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I can't wait for more! View More
Witch's Journey · C41
22 hours ago
This story is really intriguing. I'm happy that I found it from your summoning the Villain story View More
Witch's Journey · C38
22 hours ago

Thisntme: Cliff makes you want to throw enough Androids over it to make it not a cliff anymore.

Dark Star Survivor · C207
2 days ago
Does it really matter what place? So will Shiro be 'missing' for the full time of the Trial from the Outside perspective, or does Time flow differently inside the Trial as well? View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C115
2 days ago
Well if it was made by the Ad Mech, try some Holy Oils, Prayers and if that fails, the Rite of Percussive Maintenance View More
Dark Star Survivor · C206
4 days ago
Alright Viridi, hunt and eliminate all of the Noble's remaining soldiers, don't leave any loose ends View More
Dark Star Survivor · C203
1 week ago
Hopefully hunting the Sister View More
Dark Star Survivor · C202
1 week ago
I think (just a guess mind you) that as far as Rhode had experienced in the Game, the Festival was always in the Golden City, but this was not the case prior to the Game's timeline View More

Afiat212: isnt the midsummer festival will be held at Golden City in the first place? in chapter 259 Rhode asking Shauna to prepare everyone to go to Golden City ! what is this inconsistency.. or did I missunderstood something

Summoning the Holy Sword · C285
1 week ago
Excellent. Noble is prevented from coming back from Death, and Zoey solves the communication issues. Can't wait for more View More
Dark Star Survivor · C201
1 week ago

GreatSage_Master1: Go on

The Hunter Academy · C33
1 week ago
Does that 200 include Announcement Chapters? Anyway I look forward to more of this story. Keep up the good work! View More
Dark Star Survivor · C200
1 week ago
Need more Chapters View More
My Sister The Villainess · C42
2 weeks ago
Not in Canada... View More

fredom: There's two airports in the nearby big city, you can probably fly from one to the other for under a hundred

The Record of Unusual Creatures · C34
3 weeks ago

well I'm pleasantly surprised that I was wrong about who the Woman was. And now my wait continues View More
Dark Star Survivor · C190
3 weeks ago
I'm pretty sure that it's the recently released Demon sister from the Rellen family View More
Dark Star Survivor · C189
3 weeks ago
Now we need more Chapters... in other words, get Writing!

I kid, I understand that it's not as easy or simple as that, I just really enjoy the story and never seem to have enough of it to read View More
Dark Star Survivor · C188
3 weeks ago

FlavorTown: a decision i think most of us expected, but interestingly implemented(throws power stones)! now you just have to hope you can balance it correctly XD .

Dark Star Survivor · C188
3 weeks ago
Could integrate both. It's more about finding a balance. You can't be pure destroyer all the time. Diplomacy does have its place, the trick is being able to tell when and where is appropriate. Going pure of either route just won't work without some ridiculous plot armour View More
Dark Star Survivor · C187
4 weeks ago
Now I have to wait again :( View More
Dark Star Survivor · C186
4 weeks ago
I'm eagerly waiting for Cornelius's backfire when he gets destroyed/driven insane by the Horrors from the other Universe in Zoey's mind View More
Dark Star Survivor · C183
1 month ago

RPGrinders: There is a hamster and now 4 penguins!!! LOL!!! I'm dying... they seem similar to the four penguins in Madagascar... anyway good job OldMan for the awsome reference... intentionally or not... LOL...

Monster Invasion · C12
1 month ago

uryx: Totally stole the penguin's identities from Penguins of Madagascar but ok

Monster Invasion · C12
1 month ago
I suspect that the Hollow eye Woman is what is left of the Seeress, hence helping the Asurai View More
Dark Star Survivor · C182
1 month ago

Hajime1234: Like this comment if you think Shiro should go the Yuri route or stay single

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C69
1 month ago
I find this unwillingness to kill the Noble to be unbelievable. I can appreciate the "Killing shouldn't be the first resort" approach, and can also appreciate trying to develop the Villain, but you're going about it all wrong.

1) Zoey has ample evidence that this guy won't quit, so her internal struggle seems a bit forced. She should be willing to get rid of this guy, to avoid the Stress of dealing with him down the road.

2) If you want to develop a Villain, having him live because the MC has a moment of weakness, (and it is a moment of weakness when it's been proven that the individual won't leave you alone down the road. Different from sparing a foe who is no longer a threat.) is not the an ideal path. Far better to have the Villain escape due to their own capabilities instead, as it better emphasizes the Villain, rather than detract from the Hero.

Otherwise I am enjoying the Story, and looking forward to more. View More
Dark Star Survivor · C172
1 month ago
300m is Medium engagement range... 100m or less is close, and 500m+ is long range engagement. You might need to revisit how close that Sniper was that he needed Binos at that distance View More
Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C65
1 month ago

Wijohn: Turn around...
Every now & then I get little bit nervous that my cultivating years have gone by
Turn around...
Every now & the I get a little bit terrified & then you use your flashlight eyes
Turn around bright eyes!
You're an ugly monkey but you're cool
Turn around bright eyes!
Sorry my friends tried to kill you!

I Might Be A Fake Cultivator · C122
1 month ago
I wish more Chapters could be as long as this one was. Great Story, please keep it up! View More
Dark Star Survivor · C171
1 month ago
So they just left the baby unattended in the same house with a Cat that has previously tried to eat her? View More
The Record of Unusual Creatures · C154
1 month ago
Eagerly anticipating it View More
Dark Star Survivor · C0
1 month ago
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