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Overwhelmed by the mass released Author-San 😍
The adorable and romantic side of their love story is budding❤️I thought the chaps will be out on the 17th but it's earlier.. Kudos for your hard work👍
Hope you have a good break Author-San 💋😘
Cheers! View More
Young master Damien's pet · C48
19 hours ago

ash_knight17: I would like it if you guys went to the about section of the book in all the series and liked the tags. That is by turning each tag into a red ❤️. Please do go and click on all the tags.

Young master Damien's pet · C48
19 hours ago
Haha.. He might want to try Yun Hu's lips💋😁
I bet that he can't stop looking on Hu's lips😘😏 View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C888
1 day ago
Haha.. Mom's so understanding... 😂😊
Brother Hu, you can do whatever you want now, Lin Feng will gonna take the responsibility😂😂😂

P. S.. Dear Translator, it's a long good chapter👍 View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C885
4 days ago
Haha.. Then time to take everything secretly😏 View More
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C1502
4 days ago
Why dear translator😭😭
It's sooooOOo short😔and you're uploading one at a time😭😱 View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C884
5 days ago
Haha.. She'll be a grandma of little fox kid😂👵😁 View More
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C1500
5 days ago
Ahem... Possessive now is it? 😏 View More
Young master Damien's pet · C35
1 week ago
Oh gosh! Don't tease us dear author😍
We love both😅🤗😘 View More
Bambi and the Duke · C264
1 week ago
Hmm... De javu.. But this time around is it your turn? **after their convo with his sis luvlyf🤔 View More
Young master Damien's pet · C32
1 week ago
"Five thousand coins"
Good point my dear😊😘😅
Oh Penelope😆😄 View More
Young master Damien's pet · C31
2 weeks ago
Dang! .. I imagine penny wearing a sack of potato helplessly in the rain. .. Hmm.. What was he up to?
I'm excited how they'll gonna create their romance🤔Damien is really different from other Ash's leading man's...
Okay.. I love this😘❤️
Cheers! View More
Young master Damien's pet · C29
2 weeks ago
Haha.. I'm a one cabbage that is too excited here😁 View More
Young master Damien's pet · C28
2 weeks ago
If I were her, I would be afraid of my life before the wedding.. Lol.. That man had a cursed of having a wife🤔😅what did he done? Or his family? View More
Girl in the casket · C7
2 weeks ago

reemared: So everest preserved their bodies while stealing potion in white witches house to cure vivi 🤔and then locked them in the house where nick created the ghouls due to his pain anger and sorrow... i have a theory why it takes 70 yrs before they resurected again.. if we do a memory lane in vivians and leos time the potion was stop because the ingredients was burn in valeria and it will takes time to grow it back again and the witches are in hiding after the death of the councilman abel and creed and the switcher so no conspiring activities for them for long but to hide and wait then make a move again.. and that move is in VE the present time line and if my memory serves me right the parchment of sis isabelle that contains names and powerful potion was back in his son accidentally and knowing alex im sure he connected the stolen parchment that malphus stole from esther and some parchment of his mother in his possesion after all he is a dark witch and a pureblooded vampire... im guessing our dearest everest stole some potion from alex 😂and cure the lovebirds. Well its only my theory and since im not good in english i have difficulty in explaining it 😅

Bambi and the Duke · C263
2 weeks ago
Interesting siblings.
Sometimes it's the calmest that serves as threat🤔Let's see more😅
P. S. Author-san is really amazing.❤️ Have a new book👍 Have updates on previous book👌Busy ✌️Hugs for ya dear🤗❤️💋💯 View More
Young master Damien's pet · C25
3 weeks ago
Reading Status: C2
Another book of our legend Author-San 😍😊😘
I believe in her talent as it always brought good vibes and different emotions on each characters in the book. This new book reminds me of how many surprises that she's going to show.
Kudos! View More
Girl in the casket
3 weeks ago
Your awesome Author-San 😘🤗😍😁
It slowly enlightened me on some plot holes ❤️💋
Cheers! View More
Bambi and the Duke · C260
3 weeks ago
Woaahh.. Time to keep ur diet dear😂😂😅 View More
Young master Damien's pet · C21
3 weeks ago
Interesting plot.. I love how you bend the normal romance of yours in your previous novel. It's cheeky and curiousity lingers to these characters..
Waiting for your magic Author-San ❤️
Cheers! View More
Young master Damien's pet · C16
1 month ago
Woaahh.. You're so amazing Author-San ❤️😍☺️
I love it!
It's so refreshing to read those memories when they were young. It's happiness indeed.
I hope more chapters on younger days of them.
Thanks🙏❤️ View More
Bambi and the Duke · C256
1 month ago
I'm satisfied❤️
At least in this separate world; they got the happiness that they deserved.
It felt heavy in my heart knowing that they've died however the fact that they were reborn in a different world flushed away my disappointment and sadness.😊😊
Kudos dear Author-San ❤️
Cheers! View More
Bambi and the Duke · C254
1 month ago
Oh dear author😔It's so hard for me to read the remaining chaps as my throat is tighthening and will start to cry.. In the end I cried for these two 😭
I'm a crying in my workplace dear😭😭 View More
Bambi and the Duke · C249
1 month ago
Our dear translator... Any mass release to happen? Thanks.
Also, will you be continuing to release only 1 chapter per day?
It doesn't justify ur concern last time that you've been releasing long chapters than as usual.
The chapters that you've been releasing nowadays is too short. So why not release chaps to normal again.
🙁🤔 View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C859
1 month ago
A big round of applause dear author❤️💋. I was attracted to this when I first saw the ads of Qidian. So I registered and ta da! Voila!
This is my first novel to read although it's not the first that I've finished. It wakes my inner and hidden interest in reading that was sleepin' inside me.
And now, I just finished it and it makes my heart whole again. Thank you for your precious efforts❤️❤️😊😘I love this and will never forget. Keep it up and more blessings for you.
Cheers! View More
Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard · C1274
1 month ago
Oh wow! The ending is near😭😊😊😊
Thanks Author-San ❤️ View More
Bambi and the Duke · C216
1 month ago
Uhm.. dragon's d**k solution😅😒🤔 View More
Red Envelope Group of the Three Realms · C1412
1 month ago
How do you play mate🤔😂😂 View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C850
1 month ago
Hahaha.. Lol.. Jiu! 😂😁 what's ur reasoning this time 🤔 Better find an scapegoat for u.. Hehe

P. O. V: Okay, just give ur POWER HUG once u saw him🤣❤️I'm sure he will let you live.. In his HOUSE😆😂💋🏡 View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C849
1 month ago
The moment she does this, she already exposed her self to Almighty.. Almighty is just waiting for confirmation and he got it😊
Anyways, he's Happy and he'll accept you Jiu❤️😘
P. S. I hope there's flashbacks already on some portions on what happened that day💋 View More
National School Prince Is A Girl · C848
1 month ago
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