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DiptiAgrawal: Finally the retribution I was asking has now started...
Both her ex husband and her mother will go hysterical now...
Her mother is now kind of crazy screaming her name...my Xinxin my Xinxin
What will happen to these two people when they will actually get to know that the person who they hated and tortured her to death almost was the most innocent and pitiful girl.
And that 🐩 Yixuan is not dead but alive and enjoying her life with a guy. How will Chu Lui react when he will know that Ruoxin is with a humble n handsome doctor and that doctor loves her n treats her very well??
Moreover...he have a daughter who he left behind to die and that doctor saved her n dotes her like his own daughter and darling little princess.
I'm gonna enjoy seeing Lui suffer....

Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities · C348
6 days ago

iHeartYou: I don't like miss Su I think she's annoying

Elixir Supplier · C627
2 weeks ago
Hahahahahahahahaha, I have never laughed so hard. My goodness hahahahaha View More
Divine Physician, Overbearing Wife: State Preceptor, Your Wife Has Fled Again! · C191
3 weeks ago

Yun_Qian_Meng: What happened between Tianya and Guan Meiyi was due to Meiyi's family telling her that Tianya's man was predestined to be her husband. Meiyi's mother, aunt, and Tianya's idiot half sister complicated matters. Meiyi was snarky and petty, but she never endangered Tianya. Tianya as a character is just, not petty. Karma has nothing to do with this. The author has Meiyi suffering out of proportion to her crimes. Don't be like the bints who bash the good girls and get face slapped later. Get off Meiyi's case because your aggression is out of proportion to her sins, and Tianya will only ever judge what went down between the two of them. Tianya punished the mother, aunt, and stepsister so why root for Tianya to debase Meiyi further? Tianya settled her scores do get your foot off Meiyi's throat. You're being the angry mob and it's not a good look. Do right. Think right. Be right.

Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive · C453
4 weeks ago
Glad you are back View More
The Villain's Wife · C366
1 month ago


Young Master Mo, Are You Done Kissing? · C190
1 month ago
Hahahah, my hand was shaking when I saw the update because I know there will be a face slap. Am so excited. View More
Mr Fu, I Really Love You · C352
1 month ago
Isn't this a harem? Why is it censored? View More
Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C715
1 month ago

varsharajput: WARNING SPOILERS.........
I had read upto 200 chapters previously...For those who don't like the male lead and r wondering if he will change, yes he will n it won't take long before he understands qingsi is not what she portrays herself to be...he would investigate abt her after which he started feeling bad for how he treated her and would start making amendments.....there's no love at first sight...tingfeng gradually falls for her which is quite satisfying.....he even said that he will give her everything that she wants but she shouldn't put herself in danger constantlybcz of her revenge which qinsi denied,she wanted revenge n she would take it herself...there was inner monologue where qinsi thought to herself she has always been on herself alone there was no one for her ever and now she has grown so accustomed to being by herself that she doesn't dare accept any warmth from anyone, she just can't , she is afraid it won't last forever.........
earlier qinsi wanted to make tingfeng fall in love with her just to make use of him..her goal is still the same,she just wants to play and make use of ML..... she doesn't has a single romantic bone inside her...she is independent she is a badass..which we don't really get to see in Cnovels.....
As for tingfeng he just wanted to bed qingsi but fell in love with her...there's a lot of chemistry guys..in terms of romance this novel is lot better than others...u can feel how tingfeng fell in love with her started treating her differently all of that aside,there's a lot of comic relief too...
Mrs (yuetingfeng's mother) caught both of them in bed together...it was so funny..qinsi deliberately provoked her...Once bcz of long history of stomach problems qingsi had to go to hospital where she met mrs.yue(tingfeng's mother) qinsi was naturally looking very weak n pale ..mrs yue asked her why r u here..to which qinsi said for abortion...she had to abort tingfeng's baby bcz he didn't want the child...which created a huge misunderstanding..mrs yue cursed her son n fought with him...mrs yue even calls qinsi "little goblin" that's what i read in raws...which is quite funny...qinsi always riles up mrs yue...
U guys can decide for urselves if this novel is worth reading or not....i think it is...

