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KING_AL: This novel is the definition of “if you’ve seen it once you’ve it a million times”. There’s so little originality that it’s honestly shocking how it’s so popular on here. The only logical explanation is that the people who can read this and actively enjoy it are people who have barely read any chinese LN, maybe like 3 or 5 tops. The cliches are so rampant in this novel even I feel second hand embarrassment for the author. It’s literally one of the most predictable novels I have ever read. If you think something is gonna happen then it definitely will. Idk how this could have even been fun to write? He has added literally NOTHING new or original. NOTHING! If you think another arc where the Mc has to hide his identity is coming then guess what your correct! If you think a time skip is coming than guess what, you won’t be disappointed! It’s honestly sad that this novel gets so much attention when actual original content doesn’t. He couldn’t even break the 3 year time skip limit that most of these LN authors seem to keep as a standard lool. If your looking for unoriginality, boring side characters, boring plot, and overall disappointment than look no further “God of slaughter” is the LN for you!

God Of Slaughter
3 months ago

Kaluk: Really boring novel overall. The characters are forgettable, the Mc is not really a "GOS", the world building is not interesting, i found myself sighing and skimming through chapters a lot. I expected an average novel with some fun fighting and that's all, yet the fighting is lame and the powers of the MC are underwhelming. I was amazed because I came with little expectations and still got disappointed hahaha

God Of Slaughter
3 months ago
Well, its still speculation on ZX's part. If he took their treasure and turns out it was jst some sort of misunderstanding, how would he explain himself to the jiang clan? Thieving other people's thingys based on some unconfirmed hypothesis would cost him great shame if it really turns out to be a misunderstanding. Plus he's the patriarch of the lou and zhang clan so he isnt really in a dire need for resources. View More

Executrix: Instead of just visiting the library, as most formations are no longer capable of stopping Zhang Xuan, why doesn't Zhang Xuan break into the Jiang clan's treasure vault and bring everything he can take to help him cultivate? If the Jiang clan really betrays humanity, there is nothing wrong seizing their assets. On the other hand if they have no evil intention, they can get their treasure back.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1637
4 months ago
And i must say that if li yibo and pan lin retire somewhat for their 'a bit to inadequate knowledge' bout d game, id recommend d Ye Xiu and Wei Chen duo. Just imagine the comedy the audience would get from that 'couple' haha. View More

Byakuei86: thx for chapter
this freaking Li Yibo really didn't leart ah "a mere Ye Xiu?" really this dude should retired from commenting... even all god concur that this dude is so damn troublesome and shameless but he a mere commentator dare to comment like that XD can't wait for the face slap to happen

The King's Avatar · C1586
4 months ago
Sorry for the late reply translator-sama😹 i have multiple accounts thats ive only read this.An honor to me for answering my question. Back to business.
I thought the amulet wouldnt have the seniority here since the amulet was created by KS. And since KS was a peer to Qiu Wu, he wouldve the seniority, not to mention a peer to KS. Wouldnt that mean addressing someone a peer to KS, the amulet is also a peer to KS and not his master? View More

StarveCleric: The amulet was decently respectful to Ancient Sage Qiu Wu.

Calling him Qiu Wu Zi is an address intended for peers. It would have been disrespectful of the amulet was a junior of Ancient Sage Qiu Wu, but it wouldn't be if they are peers.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1605
4 months ago
I can understand the amulet not giving much respect to ancient sage ran. The not so logical thing here is that y do the same to qiu wu? Isnt he Kong Shi's PEER, someone recognized by KS himself? What a mess... View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1605
4 months ago

GigaScout: Did you need help with yours, i don't have much time either...

Library of Heaven's Path · C1407
5 months ago
I wonder how people in this novel are still alive? In every chapter you can see 5 or more people getting shock always. If its me i'll be foaming in jst one chapter😹 View More
Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God · C1325
8 months ago
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