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  • I like cats. My avatar is my cat meeko she is fat and snuggly she is on a diet and not to happy about it

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  • Lets focus on magic instead!

    Lets focus on magic instead!

    Magical Realism

    Kaan was reincarnated into a sword and fantasy world but he wasn't the only one, 2 others were reincarnated with him. But are the other people enemies or allies and did that god who reincarnated them do because he was bored or is something deeper at play here?


Magikrap: Alt-Alt title: Crouching Tiger, Flaccid Dragon

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C94
7 months ago
Interesting View More
Sis-Con with Dimensional Chat Group · C1
8 months ago

StormKingOTHRoad: there is also the fact that there is no Guarantee an SI is in the Actual Canon universe as we know it and not a slightlyy similer but still AU version so making future plans entirely dependent on Meta is a risk.

can he purchase the trick Toneri used to fuse thousands of Byakugans into two eyes for his eventual meeting with Nagato then fuse the rinnegan and Obito's Magekyou into a single eye then put it in his forhead that way he will have 2 Tenseigan Eyes and a Sasuke level Rinne-Sharingan(because Rinnegan don't have tomoe)

Reborn as Neji Hyuga with a system · C10
8 months ago
I just finished the last chapter right before you updated lol View More
Unrivalled - Naruto · C0
8 months ago

creekershaps: Two chapters to slow for great story

Low Dimensional Game · C72
9 months ago

RikuSaito: I'm speechless, I can't even say a word. Your 100% right.

Reborn as a Indominus-Rex · C25
9 months ago
The content has been deleted
Road to the throne · C24
9 months ago
I would have used ax as dragons are generally considered "heavy" types but a spear works too. View More
Road to the throne · C15
10 months ago
Reading Status: C10
Extremely well written and an interesting concept, the stability of updates is great so far. The story and character development are good we really see the story moving forward at a decent pace. The world background so far is pretty bad but it's to be expected only 10 chapters and all, however, it sets up an interesting world for the MC to explore. View More
Reborn as a Indominus-Rex
10 months ago

mmtf: i was actually enjoying some of these. its a shame :(

End of the Magic Era · C102
11 months ago

Adelasorra: How about instead of a harem have him hook up with several girls through his journey till he meets his final wifr? This way you satisfy those who want multi girls and also allow for the mc character to develop romantic maturity and depth.

11 months ago
Impressive work ethic View More

FluffyCotton: Update everyday besides Monday, or when I'm too sick to even think

Blood Apocalypse · C19
11 months ago
Blood Apocalypse · C19
11 months ago
Wait am i an idiot or did anyone else think the cat was a kid? View More
My Hero Demon Academia · C3
1 year ago

HasaDigaEebowai: Use grammarly and please fix the synopsis

One Piece Ultimate : My Legend · C1
1 year ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Demon Lord's Reincarnation · C59
1 year ago
ALL NUDITY IS TASTEFUL!!!!!!!!!!! View More

Dank_god: Invalidated with North Korea,Beach episode aaaannnnddd Tasteless nudity

End of the Magic Era · C44
1 year ago
honestly they are both great do whichever one you think you can stick to View More
*Hiatus*In Naruto as Op Orochimaru with a system. · C0
1 year ago
I had a dog named Rocky View More
Life Hunter · C124
1 year ago

Pashtun: I've read more than a few hundred Naruto fan fictions, and almost all good self-insert fan fictions. The idea this novel uses is pretty unique. Reincarnation and the system? No. But the plot of the novel is the first I've read.

Now, the novel has plot holes the size of giant stars, but it ain't trash. It's a fairly interesting novel if you bother to read it.

Greater Than Gods: Chojusen Akimichi [Complete: I'm On The Job Editting~ This Is What I'm Suppose To Write, Right?]
1 year ago

BrightDawn: Oof! I'm Riperoni.
I'll do better next time~

Greater Than Gods: Chojusen Akimichi [Complete: I'm On The Job Editting~ This Is What I'm Suppose To Write, Right?]
1 year ago
not enough 7 sins fan fiction (yes i know i am trash) View More
1 year ago
Did you change the title? View More
*Hiatus*In Naruto as Op Orochimaru with a system. · C13
1 year ago

dadadada: Op Dark Mc and slave harem but mc shouldn't be anti-man type.

*Hiatus*In Naruto as Op Orochimaru with a system. · C0
1 year ago
I always loved orochimaru glad someone else does to View More
*Hiatus*In Naruto as Op Orochimaru with a system. · C0
1 year ago

LuckyEnough: Who hurt you mate?

Life Hunter · C3
1 year ago
I just thought that View More

Darkdelusion: Saiki's brother has made an entrance😕😕

The Daily Life of the Immortal King · C25
1 year ago

Darkdelusion: Saiki's brother has made an entrance😕😕

The Daily Life of the Immortal King · C25
1 year ago
Wow no sh!t Sherlock View More

TheBurningGoose: Rape is a no go.

Hail the Ant King · C22
1 year ago

Immortal_Potato: Kakarot + Raditz =
A. Kakaditz
B. Rakarot
C. Raditot
D. Kakaritz

Broly The Saiyan of Legend! · C106
1 year ago
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