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Vrad_Zechs: Sorry buddy.
Not gonna talk morality here. But lets talk business instead. In business, morality gets a nod only if its profitable, if not it's called charity instead.
First things first, the original (Chinese) was posted on Qidian (China).
Yes, there is actually Qidian China. So what's this we're using? This, my friend is developed by Qidian INTERNATIONAL (QI), a sub branch made to translate and spread the goodness that is Qidian novels (and make a tidy profit at the same time).

So what's my point?
My point is that, Qidian owns the original rights, which means they have a proxy right on translations made based on their originals. Also, based on the agreement between Authors and Qidian China (as stated in their Terms of Service), they retain Rights for an INDEFINITE TERM once posted.

So they actually can let people translate and later swoop in and take the translations.
Is that legal? If there is no WRITTEN contract expressing permission between them, yes its legal.
Is it right? Mayne not, but as stated, I'm not here to talk morality. I'm looking at it from a business perspective.
Also, I don't have enough info regarding the full conflict because W.W. did initially make a brouhaha over this but after some time it died down and got swept into the cupboard like so much dirty skeletons.

Also, being put here means the AUTHOR (ORIGINAL OWNER AND FRIGGIN ORIGINAL SOURCE) has a cut in the money pool too.

Coiling Dragon
6 days ago

ScarletSteel: You my friend are evil. I woke up this morning and was happy for a moment. "Oooo two new chapters!" Open up the book and see. "I'm sorry to inform you guys that I'm dropping this series." The phone slowly slipped from my hands followed by my broken heart at loosing another series. Then a little later, I come to find you aren't dropping. Listen here! I don't like rollercoasters, neither the ride nor the emotional kind. Stop playing with my feelings.

Assassination System · C95
3 weeks ago
I might be late but I am from Finland. View More
Mr. Vampire’s Wife · C103
1 month ago
Reading Status: C43
The Necromamcer System Book 2 starts smoothly where the book 1 left us. There are new and old interesting characters, although James doesn't interact with them much.

In terms of story and character development, author did a good job. There are no instant power-ups without risk or work nor impossible saves from certain death situations.

There are grammar mistakes here and there but they don't affect the readability of the work much.

All in all good piece of work for the second book of the series. View More
Necromancer System: Children of Kynar
1 month ago

thestatsguy: Website : qidian china
Views : 11.40 million
Rating : 8.0(1580)
Chapters : 710
Status : completed
Word count : 2.33 million
author rank : platinum

Commanding Wind and Cloud
1 month ago

iWizard: This novel keeps giving: now it's a good ol' genocide. I think if this keeps up, there soon will be no SJW moralists in the comments. Just like it happened to another amazing web novel "Reverend Insanity". It's not a Disneyland fairy tale with a Mary Sue MC fighting for 'muh justice' or 'muh morals'. Thus if you're here to complain about the atrocities and whatnot - spare yourself the effort and go read a different novel cause it's probably only going to get darker from now on.
P.S. Trish gets bonus points for going full 'Deus vult!".

The Great Worm Lich · C95
1 month ago

ClemCa: to me who's french both chinese and american parts are in the same style, and both do not feel retarded... I think it's just you feeling awkward because as an american you can tell what's wrong when the author describes a country he probably never went to with movies and books as only reference

The Great Worm Lich · C93
1 month ago

Steffeni00: That baby was like "Mama,praise me!😍" 😂😂

Rebirth of the Strongest Empress · C78
2 months ago

Aota_Tsun: WARNING Next chapter is pay to read.

The Great Thief · C92
2 months ago

xaviers: Hua Yao = Best Actor
Fei Yan = Best actress
Yue Ye= Best Supporting Actress
Qiao Chu = Best Supporting Actor

Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C1825
3 months ago

SilverThiec: But... Vanish had a lvl 10 requirement...?

The Great Thief · C49
3 months ago

GM_Serafin: True Space Mage is a rather refreshing story among all the copy-pasted web novels around. It tries to build its own unique world with lots of layers and mysteries, and it establishes a logical magic system that still allows endless possibilities. Truly a breath of fresh air if you're used to novels that keep reusing the same few settings over and over again.

The main character, Aaron, also feels much more like a human than most protagonists. Despite his reincarnation advantages, there are always challenges waiting for him. He hesitates, makes mistakes, falls into slum**, and struggles against inner demons; through all of this, however, he slowly grows as a person and a mage.

Sadly, while the ideas might be good, the actual writing... isn't. I'm not just talking about the technical aspects, the grammar, and whatnot (though a proofreader is definitely needed as well), but the overall plot and character development. It doesn't feel like the author has much of a plan, which ends up seriously harming the novel. It's what makes Aaron simultaneously one of the best and worst things about the story.

As I said previously, Aaron's humanity makes him a compelling character, but only when the writer knows what they're doing. The problem here is that it's hard to get a good grasp on his character. He repeats mistakes even though he should have gotten over them already; he is supposed to be smart, but keeps getting dumbed down so that the plot moves in certain ways; he improves dramatically in many aspects, but still makes newbie blunders; his motivations are sometimes fuzzy and hard to understand.

Many of these problems could be improved with forethought and planning. If say, character X (readers will know who I'm talking about) will be important in the future, then take some time to establish their relationship with Aaron; don't just suddenly add some drama involving X when neither the reader nor the main character has much reason to care about them. Maybe it makes sense in theory, but you need to *show* us these things, not just *tell* them. Give them more scenes, more characterization.

