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he missed a few days,hence 3 chapters. it was catch up. thanks for the work brandy. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1144
1 week ago
this really is setting up Song to pull an Unlimited Nuke Works, he has thousands of Nukes that only work in his own personal pocket dimension, so all he has to do is reality mar i mean pull them into his world and bomb them :D View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1142
1 week ago
BRO, I think most people know this, this is easy knowledge for those who read daily, complaining will do nothing but turn the translator off from translating for the ungrateful people who keep complaining. YES, he NEEDS to be more transparent, but ffs this is a good series, we are all enjoying it, there is no reason for people to complain, at least he is still translating it at all. I would take 1 chapter a week over what i've dealt with with other series where a new chapter may never come out in english. View More

zhainan2157: If anyone is curious, in December, only 28 chapters were released out of 31 days. In January, only 28 chapters were released out of 31 days.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1136
2 weeks ago
Song pulling the Gate of Babylon- Nuclear edition View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1128
4 weeks ago
no, foreal tho, Zhang wants his title back Song. HE IS THE LORD OF BSING. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1127
4 weeks ago
Zhang is calling. he wants his credit for the legendary Dao of Scams View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1126
4 weeks ago
The thing is, just like with ranking to advanced level, domains were originally described as something that happened through hard work naturally, then ha retconned it to be something primarilly done through ****loads of money because mofan would grow too fast otherwise. Its annoying, but it gives more opportunity for conflict and story telling View More

GeimaRoah: I believe it was mentioned that it was a pseudo method, and can only be done while being possessed 

Versatile Mage · C987
1 month ago
everyone asks where are the translations. why is the translator not uploading faster. why not 2 translated chapters a day. nobody asks HOW is the translator. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1121
1 month ago
iirc it was damage and non functional, but can be restored. View More

SP011: Can someone please explain to me, what was the point of him getting that phoenix robe earlier. He hasn't used it since he got it but I assumed it was a magic equipment which would let him fly considering it was part of a reward for what he did in the Ancient Capital(at least I think thats when he got it).

Versatile Mage · C970
1 month ago
This college right here officer. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1099
2 months ago
as of now the flame belle is one of a kind, but it was a species that was known and known to boost the fire attribute for summoners with the fire element, meaning it has been contracted before. It just happens that his flame belle is the very last flame belle to be borne, and no one knows what has become of the others or how many others there were since it was a dying species. View More

CaTastrophy427: Excuse me... Isn't the Flame Belle a unique monster? One of a kind? So, how TF is that cat about the same rarity? Given that people have heard of its species, and weren't freaking out about it being a contracted beast?

Versatile Mage · C819
3 months ago
thanks for the releases. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1055
3 months ago
nah fam we good. ima just pick up this evil orb that has consumed the soul engery of countless powerful evil magicians and report it to the government directly, nothing could possibly go wrong. View More
Versatile Mage · C799
3 months ago
yes it was, infact our favorite ice queens power has been equated to a lesser domain that she was born with ontop of her high tier seed, and mo fan has seen fights where high tier advanced mages were using domains, View More

promethician: I have the honor to do the first comment
Was the ‘domain’ mentioned anywhere in the book?

Versatile Mage · C788
3 months ago
can't wait for his inner core to become a shiney dragonite. View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1043
3 months ago
doubt the translator will see this, but just looked up the progression and its Once, Twice, Thrice, Quice, Frice, therefore the 4th progression is Quice and the 5th is Frice View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1035
4 months ago
had to check to make sure this wasn't LoHP, Shuhang borrowing the dao of scamming from Zhang View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C1031
4 months ago
thanks for the extra chap, but... but now the chaps are an odd number... this hurts me View More
Versatile Mage · C753
4 months ago
there are hints dropped everywhere, its actually a sign of good writing to predict things, ex Rouxin, he she saw the slaughtered OWD she showed a hint of sadness by frowning, coupled with the revelation a bit later that Chen Long did not wish for senseless between human and OWD, Rouxin saying its complicated who she is but she is not an OWD nor and enemy of MTC, The MC having recognized the figure in the OWD alter since long long ago (back when he was still fighting Qintian emperor or w/e his name was). the hints have been pretty consistent. it happened in the qiqi rouxin mix up too, whenever the young princess talked to her brother, her personality matched qiqi to a T. View More

larkydhulky: Why is there people who says that it's their prediction and commenting it here yet they just read it in advance from machine translations? The plot of this story is kinda unpredictable from one way or another for me tbh so how tf did you guys predict it without reading it in advance. Like duh 😒

Library of Heaven's Path · C1780
5 months ago
no one talking about Mo Fans friends setting up a memorial service for him lmao. he ain't dead guys! View More
Versatile Mage · C700
5 months ago
AND THIS IS TO GO.... EVEN FURTHER BEYOND!- Song Shuhang revealing the quintessence of death seeking View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C998
5 months ago
no peace even at school shuhang! View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C996
5 months ago
fun little fact about LRX and ZX interactions and why it seems like ZX loses his usual zeal at going about things, this is completely in line with the trope of romance leading to the heroes fall. that is all. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1754
5 months ago
can warrior level even be.... mo fan, there is litterally a chapter that served no other point than to tell you warrior soul essence can upgrade stars a 2nd time to get 5th tier spells View More
Versatile Mage · C589
7 months ago
i see he min maxed for dark souls roll View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C947
7 months ago
lightning is the strongest, fire is just the most destructive, its aoe v/s single target, lightning does start dealing aoe damage until much later than fire, but fire deals larger aoes even then View More

Broland: It's time to flip a coin to see which is the most powerful elemental magic this chapter! ... It's heads, that means fire! Sorry lightning, better luck next time!

Versatile Mage · C584
7 months ago
dear Mo Fan, i know you might be trying to conceal your power because its how you be, but for the love of crap USE FIRE AGAINST UNDEAD YOU FUCKING TWIT. View More
Versatile Mage · C558
7 months ago
cmon guys, we been getting 2 chapters a day these days, and the ranking barely changed from when it was 1 per day. vote vote vote! View More
Cultivation Chat Group · C922
7 months ago
The content has been deleted
Versatile Mage · C541
8 months ago
Thats why he ambushed him AFTER the mission was done, but before he got out of the war zone. not while the kid was deep in enemy territory, at this point other super magicians were in the air above and the birds were being commanded by their ruler, thus it was a much better location for an ambush. There is also the fact they did not want to spare any potential help on the battlefield, a single super magician is a huge part of their power, even and advanced magician is incredibly valuable, and sending an intermediate would likely ruin the mission by risking alerting the enemy. there are a lot of ways to analyze the situation, war is a simple yet complex *****, and honestly speaking for someone who has likely never experienced true war, i think the author did an acceptable job. View More

cloudnet: "A powerful super magician would draw a commander to them" are u stupid as hell? Then what about the councilman? Wasn't he a SUPER MAGICIAN? Braindead idiot. Contradicting yourself

Versatile Mage · C392
9 months ago
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