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MC needs to stop with the 'old beggar' bs. View More
Spirit Cultivation · C28
3 months ago
are there any women in this story? I'm not expecting the MC to be flooded with women surrounding him like other stories, but this story has been nothing but middle aged or old men. View More
End of the Magic Era · C52
3 months ago
Probably a poor excuse, but ice isn't conductive. His lightning would've done nothing or destroyed the ice. He should've attacked since they were already lobbing fire at it, but author sucks at building suspense. A lot of authors are. View More

Slayerius: Why the **** didn't he use his lighting to seal his muscles and interrupt his evolution...

Versatile Mage · C68
3 months ago
The content has been deleted
Supreme Magus · C57
3 months ago
Why didn't he attempt to drown the bears if he was so close to water? he could've manipulated water to cut off their oxygen while avoiding their attacks. View More
Supreme Magus · C35
3 months ago
Cuz I expected more out of this author. Purple Lightning Emperor wasn't bad and this was. Felt like it was written by a completely different person. It just wasted my time. View More

Everything_system8: You complain a lot.

The Gamer's Godship · C9
7 months ago
Its getting kind of old that the author decides to constantly derail events. Yes, it makes sense that the villains want to attack at this event, BUT WHAT ABOUT ALL THE OTHER TIMES SHIT WENT SOUTH??? I mean c'mon, theres constantly a 'strange phenomenon' or enemy attack no matter where Seiji goes. Frankly its irritating. Especially since these events happen 1-10 chapters apart. One enemy attack ends, then another pops up immediately after. Barely anything done by this author will go the way its intended. View More
NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C658
8 months ago
A person who says they're insane isn't truly insane. Just acting out. A person who's crazy wouldn't consider themselves crazy. View More
NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C577
8 months ago
Kinda feels forced. I mean Yukari just randomly heard about the Mystical due to a serious even, but now shes able to inherit powers... Iss this gonna be where every girl associated with Seiji is gonna get some form of power? I mean its fine on some kind of level, but aren't there people, like the previous Seiji, who cant even cultivate? View More
NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C415
8 months ago
Pretty sure the feather cloak story is actually the Swan Maiden. That story is far more darker thank this. Usually the wife would be forced to marry the dude who stole the swan cloak that allows the girl to transform. They would have a kid and that kid would find or tell where the cloak is. The mother then would transform and leave after getting it back, leaving her child and husband behind. Buuuuut idk, just never heard of the feather cloak story before. View More
NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C299
8 months ago
So Chiaki almost stomped on Seiji's project for no reason just to try and find out if Yukari was an ero artist? It felt like her bringing up this subject was to start a conflict, just like an antagonist. View More
NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C278
8 months ago
Its kinda annoying that he has to receive tutelage from someone else as a prerequisite to get a skill. What he learns from someone should just go towards his understanding. Like how someone learns from a book. He would basically learn the same stuff, but verbally, which makes no sense. View More
NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C180
9 months ago
Whats up with the sudden increase in 'whoops' or intentional mistypes with corrections? Its annoying. View More
NEET Receives a Dating Sim System · C98
9 months ago
So a chapter that costs spirit stones. In fact, he first chapter that costs something, isn't even edited. My dude, this is how you lose trust. View More
Summoning the Holy Sword · C88
10 months ago
Isn't ZX already an Honorary Elder in the Master Teacher Alliance? Isn't he extremely well off with that kind of backing? View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1336
11 months ago
So she can't just tell him its a co-op after he asked if he could give guidance? Are both of them retarded? She should realize by now he doesn't know the rules. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1317
11 months ago
This was genuinely frustrating to read. It was drawn out and on top of that the misunderstanding was stupid.
Either someone should have told him the rules beforehand or he should have figured it out already. Like **** dude, we're 1300 chapters in. He shouldn't be this stupid.

Besides, that receptionist is either not doing her job or is just a complete cunt. She should have already known ZX was new. If the rules weren't posted anywhere then it should have been her job to inform him. View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1316
11 months ago
Its a little toooo unbelievable that Zhao Ya is already a Saint 7-dan. If she was maybe around 3~4-dan or so it would make more sense. I mean she departed from ZX really early on. She didn't receive his guidance for the saint realm at all right? View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1315
11 months ago
Yea and you have to admit, even one chapter a day is kind of a luxury. Some other translators only do a chapter a week, but that's mostly from the self-employed ones you find on novelupdates. View More

Ponty: who need scheduled release when they can just released whenever they want

sometimes I also get frustrated when the chapter doesn't updated on time, but whatever, translators also have another life outside translating. As long as we still got 2 chapters a day I can wait

Library of Heaven's Path · C1268
1 year ago
I mean there is such a thing as chinese chess. I thought he was just calling the pieces stones. But yea, Go makes more sense. View More

Qnumbra: I have been wondering why the translator has been translating Go as Chess when Go is clearly what they are playing and these aren’t pieces but “stones”

The Path Toward Heaven · C134
1 year ago
I'm kinda getting sick of how this novel needs to insist on being as vague as possible in every situation. Nothing is clearly stated at all. Yes, we are given a small bit of information every now and then to draw up our own guesses and conclusions, but if its as vague as this story, without any information given to the reader about the characters, motives, past events and whatnot then it really grates at the nerves. I'm not saying this novel is badly written, I'm saying that it needs to be less confusing for the reader. View More
The Path Toward Heaven · C71
1 year ago
I don't get why this author is so keen on insulting girls that aren't associated with Lin Fan. Not every random chick is gonna be flirtatious or a skank just because they want a powerful person in their party. They might try to set a favorable impression, but that's with men too. LF either insults women, pisses them off with conflicts, kills them, or scares them. If they're just some random people in the background they hardly get any recognition at all, unless hes in an all girl sect. Idk just feels like this author has a grudge against women. He doesn't even mention that chick from the cloud sect anymore, like she was just a passing character even tho the author hinted she might be important with the "I'll come back for you" thing. Same with the Succubus race. That was the shortest interaction hes had with a sect/race ever. They were only there to rescue and show how big his dick is. View More
The Strongest System · C943
1 year ago
The content has been deleted
The Strongest System · C943
1 year ago
Excuse me? did he just say he was trying to avoid trouble? and that he hated trouble? Fuckin wat? He instigated the whole conflict. Is the author retarded? View More
The Strongest System · C929
1 year ago
Sooooo what happened to the Sutra? wouldn't LF be able to use it more efficiently now? Wouldn't it be powerful against this Buddha? View More
The Strongest System · C890
1 year ago
This guy, Lin Fan has developed into a standard Cliche cuck. Fuck. The only job you had to do was strike before the enemy could stall for tricks. He just blue balled himself from getting those experience points. This **** was avoidable and LF knows he should never be cocky. View More
The Strongest System · C837
1 year ago
Chapter 362 View More

Random027: What chapter did that "Demon Emperor" first appear? Im just asking cause i cant recall when/what chapter he appeared.

The Strongest System · C811
1 year ago
To be honest, he was not one to bear grudges.
That was because he never had to remember one.
Library of Heaven's Path · C1168
1 year ago
Of couuuuurse this author still won't let Lin Fan train a female. This novel is way too fuckin gay. View More
The Strongest System · C729
1 year ago
'Ant' this, 'Ant' that. Was this author always this condescending? I mean i get it. These Ancient race people aren't the best people and they're weak in the eyes of the MC, bur c'mon its real annoying to see ant used to describe the enemy over and over and over again. View More
The Strongest System · C527
1 year ago
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