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Either way it doesn't matter.
I could explain it but it's too long type.

All I could say it's common human behavior to the people in power.
If you get this clue and come up with explanation well n good if not just ask one of your friends who is good at reading people or someone smarter. View More

David_Carty: Didn't he say he wasn't going to hide his strength man this is stupid he needs to show his real power how does he not know that people will bully you if they think your weak

Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C17
2 months ago
If he killed 1 he'll have to kill hundreds if not thousands.
If he killed that many his dream to become womanizer will be boring as every woman will lower her pant due to fear of getting killed.
What's the use of living such life of womanizer. View More

ONE_ABOVE_ALL: The bro should have just cut this bastards head and send it as gift to queen😑😑😑😑

Fourth Prince's Debauchery · C16
2 months ago
Bcuz he needs to buy tools so then only system will help in that issue View More

FourEyes: Why the system is only advantage for the MC, nothing given for his army because his army strength is barely average and even his trusted subordinates still weak, he can't dominate the world like that alone.

World Domination System · C150
2 months ago
Yeah but don't add them back to back View More

Piokilek: Would you guys like some chapters to be made from harem members POV? Like Nuwa, Tianshi, Xiao Wen? It would be interesting. Share some thoughts. <3

Spirit Cultivation · C410
2 months ago
I don't know why you wasted a chapter on explaining shadow clone jitsu n it's limitations.
People are smart especially those who read kingdom building or political novels thus they can connect dots easily so you need to use only 4-5 sentences to describe skill. View More

KillerHemboy: Derived concepts apply, so basic concepts can be carried over. Problem is, it would be impossible to keep it to himself....it's the main reason he's being cautious and only using roundabout topics like the honey trap which cannot be copied easily. I'll be explaining this soon in a chapter too

World Domination System · C123
2 months ago
His mom dressed him like girl...lol View More

profane_pheonix: Can you please stop making him look like a girl...it’s getting weird

Rebirth of A Dragon God · C16
2 months ago
Or maybe there are women with dicks...lol View More

MJAgo: How the hell they don't know anything about child birth and stuff like that 😂😂😂 then how the hell did they get born , maybe Storks bring them 🤣🤣🤣🤣

Rebirth of A Dragon God · C5
2 months ago
If you want the speech that will really riled up crowd or make them feel dread you should watch Code Geass. View More
World Domination System · C72
2 months ago
18 means you are ***** by law not by mind.
I still see people in 30s act like they are still teens. Totally irresponsible. View More

GedonistOver: I totally agree, he was 18 or so years old in previous life, yet he acts like a child of 9-10 years, irritating

World Domination System · C62
2 months ago
Our MC is naive, he thinks Guy n Girl fall in love, marry and live happily together, but he forgot abt shi*tload of drama(or say entire novel) in between falling in love n getting married or getting married n live together happily. View More
World Domination System · C57
2 months ago
Best villains are Sousuke Aiizen, Light Yagami, Johan Liebert and that fking sh*it kyubey.
Lelouch can't be true villain as he is more like Antihero. View More
World Domination System · C36
2 months ago
My bet, he will go with red and gradually become crimson or gold View More

rgtor: Pls let him show his crimson potential to everyone

World Domination System · C33
2 months ago
He has system not his parents View More

BigBootyLover: Hate when they hide their abilities. You have the chance to step into a new stage with resources and help your family even more.

I understand the whole enemies lurk in the shadows but come on. You have a system. You can hide all your powers

World Domination System · C33
2 months ago
Cat also feel comfortable when wet... View More

Reached_The_Apex_: A lot of things can be comfortable when wet.

World Domination System · C31
2 months ago
Virgins are like that...
They say they are totally fine seeing naked woman but when actual moment strikes they came faster than bullets....lol View More

Zemophobia: Why is he blushing from people having ***? He was a grown-ass man that had access to the internet (he was able to read LN's and stuff after all). There is no way that he didn't whack it to some online ****.

