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Akshay007: https://sj.uukanshu.com/book.aspx?id=78326

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The Online Game Version Of Marvel. · C64
4 weeks ago
Patriotism is good thing(IMHO), but not in this extent.

Why most of the Asian, specifically Chinese, authors have so many nationalistic looks on the world? I can't understand that. Is Chinese propaganda of "we are good guys" really that strong in China? Every big country has this kind of programme for their own people, but i just rarely see that much "patriotism" in non-chinese-made novels.

Maybe it's my fault only seeing bad ones and thinking that everyone is like that(most probably that's the truth), but seriously i mostly notice this in Chinese novels. View More
I Found A Planet · C83
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1515
2 months ago
Thx. The story is interesting for me, so i hope you continue this good work View More
ONE PIECE: Through the scope · C16
2 months ago
Hope you will became healthy soon, and continue writing. The story is interesting. View More
Monkey Pirate King · C43
2 months ago
Nojiko and Kaya maybe? Just because. Viper or that little girl on Skypea with prediction haki (haoshoku maybe, i just forgot the name) she was able to hear "voice" of all people around at young age. So she must be really talented in that kind of haki i suppose. Mermaid can be hired as well. The harpy girl on the Punk Hazard ( doflamingo subordinate). A lot of talented people there found on Dressrosa arena. View More
One Piece and the Celestial Dragon · C35
3 months ago
I mean that there is no need to do it forcefully. I mean sometimes when you write story comes naturally, sometimes you need to force it. And it feels like forced now. I don't mean that you need to change it or anything, it's just my opinion that maybe helpfull or may not be helpfull at all View More

HaremQueen: I write best when I have something to work with, I’m just trying to create something to do exactly that. If I kept following cannon, even I will lose interest.

[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime · C52
3 months ago
Thx for the chapter. I don't think there is a need to make this complicated. It just can be an ark there MC gets new nakama and help old one's with growth. View More
[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime · C52
3 months ago
Thx for a chapter View More
How Much For Your Soul? · C16
3 months ago
The comments for the previous chapter there not asking you to drop or change the story, at least i think so. The criticism was our opinion on what is wrong and why it is so. How to write your own story is up to you and no one can dictate you what to write. View More
Some LLS Fan Fiction (Ended) · C44
3 months ago
Well, i will be hoping that all this army matter will only have good influence on this story View More

HaremQueen: That also true. However, if what I’m imagining the basic training is going to be like is true, I probably will have my work cut out for me. Besides, thinking ahead and plotting everything just doesn’t suit my style. Even if I’ve got a detailed plot for upcoming chapters, it’ll probably be different anyway. That is..depending on my mood.

[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime · C50
3 months ago
A lot of meaningless killing. In my opinion it would be strange for Yue Yu to treat him like a human after what he have done, as for loving him, she needs to be mentally ill for that. View More
Some LLS Fan Fiction (Ended) · C43
3 months ago
The only good side is that you have enough time to think about the plot. I sometimes feel it's more productive to think while training than while just sitting and doing nothing View More

HaremQueen: Don’t worry, basic training isn’t until September so there is still at least half a year. I’ve been informed that it will last for 18 weeks.

[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime · C50
3 months ago
That's unfortunate. How long it may take? I still hope you can continue this story. It's enjoyable to read View More

HaremQueen: I heard that we are allowed to bring our phones. Although, I doubt I will have the time and leisure to update so often. Maybe I’ll have to go on hiatus.

[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime · C50
3 months ago
Congratulations and thx fir the chapter)

Also, Can you still write while in military? I mean you will have less time, i think. For example, when i was in army the phones weren't allowed (we had phones anyway. All good if any oficer doesn't see it). And there is training and other exercises no matter which military you join, so i just thought it would be hard to keep updating the story if not impossible? View More
[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime · C50
3 months ago
I mean, while experiencing things like "battle" with Traraniel or whatever kingdom, especially the whole plan of the king he should be at least get suspicious a little about this world being inhabited by some evil people View More

Uveilazatrum: I like this story but I can't comprehend why the intellect of mc is decreasing constantly.

