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xKiNgxSaMx: That’s for that chapter, really enjoyed it. Also a slight correction to your reply to another reader, danzo is strong yes but he is far weaker than hiruzen. To the point that he is afraid to fight him. As long as he doesn’t have that cheat arm then several ppl in the village could kill him rather easily

Uchiha's Butterfly · C34
2 days ago
Anyone else feel like there is something wrong with the time line one year to Naruto's birth the war is still going on no mention of minato becoming hokage or his marriage to kushina (that was a secret but since they were close friends they should still know about the marriage) no mention of obito's "death" (considering they were friends it seems important) and there is also orochimaru still being part of the village anko's marking also I have a hard time believing that all that happens in a single year View More
Uchiha's Butterfly · C26
2 days ago
Or he's jealous that Alexandra got joichiro's D and he didn't 😂 View More

Weirdo: Or the mom just kick his butt so much that he didn't even stand on the elite ten..So he just become the clicge standing behind wall in the dark back ground while his mum group stand on the stage...

Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C112
4 days ago
thats debatable since we have no idea how advanced the culinary world is in his old world View More

brady_123464: Alex should be better than tsukasa.... especially if he went all out

Food Wars: The Golden Hands · C107
1 week ago
definitely odin View More

TDDG_fan: Best line...[Are we doomed to remain Oppai and Butt dragons?]
I cant decide is mast R more like Issei or Odin?

How to Survive in The World of DBZ with Fragmented Memories · C2
1 week ago

Peak_Plot_Armour: This is seriously just getting dragged out for too damn long he says he won’t hold back but what’s the VERY NEXT THING he does is hold back and all this overly exaggerated side chatter that’s just fucking pointless I’m just gonna stop reading for a few weeks and see if this stupid arc ends honestly the arc was interesting at first but the author has dragged it out to long that ive lost all interest in the rest of it

Playing with other Supernaturals · C181
1 week ago

Obito_Tobi: i honestly grew tired of him hidden his strength for nothing even after saying he will go all out he still play the weakass character this make it boring all the way extending things just for what just to show him liking to play weakass and coward character

bro i liked this first but now it grow boring with no action at all

Playing with other Supernaturals · C181
1 week ago
knowing white crane he/she would definitely buy senior whites bath water probably pay 9th grade spirit stones for it too View More

Mr_Jiaoxia: Would white crane buy Senior whites bath water?

Cultivation Chat Group · C1114
2 weeks ago

Stenone: Shuhang: How to find the method lost in time...?
A second later
Shuhang: Who is that elder who is falling in my house ?!

Cultivation Chat Group · C1111
2 weeks ago

reyou_leo: Something that is lost for eons never to be found? A SSR item that rng-esus denied giving you? Have this problem caused you to lose hair thinking about it?
NO WORRY! We have the solution! Presenting Senior White! With the appropriate price(life threatning event), senior white can find you what you need or more!(considering you manage to live).
Call us at 1-800-tribulation space. And bring immortal food to improve your chances of him blessing you.

Cultivation Chat Group · C1111
2 weeks ago

wahlfire: We actually read those authors notes some times

Playing with other Supernaturals · C178
2 weeks ago

CrispyNoodle: No bully the snek D;

Playing with other Supernaturals · C177
2 weeks ago
sure if you don’t care about diarrhea or possibly vomiting not to mention the various other possible issues View More

NewbiMainAccount: i never eaten expired food but it cant be that bad right?

How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories · C80
2 weeks ago

TDDG_fan: Uncle Azazel, your the BEST!

How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories · C76
2 weeks ago
good luck hope you find a new place soon View More
How to Survive in the World of Campione with Fragmented Memories · C0
3 weeks ago

Rakha_Kun: If you added Naruto then,why not shinmai maou testament too there are few fanfic about that.

How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories · C64
3 weeks ago

Narcox: good to know is not dropped
i hope you have a happy holidays

Pokemon - A Mystical Journey · C272
3 weeks ago
i see a lot of idiots in the comments section just because the original story is a harem doesn’t mean that the fan fic has to be one also not to mention he has already said that the main character would only have two wives View More
How to Survive in the World of Campione with Fragmented Memories · C24
4 weeks ago
just make her op we want her to be able to have challenges not breeze through life View More
Uchiha's Butterfly · C18
4 weeks ago
are you sure you want to use the jogan as the dojutsu there isn’t much known about it afterall View More
How to survive in the World of Naruto with Fragmented Memories · C0
1 month ago
a classic joke View More
How to Survive in the World of Campione with Fragmented Memories · C21
1 month ago

Peace12345: I hope this doesn't change him. We don't need some edgy, broken, or mad MC.

How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories · C56
1 month ago
the only people i can think of is the shika and cho of inoichi’s team (just shika if cho is still hospitalized) or makoto possibly kushina or minato but the one that would make the most sense since he also has a team and is guaranteed to be near konoha is orochimaru View More
Uchiha's Butterfly · C15
1 month ago
kill under someone else’s control i like itachi and would like him to have more relevance than sasuke’s reason to get stronger View More
Uchiha's Butterfly · C13
1 month ago
i liked this side story 10/10 think it’s worthy of having a spin off View More
Naruto's Chat Group (Naruto X Cultivation Chat Group) · C42
1 month ago

CompleteNoob: There was once someone who also kept tying the things you do and I am ignoring it.

So I would like to ask you it is good to have suggestions but please don't type them in a manner that I might perceive it as a "Request" instead of as such I will ignore.

I am certain I have already said: Apart from the Peerage the MC will only have two wives that is not part of his peerage. And this will not change, this is not me being scared to affect the Canon but me thinking that the number of girls he has is already amazing and there is no need to collect a mansion full of girls.

P.S.: Don't you realize, the more women join the less some will appear? I am quite surprised how some keep asking for more girls but don't realize this fact, it's not me doing it intentionally but there is at times no room for their suggestions at all and causes them not to appear on some chapters.

Hope this clarified things for you

How to survive in the World DxD with Fragment Memories · C52
1 month ago

Shoto1003: Hmm, as expected of Kisuke, treating the situation coldly. He intends to "abandon" Medusa in order to save her, probably he wants to remove the monster or the curse she has and try to reincarnate her. I hope Medusa is not very upset. I think Kisuke will kidnap and poison Athenas and do you think so?

Playing with other Supernaturals · C164
1 month ago

Reisgem: Ty for the ch, I'm missing urahara x Sona interaction already xD

Playing with other Supernaturals · C164
1 month ago
i hope it’s itachi that is my 2nd favorite naruto character View More
The Sharingan Hyuga · C128
1 month ago
considering they aren’t threatening him but his friend not to mention he is 15 so even if he is a campione no one will take him as seriously as you seem to think they should View More

Archerion: mc is weak ,, has the power of two gods but a small gangster dares to threaten him .. mc joke

How to Survive in the World of Campione with Fragmented Memories · C16
1 month ago
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