World Domination System · C25
2 months ago
Bcuz all kids are taught same martial arts.
Only Danny's one is different View More

Trek: Why hasn't his talent gone up yet? Also, why didn't get lots of new techniques from observing the tournament? Even low-level techniques used by kids are still different techniques which would be good for ghost simulation.
Also, the system is really weak, it couldn't even hide the energy body from others even after spending 3 months worth of all resources on it.
At any rate, mc shouldn't spill his secret, he can just say he found some inheritance, some of his blood dropped into an item and the item got sucked into his body.
Thanks for the chapter~

World Domination System · C16
2 months ago
I don't remember why he still kept black talent? View More
Spirit Cultivation · C319
3 months ago
He wouldn't allow his friends and women to get hurt.
But all his friends are women(except for drakos and tailor) and some of them even became his women...lol View More
Spirit Cultivation · C318
3 months ago
Subdue Nuwa and Wen, solve Wuyings problem and we are good to add new girls/women....hahahaahahha View More

Piokilek: She need to handle the business properly and run it smoothly before that.

Spirit Cultivation · C317
3 months ago
He always complains... So I am guessing he has some kind of OCD. View More

Piokilek: I explained why she did it, cmon. If Mc knows he will be save no matter what he does, it will change the way he think and we dont want that. :(

Spirit Cultivation · C315
3 months ago
I really don't know why but reading this chapter was cringy.
Like XF making pio a spy(not saying pio is wrongly blamed) it was so cringy to read as it's not in XF character to make someone public enemy.
I mean he isn't cunning. View More
Spirit Cultivation · C311
3 months ago
MC of novel not knowing many things despite having best resources is pretty much a cliche. View More

Wb11: I really don't like xuefang being played.. Like he has got every thing best.. But still he doesn't know about many things.. And again that pio and those fate holders should be ended soon. I don't like that lady as well thinking of using xuefang and his woman mostly elf Queen.. So better author fix it soon.. And this pio should be done for in this battle.. Will be glad if author cam listen to us.. Rest is up to maker

Spirit Cultivation · C311
3 months ago
Are we on the dawn of the new forbidden fantasy of The GILF, The MILF and The Daughter...!!!? View More

Anax90: Dream of aunt being added to harem. No rush for it to happen but damn shed be a nice addition. Also she seems more of a milf than Nuwa.

Spirit Cultivation · C303
3 months ago
No I want husky View More

feIix: Like a huge golden, flying golden retriever?

Spirit Cultivation · C301
3 months ago
You want author to kill himself..?
Lol View More

Alakabam: Plea #2 for author to have Pio die the cruel death he deserves at Xuefeng's hand. Thanks for the chapter as always!

Spirit Cultivation · C298
3 months ago
It's just kissing
Not like they are using dildos or straps to satisfy each other.
It'll create less trouble for mc if all of them become closer and give him space to seduce other beauties....lol

I personally like lesbian stuff, of course one without toys involved. View More

Venser: It’s lame of me but I kinda dislike when the girls in a harem seem to enjoy each other just as much as the MC. It’s a messed up opinion for me to have, I know, but it’s hard to change it D:

Spirit Cultivation · C297
3 months ago
I read this after reading Spirit Cultivation and I for a second imagine Xuefeng shoving cucumber in his ass......ugh. View More
I got Possessed by the Tentacle God (R-18) · C2
3 months ago
Why are you concerned abt main wife thing, when XF said he'll love them equally... No one better than other. View More

MJAgo: In my opinion nuwa is already a mother and our mc is his second man while other girls are different and our mc is their first and last man so considering this Tianshi deserve to be the main wife because of her devoted love for our mc in both worlds...

Spirit Cultivation · C279
3 months ago
I don't like bcuz of her cravings...but act itself is not gross.
It just that she lost herself while sucking and takes too much. View More

Vishapakagh: I'm with Nuwa. The vampire is suspicious and I also don't like the bloodsucking stuff at all, as its kind of gross...we'll see how this turns out.

Spirit Cultivation · C278
3 months ago
Dude how could you do this!!!!!!?
These white lotus sect ladies are super lonely.
XF should give them love just like Zhang Tie from Castle of the Black Iron did... View More

Piokilek: Just put it into the novel that you enjoy more. ;) I'm not so petty to feel bad when someone is doing better. I make up for it with hard work. I rarely miss an update so my promise is much more believable.

Spirit Cultivation · C276
3 months ago
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