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He should upgrade his comm or what did he study stealth techniques for? View More
The Mech Touch · C1137
1 day ago
Then the Mech Union comes and they give it to them as gift. View More

Technoviking: Ves needs to have a talk with his grandfather and tell him about his design philosophy. I think he would be all in for giving away his spirituality in order to pretty much turn all of the Larkinsons with his approximate speciality into expert candidates.

He might not have something on the level of Quilanxo's fragment, but it could work if the starting quality is better than C+

The Mech Touch · C1137
1 day ago

Hnn17: this novel is familiar, definitely read it last year

The Eternal Supreme · C1
4 days ago
It can also be taken when having menstural problems. View More

Malcolm_Massey: 😆 You do realize contraceptive is birth control right? So what other affects are you talking about?

The hypnotizer · C8
1 week ago
The pill for example isn't only for birth control. View More

Malcolm_Massey: Thanks for the chapter. But Julia taking birth control makes absolutely no sense. Her husband died a long time ago and she had absolutely no intention or interest in having a relationship with any other man. So there would be no reason for her to take it. I hope she does eventually stop taking it so she gets pregnant.

The hypnotizer · C8
1 week ago
The change is to sudden especally because the MC said that he would take it slowly. They should be suspicous about their reaction. View More
The hypnotizer · C5
1 week ago

dthgfd: The finance stuff is horribly weak in this novel

Talking about revenue like its profit and conflating per unit expenses with fixed costs.

Sell 100m. Material 60m. Split 3:1. Marketing 10b.

Therefore 1000 mechs just to break even on the marketing. And that doesn't even appear to account for any normal costs like labour.

The Mech Touch · C1110
1 week ago
That's what's nice about this novel it's not just MC this MC that. View More

salem277: Way too much focus paid to mox and his chick, also weird how he adresses his lover as sister.

Warlord of Chaos · C91
1 week ago

Dank_god: It has instructions on how to properly thrust your sword into someone

Nightmare's Call · C8
1 week ago

shelwyn: First he dreamt of touching a woman and taking off her clothes. Now he's dreaming of red walls and a mysterious hole? Hmm is this a wet dream after all??

Nightmare's Call · C5
1 week ago
That's nothing new for this novel. View More

_minty: A whole chapter about buying a pistol...Exlor, just time skip these things

The Mech Touch · C1103
1 week ago
Thank you for the chapters. While I don't enjoy your history chapters as much as the story itself, write what feels right. View More
Rise of House Falken - Harry Potter Fan Fiction · C78
2 weeks ago
MC is just stupid. No wonder he is crying over all the people who died in his last life because of him. View More
Master of Legends · C11
2 weeks ago
Hey, good progress from the naive Krune to the little less naive Krune. View More
Is that a Wisp? · C76
2 weeks ago

Blasphemer: He really needs to stop putting off the mind arts,first rule of transmigration/reincarnation,always keep your secrets secured.His mind has probably been read by the vampire already plus the lord.

Reincarnated as Theodore Nott with The System · C7
2 weeks ago
The story is good but you should show more of his strenghs or plans. View More
A Harry Potter fanfic - Magical me - Technical scholar & the magical world · C7
2 weeks ago
For methe story flow it's okay MC is a little naive but not to much. View More
A Harry Potter fanfic - Magical me - Technical scholar & the magical world · C2
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C586
Over time the plot of the story slowly dropped from five stars to one star. It's just like the author doesn't know how to continue the story with how many elements don't contribute to the storys progress.

The story stagnates over 200 chapters and nothing really new happens. View More
The Mech Touch
3 weeks ago

Sinfish: I originally enjoyed this novel quite a lot, leaving about a 4.4 rating.
But by chapter 300 I felt the novel was more like a 3.8, and by chapter 360 I feel the novel is a 3.0

The story is split between mech design; how his mechs perform in combat; the MC running a mech business, the MC leveling up to become the ultimate designer/billionaire businessman/man of society, and the MC blindly running off into suicidal adventures every now and then. That's listed essentially in order of how well the author writes them.

As the world expands, many glaring weaknesses arise. People are strangely interested in killing the MC, but he takes extremely poor precautions against danger and makes practically no attempt to discover the mysterious factions in the dark attempting to assassinate him. He survives essentially by plot armor, yet repeatedly dives back into danger with little protection despite ostensibly being a successful businessman with no interest in involving himself in violence.

Worse, the novel originally puts itself out as a system novel, but as the novel goes on, it becomes evident the author has minimal interest in writing a system novel, and it becomes the worst kind of system novel; operating almost purely as plot device and deus ex machina rather than the MC cleverly using a unique advantage he's been given.

People who hate harems will be pleased to discover that Ves Larkinson, young multi-millionaire, is not only uninterested in romance, but is completely asexual because he has essentially no interest in other human beings, with his closest companion being a pseudo-intelligent robot cat. He has no lovers, no business partners, and only the most superficial of friends. There are plenty of named acquaitances, relatives, and rivals to keep track of, but without exception, the MC brushes off any entangling feelings he might have so that they're no stronger than the concern you might feel for that kid you sat behind in 5th grade whose name you forget a decade ago.

