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  • I school my children at home. I graduated from a 4 year college with a major in English and history, with a minor in education. I am happily married and live on a farm in the country.

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Original Works

  • Rise of the Hunters

    Rise of the Hunters



    Follow Xun as he fights to survive in a world that seems to have lost all common sense. In this post-Apocalyptic world, he contains knowledge on how to survive the various monsters, mostly werewolves and vampires. Having traveled to many different compounds, places of human habitation, he has a unique point of view on how things should work, if given an opportunity. It is with this knowledge that he has to decide if it is worth helping the people who he runs into, or if he should continue to travel alone. Because of his constant need to relocate, he also understands that the human race is plagued with evils of its own. Xun must decide how far he is willing to go, to help others survive. Completed! A tag is displayed only when minimum 5 readers add it...

  • Lovely Creation

    Lovely Creation


    A story that starts off slow, as the kitten sphinx, Kitty, grows to adulthood and finds herself thrown into dangers and evils that threaten her life and those she has come to care for. Follow her as she struggles to understand the ways of men, and perseveres to obtain the title Goddess. -This story has been discontinued, at this time. A possible rewrite may occur in the future. Thanks!-

  • Abuse of Magic

    Abuse of Magic

    Fantasy System Harem Weak to Strong Male Protagonist Game Elements Fantasy Magic hidden gem Kingdom Building No Harem


    **COMPLETED** (JOSEPH IS ALMOST SEVEN! IT’S TIME TO INITIATE ‘HIDDEN SUBROUTINE’.) William woke confused. Why would the system say something like that? He already intended to give his son the system… In a world filled with corruption and death, a small boy is about to acquire a gift for this important birthday, that will change the entire world. He will have to persevere through many trials that will change the fate of the entire realm. Protected from the evils of the world, by the success of his father, Joseph has no idea what he is getting into, but the only way to overcome the trials he will face, is through the abuse of magic! With the aid of a young girl, that he meets shortly after receiving the system, Joseph learns how horrible the world outside of his protected bubble actually is, and forms a lifelong bond with her, that nothing will ever break. Through the abuse of magic, they will have to overcome demons and gods, in their quest for Joseph to become the Mage King! Note: This original story will have daily updates, of a chapter a day. This is not a standard system story where only the mc has the system. There is no harem. My discord: Sdrawkcab#4615 My email: sdrawkcabauthorwriter@gmail.com My patre*n: Sdrawkcab

  • Evolutionary Prison

    Evolutionary Prison



    Dustin needed to evolve to survive on this hostile alien planet. If he can survive a year, he'll be released, free and clear. Unfortunately, no one's ever done that before. And it's not looking like he will either... Check out the sequel: Evolutionary Convict It follows Dustin as he tries to find a home with Olivia, but everything still seems to be out to kill him... A tag is displayed only when minimum 5 readers add it... I will be posting this story on RoyalRoad And it is available on Lulu.com in print as a paperback book!

  • Evolutionary Convict

    Evolutionary Convict



    Sequel to Evolutionary Prison. Home turned out to be a fake, littered with clues and filled with killer robots. Dustin managed to escape the prison, but now he's in search of his true home, and maybe the truth. A tag is displayed only when minimum 5 readers add it... This sequel is complete! It will be about a month before I start posting the next of this trilogy. Keep an eye out for it around the first part of June 2019! This is available on Lulu.com in print as a paperback book!

  • Angelic Apocalypse

    Angelic Apocalypse


    Stasia(Grey), led a squadron of angelic warriors, until they came up against a demon battalion that was more than they bargained for. She fell that day. Events will transpire to make her doubt everything she knew. With the aid of Airow, she has to fight to gain back what she has lost. However, what they find may change everything.

  • Evolutionary Liberator

    Evolutionary Liberator


    Dustin has his people spread out over the whole galaxy, where they've been enslaved, bred and slaughtered like animals. With Olivia at his side, he WILL get them all free and back home. Or die trying.

  • Bob the Innkeeper

    Bob the Innkeeper



    Bob wasn't always Bob. And he definitely wasn't all knowing, as he is now. This is his story, about how he came to be the God of Shared Knowledge, and an innkeeper/barkeeper.

  • The Demon King's Hero of Light

    The Demon King's Hero of Light


    The demons had been told they were evil for so long, that they believed it. Aella vowed to change that. She just needed a hero to help her make them realize it. But first, she had to become their king... Follow her as she fights to become the king of the demons, and then goes up against the evils of the human church.


Dator_David: Lol
You know me by now
You could do a million chapters and I'd be still asking for more👍🤩😁👋
Coffee time it is

Angelic Apocalypse
6 hours ago

Dator_David: You need to find a balance lol
Like it shows in the reviews.
Build a background of the world ect draws the reader into your work as does character building ect.

Evolutionary Prison · C2
6 hours ago

Dator_David: True words of wisdom (-: 👍👋😊

Lovely Creation · C20
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Very interesting

Lovely Creation · C21
6 hours ago

Dator_David: FYI TO ALL

Lovely Creation · C22
6 hours ago

Dator_David: I'm surprised.
I didn't see that coming...
So wrong
To persecute others because they look different ect.

Lovely Creation · C23
6 hours ago

Dator_David: You you you definitely caught me off guard smiling.
Never saw this coming (-;

Lovely Creation · C24
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Thinking of bob ect gave me that idea winking

Lovely Creation · C26
6 hours ago

Dator_David: BOB!

Angelic Apocalypse · C2
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Here

Angelic Apocalypse · C8
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Posting to winking

Angelic Apocalypse · C9
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Posting first lol

Angelic Apocalypse · C10
6 hours ago

Dator_David: First EXP

Angelic Apocalypse · C11
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Here

Angelic Apocalypse · C12
6 hours ago


Angelic Apocalypse · C13
6 hours ago

Dator_David: First comment

Angelic Apocalypse · C14
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Here.
You see a game I play on my playstation is called a bards tale. You have alot more details in your story and would make a great game

Angelic Apocalypse · C15
6 hours ago

Dator_David: For just an assignment from your mom you do write a good story,amiling.

Angelic Apocalypse · C16
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Smiling

Angelic Apocalypse · C17
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Here🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩👋👋👋👋👋👍👍👍👍😊😊
Don't give up.
Doing great

Angelic Apocalypse · C18
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Your son seems to have your tallent for story telling👍👍👍👋👋👋🤩🤩🤩😁😁😁

Angelic Apocalypse · C19
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Well donè🤩👋👍

Angelic Apocalypse · C20
6 hours ago

Dator_David: I'm here

Angelic Apocalypse · C21
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Tears
No child should grow alone
Come from a broken family
It's almost as bad as being left on the streets

Angelic Apocalypse · C22
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Pkease tell your son I'm waiting for many new/continued stories from him.
He has the gift to smiling.

Angelic Apocalypse · C22
6 hours ago

Dator_David: That's sickening

Angelic Apocalypse · C24
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Here(-;

Angelic Apocalypse · C25
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Here here I'd like antimud to👍👍👍👋👋👋👋👋👋

Angelic Apocalypse · C26
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Still here(-;

Angelic Apocalypse · C29
6 hours ago

Dator_David: Cool
My wife loves pink
Could be because she is a stage 4 survivor

Angelic Apocalypse · C30
6 hours ago
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