Ferocious Boss: Hubby, Let's Get Married · C18
1 month ago

memstar3420: Spoiler alert: ML won't help the little girl at the last moment. Though FL again goes for help to her mother again, she is being kicked out again even at the last moment and then, unexectedly that doctor comes to rescue who finally enters in FL's miserable life as a ray of hope and they finally stay together where the ML b**tard learns the truth of his real love. Everyone wants FL to forgive them including her mother but she reacts less because she already gave up when they refused to help her little girl on her deathbed.

Love in the Midst of Mistaken Identities · C253
1 month ago
My goodness what a cat fight, I laugh so hard. View More
The Bumpy Road of Marriage: The Ex-Wife Is Expecting · C25
2 months ago

XiaoReiChan: "@everyone

Hello! It's Arria. Just want to let you all know that I'm OK now and feeling so much better. Still a little weak but that's to be expected given what happened.

I'm currently on break from active writing in order to rest but I'm organizing my stockpile a little bit each day to make them presentable. Hopefully I'll feel better soon because I'm itching to write again and resume HGWS. However, health is important so Arria needs to be a good kitty--cough cough--I mean I need to be a good girl and focus on resting.

Anyway, if I continue to get better in these 2 weeks, updates will resume sometime in the first week of November. Or I could release some of my stockpile at least. We'll see how it goes. Nothing is finalized yet. I'll let you know when I'm sure I'm well enough to start regular updates again.

Thank you very much for your get well wishes and your continued support! I really appreciate you all!"

- Arria via discord 😊

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C560
2 months ago
Can I have the link please? View More

STPromi: Finally!!!!! 😍🔥💖
I've been waiting for a long time for this chapter after reading the raw with the help of google translator 🙈🙉🙊💭

National School Prince Is A Girl · C871
2 months ago
Thank you so much View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C322
2 months ago
Me too, me too am shipping them, My Jin is a womanizer,is time for mother_in_law to be happy. View More
Handsome CEO's Darling Wife · C733
3 months ago

blueberryhaze: Keep up the constant updates so us addicts can get our fix and avoid withdrawals

The Legend of the Dragon King · C1296
3 months ago

NaWei: I mean the old foggies like Lu Zhou because he is smart ya..and also cause Lu Zhou is able to produce amazing discoveries no? I don't know how it's getting disgusting though...

Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C174
4 months ago
Who said there are dangers in Africa, have you been there before? Come and see your country men hungry for our gold and timber here in Ghana. You better tone down on your racism. Africans are the most friendly people you can ever meet. View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C117
4 months ago
Why is it one chapter today, please if you are trying to entice us you will ruined a good story. Thank you View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C144
5 months ago
Oh OK,thank you. View More

Dominicfullbuster: Yeah
They all are in his harem😉😉

God Of Slaughter · C1618
5 months ago
Can you please tell me what happened to XIA xinyan and Si's love story why was he together with Zi Yao? View More

Dominicfullbuster: It's finally over. This was one of my best novels I have ever read. The ending was a letdown but still I loved the story
This story had a MC who didn't bother about being righteous or following the rules. He was brutal, bloodthirsty and swallowed other people to strengthen himself. The concept was very good and I hope I can see another novel with this setting
Lastly, I was very unhappy with the way qidian treated this novel. The release took almost three months and reading 35 chapters took me almost 300 ss, greedy bastards

God Of Slaughter · C1618
5 months ago
I like your novel and all,but could you not use God's name as a joke. It seems you don't fear anything. View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C136
6 months ago
Thank you so much View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C133
6 months ago
Thank you View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C40
6 months ago
I love their conversation, do you know what you are doing?
I do
Its called raping isn't it? View More
The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses · C201
6 months ago
Mass release View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C131
6 months ago
Yeah,mass release View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C39
6 months ago
Thank you View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System · C38
6 months ago
Thank you so much View More
Rebirth of the Godly Prodigal · C117
6 months ago
Thank you View More
Legend of the Mythological Genes · C129
6 months ago
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