It is fortunate that the MC has the system, because it is frankly unimaginable that he could survive more than 2 months as a going concern with the business decisions he makes. Appallingly, the author tries to make you feel perfectly reasonable suggestions older and wiser businessmen than him make are immoral or beneath the MC. The author's grasp of running a business is pretty poor, which is problematic when you're writing a novel that is about 1/3rd about a mech corporation.

Speaking of the system, it is obvious that the MC repeatedly make poor decisions in his "skill tree" and expenditures in his system. What's really irritating is that the MC as the author's voice makes terrible justifications for his decisions that essentially insist they're smart decisions, when they're so blatantly not.

Perhaps due to his incredibly poor use of his cheat system, the author must make the MC go gallivanting off into the wilderness on adventures, whereupon he always profits tremendously for being stupid.

Inexplicably, the novel's universe uses cultivation novel tropes where technological spread is essentially non-existent; while humanity rose to greatness by reverse engineering alien technology scattered across the galaxy, lower tier human civilization is completely incapable of reverse engineering higher tier human civilizations and nobody ever wants to make a profit by selling technology even though the galaxy is rife with independent corporations. Even if you teeth-grindingly can accept this, one of the basics of the novel is that secretly, cultivation legit exists, in that experts in mech design, mech combat, and presumably a wide range of other disciplines can have massive gains through basically concentrating real hard and feeling one with the Force, yet this has failed to become common knowledge throughout the galaxy. The MC accesses it through the secret method of thinking really hard about his artistic concepts, and thinking super hard when crafting his mechs by "hand" (actually through a computer interface using automated robots but whatever), all of which has real, quantitative effects on mech performance, yet somehow, society has never noticed this.

Fundamentally, this is as ludicrous as nobody ever discovering you can achieve a higher free throw percentage by keeping your eyes open, as it's a basic feature of the universe.

Anyway. Starts off good, gets worse. and worse. and worse. Don't say I didn't warn you.

The Mech Touch
3 weeks ago
The Larkinson family is really useless, no wonder so many people leave it. View More
The Mech Touch · C513
3 weeks ago

SorcererCat: All this crap from the author giving away every part of the MC's company is infuriating. At no point should the MC ever have sold off any section of his company. He made it all work. None of these people ever did anything to help. In fact all they have done is try to take advantage of him. Now he doesn't even own his own company. Is the author trying to royaly piss of his readers? I have already 2 to 3 times walked away from this LN due to the author giving away his company and letting these schmucks run rampant with it.

The Mech Touch · C513
3 weeks ago

yeeeharrr: Benjamin Larkinson is a snake.

The Mech Touch · C513
3 weeks ago

Meowhead: I think he is just naturally very observant and cautious. He has been since the start. Imagine if he followed the advice of commentors way early on and went straight to that mountain range he kept hearing about.

Lord of the Mysteries · C768
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Potion View More
Birth of the Demonic Sword · C366
1 month ago

Zephonix: I wanted him to join the something Forest :(

Supreme Uprising · C17
1 month ago
Chapter makes no sense View More
Supreme Uprising · C12
1 month ago
I'd say in such world crippling could be worse than death. View More

kuropon8: You have to realize, he isn't really a clan member of that clan. He doesn't really have a stake in the fight, he is going there to help out due to his moral values as in he doesn't want to see people get killed.

Unfathomable Patriarch · C44
1 month ago

Daijena: To be fair, it may seem not related to the story, but sometimes a normal calm chapter like this can be really nice~
I Enjoyed imagining a blushing Harry with the girls teasing him ;3
The only time it bothers anyone is if it's not a 'slice of life' style story and there are to many of such scenes. Example 10 chapters relaxing 1 chapter action. In that situation people would most likely complain.
Though I wouldn't~
Because all I need is a readable story with nice characters~
(Only story's I don't read: Edgelords mc, idiotic romance ((Who'd love a creepy stalker?)) and cultivation story's because simple backstabbing everyone, being arrogant from from living and erasing family's cause they breath the same air is never enough((like seriously how have they not gone extinct yet?)))

Harry Potter, Sovereign · C14
1 month ago

dracon: If I was him I would rather go for the inheritance. If he goes after that ship, they will just meet people from utra nation and the danger is definitely worse than the inheritance. The inheritance is a low danger high income target. Lol

Birth of the Demonic Sword · C362
1 month ago

Nirvanic_Sun: She can tease him, but don't let her push him around. I'm honestly disappointed in you though. You pulled some bs pokerface out of your butt, but as soon as a pretty woman shows up it goes away. He had better get used to her teasing fast. I don't want to keep reading about a virgin that gets constantly flustered

Unfathomable Senior · C41
1 month ago
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