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Moloxiv: With a heavy heart, I like to report that I am either going on a long hiatus or write on weekly basis for this novel. (Mass release per week perhaps?)

Unlike my characters who were full of zeal, confidence and motivation. I currently have none of those in me right now. I had been doing this as a second job for a year (Yeap, its been nearly a year now.) While writing has its moments, it had drained, tired and weaken my body a lot. I given up a lot of my free leisure time for this but I did not regret it a single bit.

So right now, I feel I need to rest, perhaps lesser chapters a week than the usual six/seven. But If anyone is wondering, it is not because I do not have ideas. There are a lot to go on. The attack of capital hidden instance , the deep one instance, Lynn new food idea, the portal device, the new storyline for goblin instance for New Game+ mode. (there is still the temple in the Goblin Forest that no one had touch yet.) ,Ruby Rats fiasco and many more.

And technically, I had already fulfilled my contract terms with web novel and I can stop at any time if I want but I know that some of the users had been following me for months. The emotional investment for the book is there, not just for you but for me too. However, I figured if I push myself any harder, the only emotions I have is dread and hatred for the book I dreamt of creating.

Another reason would be the monetary incentives. It had not been all that great for the past months or so. Effort vs reward wise, it isn’t balanced and I know that if I go into hiatus, it will get worse. But I just need a break from all these.

Perhaps, with a long enough hiatus, my hands and brain will be itchy enough to write again. Till then, sorry and thank you.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C367
7 months ago

TheCityCouncil: So, winter break has finally begun. I’m happy to say my exams went well and I’m satisfied with the projects I submitted.
I can finally get back to writing ✍🏻 at least until mid February when school starts back up. For those of you enjoying the story, sorry to have kept you waiting, but this is after all only a hobby to me.

I hope you all enjoy this chapter, and I plan on wrapping up this adventure before the end of the break.

Megalopolis · C44
10 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Seized by the System · C1
11 months ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Lollipop View More
Number One Dungeon Supplier · C1
11 months ago

2_07: Here are some map that I found that really helps, not all the mentioned places mind you but still handy. https://i.imgur.com/IaE0wPa.jpg https://i.imgur.com/nw1hZeM.jpg

The World Online · C565
1 year ago
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