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Its also a place for that girl to pick flowers View More
MAZE - The Endless Quest · C54
3 days ago
Very cool View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C305
1 week ago
So cool View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C302
1 week ago
Wow, the fact that my suspension pf disbelief held through that speaks for you talent as a writer. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C301
1 week ago
Yuri would completely ruin the tone of this story. This is a horror story, not a romance. I like it that way. View More

wiggin5421: No thank you.

Evil Goddess System · C52
2 weeks ago
Good story View More
Evil Goddess System · C52
2 weeks ago
No thank you. View More

Dankurodo_PlotGod: Now we just need some yuri. Nothing major, just some kissing ans slight romance? I'm only saying what's on my mind, there aren't many good, not dropped yuri novels on here...

Evil Goddess System · C52
2 weeks ago
I am glad Mindy wasn't saved by Remian. I feel like that would be a big setback in her growth as a character. View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C300
2 weeks ago
3 chapters instead of 4!? Oh the horror. Lol no biggie. Thanks for letting us know☺ View More
MAZE - The Endless Quest · C44
3 weeks ago
I hope this gets picked up again some day View More
Lady Cultivator · C356
4 weeks ago
Good story. I like how the characters have distinct personalities. View More
Villainous · C60
1 month ago
To be five when all you had to do to gain a friend was ask. View More
The Petite Dungeon Explorer · C17
1 month ago
Isn't everyone's growth logarithmic? Her curve is just twice as high since 3 skill points->6 skill increases. So doubled growth is probably fine. View More

Perizou: True, but logarithmic growth doesn't roll out of the tongue so easily.

MAZE - The Endless Quest · C4
1 month ago
I love how the mc's greatest strength, the even distribution of her stats, plays into her biggest weakness, her insecurity of not being good enough. She is afraid she will be a drag on her team because all of them have something the excel at whereas she is a jack of all trades, master of none type character. View More
MAZE - The Endless Quest · C33
1 month ago
If the cost is increasing then it is more logarithmic growth. View More
MAZE - The Endless Quest · C4
1 month ago
She is like a child. When you can't achieve your dream, you either come up the the next step towards your dream, or find something new to strive for. I get being upset a few months, but 5 years? That is a bit over the top. View More

Groffind: I did feel a little bit with the Mc here :D nobody would want to not be able to achieve his or her dream, it is a dream after all xD

MAZE - The Endless Quest · C2
1 month ago
Every time I start to think i am board,a chapter like this comes.**** View More
I was Born the Unloved Twin · C85
1 month ago
Learning an instrument is not torture. Its fun. Sure is a lot of hard work and tedious at times, but it is also fun. View More
I was Born the Unloved Twin · C79
1 month ago
Ptsh Every transmigrator knows this stuff. View More
I was Born the Unloved Twin · C55
1 month ago
They publish whatever crap comes out. Go for quality not quantity View More
I was Born the Unloved Twin · C2
1 month ago
🙌 View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C290
1 month ago

Fourth_Magi: That last bit, with Chirpy in it, made me smile. Just a bit 😏

Kingdom of the Weak · C290
1 month ago
Gulp View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C289
1 month ago
I would rather quality over speed. View More
NoGift · C192
2 months ago
Hang in there Mindy View More
Kingdom of the Weak · C288
2 months ago
Its a bit unsettling, which i think is the intention. I think you got it about right. View More
Evil Goddess System · C24
2 months ago
Don't write from each perspective. Tell the entire story from one or two characters pov. Maybe with an occasional interlude from a different one. It makes things less confusing that way View More
NoGift · C182
3 months ago
I guess I do not understand where you disagree with me on morality. I think doing anything to survive is a reasonable response to this situation(Clark from the tv series The 100 is among my favorite characters because she does whatever it takes to survive). I harp on morality here because the mc harps on it. As far as good stories, 'Kingdom of the weak' is decent on this site. The characters feel more like people. Outside of this site, The King Killer Chronicles is amazing. It is a great book series. Enders Game and the rest of the Ender Verse is not so black and white if you like sci-fi. To me, if you want something good, get a book. the quality bar is much higher. I only read web novels because I have a problem that is solved by one chapter coming out at a time. View More

RainbowBeheader: Yup, + the main char is boring as fk, i am considering drop too
I was more on the bad/good and what not
I am absolutely not behaving with perfect morality
But if i was in this world i would do everything to survive, thats why i dont like when someone says it was good/bad bcs humans cant have the same morals in the world with monsters vampires dragons...
Do u have any recomendation about novel where mc isnt such pussy, other side characters arent for making mc great and where everyonebehave like they r alive and not in eastern novel?

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C81
3 months ago
Think about your own life. Do you always behave with perfect mortality? Now apply that to a situation where your life is at stake and you are constantly making life and death decisions. People sometimes make bad choices. Not everyone has the luxury of being able to survive without doing immoral things. I would go as far as to say most people who do bad things are not bad people. The world isn't so black and white. If you put a person in a different situation, or give them a different upbringing, they will make very different choices. The Fox's story lends itself well to a character who had to learn to backstab your supposed allies before they backstab you. The author decided to just make her into a horrible person instead. It makes the story boring. The black and white nature of the story is a big part of why i stopped reading it. View More

RainbowBeheader: No i mean ur bullshyt about not all ppl who do bad things are bad ppl
If u start with bad/good its just hypocrisy
Yeah it can be applied in human world, but in fantasy with thousand different races?

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C81
3 months ago
Wow, so you're arguing that killing someone in self defense is immoral? You must think the mc is the worst. View More

RainbowBeheader: Nope, if u do bad thing? From what moral perspective? Or evolution?
The fact for example is that if u kill, it doesnt matter why bcs u did bad thing from human moral perpective. U can only lessen your degree of guilt, for example when using self defense

Reborn: Evolving From Nothing · C81
3 months ago
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