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ojp: I think the next few ships would wonder what was happening, what's that noise, why are those people jumping in the water? Was there a swimming party, I didn't bring my trunks. Where did the pink water come from? Hey, what's that coming this way?

Release That Witch · C280
1 week ago

LazyLifeSaMu: Oh I know where this is going: on the cusp of victory in the Battle of Divine Will, Roland goes back in Neverwinter to pursue his pet project but then someone, probably Edith, starts a civil war, which ends with most of the rebels casted out or destroyed while Roland is gravely wounded and is put on a technomagical golden life-support throne.
Then a cult starts worshipping him as Emperor of Mankind.

Release That Witch · C914
2 weeks ago

UnderDunToast: Iron Axe leans in real close.... "Where's the oil mother******"

Release That Witch · C745
3 weeks ago

snake7662: imagine roland infront of his troop

Release That Witch · C712
3 weeks ago

Inquisitor_Arkhart: Now Roland needs to work on magic armors for the GPA and then give them Bolters.

Release That Witch · C1076
1 month ago

LazyLifeSaMu: "I shall nail you on the highest peak facing the lands beyond the Fertile Plains, so that you could die watching your world burn"

Release That Witch · C1076
1 month ago

NihilSimulacra: Join the army, win the war, rebuild the Dream World. Graycastle needs you.

Release That Witch · C1334
1 month ago

Blightscarlet: The Emperor's Divine Fist is here! Under his Imperial iron fist, All must bow before his majesty.

[Insert more glorious imperial declaration]

Release That Witch · C1296
1 month ago

Dice: Making sure the fighting doesn't happen on your land but someone's else. Greatest nation on earth.

Release That Witch · C1230
1 month ago

falsenoble: Pls tell do i need to offer sacrifice like desolate beast or something for longer chap?

Release That Witch · C411
1 month ago
The Blade Beast can destroy tanks when their scythes turn to blue due to magic. The phenomenon was first recorded by Tank Commander Balshan during the 2nd Taquila Reclamation Campaign. View More

Dante_The_Immortal: And on other side we see the Hiding Witch again performing her part. Hmm it seems she formed a group who know her power but still keeping quiet 😗.Looks like she will also play a role. Also weren't Tanks rolled out to deal with Blade Beasts and we're also successful in previous encounter but now why is said that they can destroy Tanks defense. The term when their Blade filled with Magic Power 😗 does that mean they are upgraded again how did Humans come to know about it then 😑

Release That Witch · C1482
2 months ago
Napalming the island will go against mission objectives. They need to occupy the island and protect it while Roland is making his way to the pit. Burning the island will greatly hinder occupation and defense as fumes, flames, and smokes will linger on the island making it a risk for both soldiers and transport teams on the ground. View More

J1N: I wonder why they didn't carpet-bomb the place with napalm from the floating island. I would've saved the artillery and autocannon shells for something more tactical.

Release That Witch · C1481
2 months ago

Vogel: 17 years?! blasphemy! the god emperor does not know death

Release That Witch · C1269
2 months ago

Digicidal: "Is this assault the result of your collusion with the humans?" - Uh, it's a little early to call 'collusion' isn't it... we need a 3 year congressional investigation to determine that.

Release That Witch · C1470
2 months ago

Dliew008: This is genocide. King Roland, although he has reasons to preserve the human race, can be compared to despots like Hitler, Pol Pot... I hope the remaining senior demons Hackzord, Silent Disaster etc and lesser demons will co-exist with humans to live harmoniously. They can also join forces to deal with the sky sea realm.

Release That Witch · C1469
2 months ago

Dante_The_Immortal: Good's Sigh after watching Nuclear Detonation his thoughts can be viewed as a Quote

O where will you go when the blinding flash
Scatters the seed of a million suns?
And what will you do in the rain of ash?

I'll draw the blinds and pull down the sash,
And hide from the sight of so many noons.
But how will it be when the blinding flash

Disturbs your body's close-knit mesh
Bringing to light your lovely bones?
What will you wear in the rain of ash?

I will go bare without my flesh,
My vertebrae will click like stones.
Ah. But where will you dance when the blinding flash

Settles the city in a holy hush?
I will dance alone among the ruins.
Ah. And what will you say to the rain of ash?

I will be charming. My subtle speech
Will weave close turns and counter-turns-
No. What will you say to the rain of ash?
Nothing, after the blinding flash

- Terminal Colloquy

Release That Witch · C1469
2 months ago

Jorge01: Yeah webnovel is monetizing faster than ever before and they want to take your SS faster than the Nazi Germany's SS Division can reap

Release That Witch · C1469
2 months ago
I can already imagine the firestorm burning the Xenos to a crisp at the top of their crude rock. FOR THE EMPEROR! View More
Release That Witch · C1468
2 months ago
I remember Eagle Face when he was just a commander of a sizeable company somewhere in Cold Stone Ridge but look at him now. He is ready to die for his God Emperor and Humanity. Salute! View More
Release That Witch · C1467
2 months ago


Release That Witch · C708
2 months ago
"You carry the Emperor's will as your torch, with it destroy the shadows." View More
Release That Witch · C1466
2 months ago

Beta_Tauri: Totally agree with you, I like the tags of; development, cultural deference etc, but not total destruction of the races

Release That Witch · C1464
2 months ago
Where there is uncertainty, I shall bring light
Where there is doubt, I shall sow faith
Where there is shame, I shall point atonement
Where there is rage, I shall show its course
My word in the soul shall be as my bolter in the field.

Accursed Eternity (Novella) - Architect of Fate (Anthology), Ch. 7 pp.100-101 View More
Release That Witch · C1464
2 months ago

Lambert07: Roland: "Imagine travel in the vast blue sky, it would be breath taking."
Random citizen: "YOU'RE BREATH TAKING"
Roland: No. You'r breath taking.

Release That Witch · C1445
2 months ago
Release That Witch · C1463
2 months ago
Not really unrealistic. They need to only aim for the Obelisk, which is currently near ground level to preserve energy, to bring it down so a megatons are not needed. View More

Dante_The_Immortal: Actually regarding this Nuke attack I have my doubts I mean they inching closer to each other, sure there are still about 100km apart still detonating a Nuke so close. I know they were away 15 km during testing but that time it was on very small scale but if Roland wants to bring down Deity of God's truly without Demons help only a Massive Nuke with couple of MEGATONS in out energy so it's sort of dangerous in close range hmm well it's fiction so Author might have a plan so be Patient I guess 😗🤔

Release That Witch · C1461
2 months ago

Fiir: god damn cliffhangers are more potent than any fuggen nuke detonated in fiction

Release That Witch · C1321
2 months ago

Xboxgorgo18: Literally a fucking magical CIWS

Release That Witch · C1457
2 months ago

MobBoss: Aimbot activate

Release That Witch · C1457
2 months ago

Marj_Licht: For the god emperor!

Release That Witch · C1456
2 months ago
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