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Hmm bad description View More
Against Zombies & Monsters · C38
1 month ago
WTF seriously??!
Where do you think seeds come from?
At least the villagers should know how to harvest seed from tomatoes watermelon and corn! They were the ones with the seeds in the first place. Just take the seeds from 1-4 of each of the fruits and replant immediately. This should not be an issue, especially from people who farmed for a living in the first place. View More
Dungeon Farming: Reborn as a Dungeon Lord, cultivating life inside a cave. · C83
1 month ago
The key word in your reply is ‘most’ most don’t work but some will which is why I put the words “every person and every person’s partner” in my question. Absolutes are not good things.However, the relationships that do were the ones I was referring to with the “continue to work” part of my comment. I just wanted to point out that such relationships can and do work in real life.

As for trusting statistics, and whether they are realistic or not... depends on to many factors, in this case including where one lives and/or are raised.

I am sorry to hear about your personal experience with this though. Sounds like you and your friends have not met the right kind of person. My advice, don’t give up, don’t let bad experiences color every new relationship, and keep heart, there are people who stay faithful out there even if you have to turn some stones to find them.
I know several of those types of people , my parents two of them, so take strength in the fact that they exist. I don’t like absolutes but this I agree with ‘Never give up Hope.’ View More

Rar: Umm most millitary relationships don’t work the females end up being the first ones to cheat I should know I’ve seen this with my own eyes far too many times while serving... it can’t have just been the people around me being unlucky. Sometimes statistics aren’t realistic to begin with. I will agree with the idea that MC should should mourn her if a natural “accident” occurred than remarry though. As far as being faithful goes though... I’d love it if it worked out but the world isn’t full of rainbows and unicorns, it’s nothing but an empty dream even on my part.

Super Gene · C1181
2 months ago
No, the real question is why not be faithful? Just because his natural lifespan would be longer doesn’t mean that he loves his partner any less than if his lifespan were shorter. And just like in real life when a person’s partner dies early, there would be a mourning period before trying to find love again. That’s decency and loyalty. Also, very realistic in regards to real long distance relationships that continue to work. Or do you think that every person and the partner of every person who is deployed in the military where they are separated for months to years at a time should cheat just because they might lose the other person to death? View More

Rar: Too bad a chappy missing but hot dawmmm I wish he would’ve just porked her. I don’t often come across a series where mc is devoted to his one and only but this seems unrealistic at this point. I mean mc is going to live way longer than yanran so why?

Super Gene · C1181
2 months ago

Snakewood: So stupid we will be safer if we follow them....... No if your behind them everyone chasing them will go through you first... Idiot

A Wizard's Secret · C60
9 months ago

DawnSky: Bandits? With that many fucking people they are basically villages of their own.

A Wizard's Secret · C60
9 months ago
Hopefully the novel isn’t dropped but simply being re-edited. I’m not sure if anyone is alerted when chapters are changed by being edited. The sheer amount of plot holes and skipping of character development makes this story seem closer to an outline, if this is in the process of being fixed, I would wait a year for updates furthering the story.
On another note, why would the story be removed? I’ve seen stories that were seemingly dropped get picked up again 2 years later and have also seen stories ‘adopted’ the rest of the story being written/translated by another author with permission of the original author/translator. In addition, there’s also people who start reading the story late such as myself who discovered the story early yesterday and decided to binge read it, removing the story would prevent people from ever reading it at all. View More

Hyodo: Again another novel with 2 months of no update, should be remove, because nem reader is wait for new chapter that never gonna happen

The Evolving Stealth System · C73
11 months ago
Let’s start with, why? When did Duncan make any plans with Emma’s little sister? He’s spoken with her like twice and that was her stating that she doesn’t like him during which she’s trying to kill him and threatening him to not harm her sister. This story has some major missing pieces.... is this supposed to be an outline of the story that will be fleshed out later? View More
The Evolving Stealth System · C54
11 months ago

Eddicted: The content has been deleted

Monster Integration · C15
11 months ago

lucifer12: I love the story but this extremely broken English hurts when trying to read in bulk. if possible please try to get a better translation.

Other then that I am loving the story

Monster Integration · C14
11 months ago

Eyeno: Please, you need an editor

Monster Integration · C13
11 months ago
City name omitted, and not at the top of the next chapter. Itmakes the sentence feel unfinished. View More
Monster Integration · C3
11 months ago

WoW_ok: So like I love this guys other book Andi see that they writing style caries over and that alone is a reason to read this book. However I am not sure what plans are later out for this novel.

Seize The Sky
11 months ago

SnailWhoLovesMud: And here I am still wondering why this novel is free and has no ad wall

My MCV and Doomsday · C322
1 year ago
Is Nathan attracted to someone he has declared as his child? Or is that my misunderstanding? View More
God is a Game Designer · C60
1 year ago
Reading Status: C11
This novel sounds good it's synopsis is accurate and acceptable. The novel reads well and is an ok translation. I can see a great amount of potential for this storyline. The only real problem with this novel is how short it is. View More
Reincarnate into Another World as a Bicycle
1 year ago
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