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You fucking stupid or something? Those individually can be powerful as **** much less all of them View More
The Frost Demon of Universe 7 · C1
4 days ago

Roshaan: No bruce parents need to die. for character development and growth

Marvel: The Strongest Avenger · C3
4 days ago
He wasn't climbing to make friends and if you noticed he wants to appear a sort of villain and he is constantly training so you can see why he doesn't make any close friends View More

seob97: Ummm he only knew the baam and other for like what??? Few months?!?! And he climbed the tower for years but still no friends??? Why TF is he still unstable??? You just made me lose a lot of interest in this story. It was by far one of the top 3 ****est chapter. Thanks

Tower Of God: Unbreakable Leus · C12
1 week ago
Hope he gets over his disgust about killing humans View More
Kimetsu no Yaiba : The Cold Wanderer · C7
1 week ago
I wouldn't cry but if my bipolar cat died I would be upset View More

Lazareth: Traumatic experience = cat dying, lol! Not mocking the author. But I really found this funny. Thanks for that. Had a good laugh.

Demon Child - Awakening · C2
1 week ago
I can't really do an honest review right now since there isn't much to go off of but since you haven't given this guy a system, wishes, godly talent, looks, or intelligence and the great Grammer it already has the potential to be good in my opinion View More
A Fox and her Watcher · C2
1 week ago
I read what you had for A Fox and her Watcher and for what was there I realized liked it so far View More

XanaShadow: A Fox and her "Watcher", not "helper".
Also, I already had these chapters posted somewhere else, which is why they're so quick. But, this is as far as I got. And thanks for trying out my other story.

DxD: Reign of Supreme King · C5
1 week ago
Is here ever going to get a hair cut? It's a small thing but it bothers me View More

Eveofchaos: I've modified all the attitude in aptitude when it concerned the elemental aptitude. You can rest well.

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C152
1 week ago
I have just been fucking with you I honestly couldn't care whether it's harem or not it effects if I read it but it's the authors choice at the end of the day but I'm honestly surprised you kept replying I didn't have any motivation on my side so it was just weak View More

DragonkingKyo: one I said worse not stupid but I have to agree with the last part whether they say no harem, harem or kill over and over again because they hate a character or some other thing is something I find annoying too.

Black Clover: Copy Mage · C1
2 weeks ago
Is the mc going to have a body that matches his physical strength or is he going to be a pretty boy that can shatter mountains View More

PheonixRebirth: Oh I forgot to mention in my author's note, but I don't know what to do for the book cover. If anyone wants to recommend one or make one for me, I will be making a discord and releasing it with the next chapter.

Black Clover: Copy Mage · C2
2 weeks ago
I'm already a huge fan of this fanfic but I can't really vote or get invested until I know if there isnt a harem or if there is one I need to know how big it is View More

oroborose: I hesitate, but if that's the case I already know who to put

The demonic swordsman of Fairy Tail. · C2
2 weeks ago

Riussama: The guilt will be shown more prominently in the next chapters. His grandpa told him many things about the Tower and his grandpa being a simple Regular told him the fact that regulars are disapproved by most society

Tower Of God: Unbreakable Leus · C6
2 weeks ago

Riussama: I started in my previous comment the fact that he has zero experience with friendship. he cherishes on them too much now. he will grow to understand it later

Tower Of God: Unbreakable Leus · C6
2 weeks ago
I don't really understand why he would be guilty or why you want to hide him being a irregular but it's your novel and I can only hope his mental instability turns out to be a fun character development View More

Riussama: He has a lot of issues
Depression over height and appearance
Lack of proper experience with friends (he can talk normally with people but he doesn't know what to do with friends. how to act)
General life issues
Early parents and grandparents death
Lonely lifestyle
Lack of motivation to a goal
He has problems which will intensify after certain events. (He doesn't want to show but it peaks sometimes. Maybe he gained a multiple personality disorder that work as one)

Tower Of God: Unbreakable Leus · C6
2 weeks ago
Just had to make sure from the start since I drop all novels with harem View More

Riussama: NO HAREM!
Romance I dont really know. It is hard to picture my MC with anyone.

Tower Of God: Unbreakable Leus · C5
2 weeks ago
Is there going to be romance and if so will there be a harem? View More

Riussama: 🤣

Tower Of God: Unbreakable Leus · C5
2 weeks ago
Made me laugh when he said he was getting more handsome but he is fat af View More
Reborn in a Harry Potter Universe · C12
3 weeks ago
I mean the guy weighed about 300 pounds View More

Heezus: lol I feel kind of bad for the MC. Dudley is one ugly ass guy XD

Reborn in a Harry Potter Universe · C3
3 weeks ago
Will this guy be more of a anti hero type or something else? View More

Riussama: next chapter

Tower Of God: Unbreakable Leus · C4
3 weeks ago
Both of them have Ryo which makes me think he is just strealing and not changing anything about the plot View More

Weirdo: Ahh, no wonder... Is it true though? Maybe he take the concept and a bit of too much from the previous one?..

Ryo · C1
3 weeks ago
If you think being an orphan growing up as the harshest thing you are either rally closed off from the bad side of the world or just lack creativity I'm also dropping from the fact that he can invest points in luck View More
Ninja in marvel world · C1
3 weeks ago
The content has been deleted
Ninja in marvel world · C1
3 weeks ago
There is only about 5 people in my school that is below 170 and I'm personally 187 and we are only 14 View More

ImmortalBoomstick: well he is 15

RWBY: The Observer · C0
3 weeks ago

ImmortalBoomstick: true but well you know he might not have had his growth spur yet heck i was 182 when i was 14 but thats just because in my country we have an average of 180

RWBY: The Observer · C0
3 weeks ago
Why would you make him ashamed? If you have to rely on teammates then why bother growing as strong as you can when you know you are going to have a team that makes up for your lacking strength View More
Naruto: The Night Watcher · C6
3 weeks ago
Nice to see an author that goes and fixes his mistakes View More
Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C12
3 weeks ago
Never said it was wrong was just waiting for your dumbass to point it out but it's funny to me that if i used even a little bit of my time I could come up with decent stuff but all you can think up is gay and key board warrior also I just keep thinking how you want me to stop replying but you keep doing the same thing View More

Denzel_theking: So it’s okay when gay people like u want other people to not exist but it’s wrong when it’s the other way around 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻

I understand so while we done why don’t u take up my suggestion and just be gone it will be hard in the beginning but anything other than a gay keyboard warrior would be good in the long run

The Chronicles of Elijah
3 weeks ago
The novel was going good until you even brought harem up View More
Targaryen Who Turned Dragon (ATG) · C9
3 weeks ago
Did you just say go be relevant? I'm laughing at how stupid you are. First you say why should gay people like me exist which is just plain homophobia then you a guy that is most likely 250+ pounds and is sitting on his ass right now has the fucking balls to tell me to go be relevant. The school bullies must have been so glad when you crawled out of your damn hole View More

Denzel_theking: Yes the annoying kind

Can you go somewhere else to try and be relevant

The Chronicles of Elijah
3 weeks ago
One piece is complete garbage in my opinion and he if "nerfed" because the author had a plan but you couldn't even wait and see it since you left on chapter 2 View More

NewGoldie: Wow, then explained why do I like One Piece if you Implied that I dont know what makes a good story. I did explained why did I drop novel cuz I saw Insistent with MC's power which by simple term called Nerfed.

The Irregular In ATG · C2
3 weeks ago
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