The Sovereignty System · C115
3 months ago
I like this story but I can't comprehend why the intellect of mc is decreasing constantly. View More
The Sovereignty System · C115
3 months ago
Thx for the chapter, and continue with good work and keep improving. View More
[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime · C49
4 months ago
I think it's wrong to just ignore characters and just go further. Even if it's a fanfic if the story is not self-sufficient and you always need, for example, look for original or wiki just to understand what the .... Is going on, then i think it's more kind of work or studying rather than enjoying hood novel

And more importantly characters in good novel grow. To show this growth you need to show the starting point and show the changes little by little. Of course some hide changes and reasons because of plot reasons, but mostly they needs to be close to the surface, so reader can understand, what is it that moves character. Like in original work called One Piece, where even villians have they reasons and story, and any important character has it. View More

Tauseef: Welll i think i m going to drop this novel because u are taking so many chapters on each and every arc and i know tht u are going to drop this novel.i think u should take a little bit of guidance from the worriors path author.because this is a fanfic not an orignal work where u have to develop characters.so speed up a bit otherwise u are gonna drop this.

[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime · C49
4 months ago
Hiatus? Why? Did something happen? View More
Lost Amongst the Stars-A Marvel Fanfic · C40
4 months ago
I suppose natural tree barrier can change climate in whole region of winterhold, not just around the town. I am not good at meteorology or whatever, but i think the most comes from the sea, and forest can partially block it. And with some touches here and there you can just make cold place into one with mild climate. View More
Dragonborn Saga · C275
4 months ago
Reading Status: C5
I dont understand why you bother writing about that person with pure soul or whatever in the beginning because i can't see anything in common between "Varen Parker" and pure soul.
The person with pure soul doesn't desire others wives and girlfriends which was the reason he said something like "...i want to be extremely handsome". Not only "pure soul", any "average human" won't wish for something like that.
And what about him letting his new aunt and uncle die, just because of his own convenience? Dont understand why he cant save them while faking their death, after all his system is op. And Peter becoming Spidey is mostly unrelated to his parents death. View More
Greatest Marvel Hero
4 months ago

HaremQueen: I understand what you mean. Maybe I should have Nojiko also join the crew as well...

[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime · C41
4 months ago
I think Genzo is important for the village, without him village will fall apart and Nojiko's fate also may go wrong way.

But i agree what something like that is necessary for the plot View More
[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime · C41
4 months ago
I think there is no need to rush or speed up anything. Everyone reading this will appreciate more if the story is complete and not rushed and made with some plotholes or whatever may come from the speeding up the pace.
So please keep writing and improving. And thank you. View More
[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime · C37
4 months ago
Its good.
In my opinion details are important for a good story. You just dont dump too much details at once and everything will be alright, i think.
And fillers are important some times too. Even if they dont improve the plot in any way, fillers reveal relationships between people and other details what makes story more interesting than it was. Some people use fillers to reveal what happens in the other places of the world, which the current flow of plot dont touch. Anyway, i just wanted to say that in my opinion fillers are important. So thx for a chapter.
And sorry for my English if there is too many mistakes. Its 3 language, and not that good with it View More
[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime · C36
4 months ago
Thx for the chapter View More
[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime · C35
4 months ago
Reading Status: C34
I think story have a lot of potential. Mostly because the way you write make its easy to read. Like the good novels you read without stopping or distracting on something else.
Indeed there is a lot of things to improve, but i think you can do it. Good luck and be healthy so you can write more.
I enjoyed the story even with all the problems, so thank you. View More
[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime
4 months ago
Thx for the chapter.
The book is interesting, so i hope you will keep releasing more.

Thx for story. View More
[ON HIATUS] One Piece: Journey of a Lifetime · C33
4 months ago
Jorna=Bjorna or what? I just feel like i have missed something View More
Dragonborn Saga · C226
5 months ago
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