets good.

Happy reading!! View More

Strv: Hey you, I am watching you!
It's cool we read the same novels, if you like the world online and only I level up you will also like Legend of the supreme soldier, possibly past chapter 160 cuz the MC is super dumb till that period and INEBM, which is one of the best novs out here in my opinion.

Only I level up · C160
3 months ago

MoaningFrodo: See this! I just gifted the story: A Random Joke

A bride tells her husband, "Honey, you know I'm a virgin and I don't know anything about ***. Can you explain it to me first?"

"Okay, sweetheart. Putting it simply, we will call your private place 'the prison', and call my private thing 'the prisoner'. So what we do is put the prisoner in the prison."

And they made love for the first time and the husband was smiling with satisfaction.

Nudging him, his bride giggles, "Honey the prisoner seems to have escaped."

Turning on his side, he smiles and says, "Then we will have to re-imprison him."

After the second time, the bride says, "Honey, the prisoner is out again!"

The husband rises to the occasion and they made love again.

The bride again says, "Honey, the prisoner escaped again," to which the husband yelled,

"Hey, it's not a life sentence!!!"

Have a nice day.

Dual Cultivation · C122
3 months ago

Strv: I am really curious what happened to Xunlong Dianxue, and if we will have a chance to see him again.
This reminds me it's been hundreds of chapters since we saw the Tianmo spear and OS becoming the barbarian king.🤴

The World Online · C1123
3 months ago
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