Also, you need to give some thought to the main character's progression if you want to avoid testing the reader's patience. If he failed, learned his lesson, and became stronger, then move on. Don't keep retreading old ground unless you can add something genuinely new and interesting. Writing realistic, deeply flawed protagonists takes some serious writing skills, especially in a web novel, which we often read for easily digestible stories. So I would advise anyone to start ******.

All in all, it could still be an enjoyable read for people who enjoy magic and worldbuilding. That's mostly what kept me hooked, at least. But the writing has much to improve and could hugely benefit from an editor, since the actual story falls short from what it could have been.

True Space Mage
4 months ago

Etube: Thank you for enlightening us with a light intro to a light mage. This story has a bright future.

True Space Mage · C96
4 months ago

jkz91: For those who didn't understand about this, the author used a reference from another story called "Xiao Ao Jiang Hu", or "The Smiling, Proud Wanderer". Yue Buqun is the master of the MC and because Yue Buqun wanted to learn the Zixia secret art, he cut off his own d*** and become very feminine. He is one of the enemies in later part. There are many version of drama for this. The six words are, "While pursuing cultivation, one must first cut..." well, you know the rest.

Immortal Mortal · C32
5 months ago

wanxi: Yeahhhhh...another game elements type story..
I had my eye lock at u so don't make me disappointed.
The wind will come and the sea will have some wave.
I will have some surfing to do so blow strong wind for me######

Another World’s Versatile Crafting Master
5 months ago

BOB_666: If something bad happenes to xueman, lets go beat the author

The Avalon Of Five Elements · C501
5 months ago

RujiroTaicho: Definitely, I was left speechless when he started mentioning how 5 became great elders n the like, WHAT!! that's some grandmaster level bragging😂

The Avalon Of Five Elements · C364
5 months ago

Daoist_DarkSLight: Generations of butlers taking notes and leaving for future generations to polish their flattery skills. The [Transcendent Flow] absolute art has been developed. Shameless beyond a mortal , truly deserving the name absolute art

The Avalon Of Five Elements · C364
5 months ago

Wandering_Traveler: It's not that they don't have any drawback. In fact, Lou Lan already tell us, Ai Hui, and Shi Xueman about it. Blood Spiritual Energy didn't move freely in the atmosphere, it is contained in every living being. That basically mean that only the powerfull, rich, and dare to kill anyone who will benefit the most. Then there is that fact of how easy they could die if they experience a draw back that made them stray from their path, like what happen to that Tian Kui. There is also the fact that they are still in the starting phase of their era, ****** it possible to abuse the flaw tha still exist.

All in all, they are indeed strong, but not invincible yet. All this happens because the Blood of God got the first move, catching The Avalon of Five Elements off guard since they are too used in peace; and also because The Avalon side is busying them self in internal struggle when there is an enemy that obviously powerful enough to take over 2 key location for The Avalon.

I guess the main reason is pretty much the internal struggle that don't let the true genius to came out and made contribution. I mean, look at teacher Wang. If not because of the blood poison outbreak, he would probably still be a school teacher even though he is good enough to be awarded with the Master Title...

The Avalon Of Five Elements · C331
5 months ago
I always knew Little Jue had a big heart. View More
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C1299
6 months ago

mandyj: This story has a twist and I am loving it. It's a short story, from what I understand, where there are only 14 chapters, an epilogue, and 1 more chapter. Reading this, I can't help but like the villainess. Unlike many other characters in transmigrated novels, even though she herself wasn't transmigrated, she has her reasons for being against the transmigrated heroine. From birth she was told that her and the Prince would marry so why not hold firmly onto him especially if the other party never once told you he didn't return your feelings. Instead he let you believe something he had no intention of honoring. I love how she is able to learn that she is in a book and thus learns of her fate and is able to change around some things. Overall this is truly a great story and would be awesome as a manga, mawhua and or with longer chapters. It's hilarious, sexy, and has the reader wanting more. The only thing I truly find at fault is that this story isn't longer. The author did such a great job.

The Villainess's Dark Side
6 months ago

I_need_pizza: Let me introduce the strongest team.
1:Team leader Helian Wei Wei, currently she is sleeping even though it's already time to fight. 😴
2: The strongest member of the team Baili jia jue, currently he is having his OCD attack. 😵
3: And finally the last member Nangong Lie, oi stop flirting and go to stage 😘

The Anarchic Consort · C155
6 months ago

ThousandTurtles: A prince, a priest, and a student walk into a bar. The prince buys out the place, the priest admonishes the drunkards, and the student tries to get away with a fake ID. A priest and a student walk out of a bar.

The Anarchic Consort · C19
6 months ago

FabledOnion: Hell’s Lord: She’s so cute when she goes on a tyrannical, bloodthirsty, murderous rampage.

Everyone else: 😱

Mesmerizing Ghost Doctor · C255
6 months ago
38. View More

OttoKuusniemi: 37.

The Wizard World · C638
6 months ago
37. View More
The Wizard World · C638
6 months ago
Xiao Yuqing is the only surviving person from Xiao family, if Yun Xiao isn't included. He survived the massacre because at that time he was away. View More


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss · C967
8 months ago
36. View More

OttoKuusniemi: 35.

Badge in Azure · C56
8 months ago
35. View More
Badge in Azure · C56
8 months ago

Feruchi: Oh my bleedin heart I hear,
the sound of my soul stones,
Leaving here,
Oohhh, why cant i read for freeeeeee?
This change in price is killing me

Advent of the Archmage · C232
9 months ago
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