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I'm sensing a ship between cowardly rabbit zombie and "scary" human 😁😍 View More
Zombie Sister Strategy · C726
1 day ago
I really wanna in game kill that ugly 🌹 chic a few thousand times til her personality is fixed View More
Haven Online · C95
4 days ago
😭😭😭 I'm not crying wind just magically blew dust in my eyes from outside 😭💔 View More
I was Born the Unloved Twin · C67
5 days ago
Long Hui will throw Aoi at their future baby to watch over so that he can spend more time with wifey View More
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C252
1 week ago
Maybe Consort Leopard 🐆 will agree with his delusional father-in-law after all he got whiplash himself from seeing Boss smile so he can also be considered deluded into seeing her as gentle View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C696
2 weeks ago
He's using her past tricks against her 😂😂😂 View More
The Evil Consort Above An Evil King · C1906
2 weeks ago
The couple suits each other, they are both cradle robbers. In the beginning he was a way ancient ancestor to her young age and now she's "older" and he's an adorable boy View More
The Evil Consort Above An Evil King · C1881
2 weeks ago
So, like mother like daughter. Both go straight to beating up Daddy Ling View More
It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C695
2 weeks ago
I wonder if that female bard played snail song before bed festivities, or during bed activities View More

Jin_Daoas: snail song: 'created by a female bard because her lover was always over-eager in bed...takes 50 sta per use'
hahaha, what the heck is this suspicious backstory? i got cramps giggling

Haven Online · C69
1 month ago
She's being an 'undercover boss'....it's a good way to see the true sides of her workers View More
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C216
1 month ago
Yes, over priced family discount haha 😂😂😂😂😅 View More
I was Born the Unloved Twin · C59
1 month ago
So true. Their enemies will be going for the kill and 250 will just laugh it off as a mere flesh wound not worthy of dying over View More

Anjiii: We're gonna see the birth of the most vicious, brutal but united mecha clan that history would ever see. 250 is definitely gonna make a comeback with Ling Lan as the Head. 😂 When people are screaming from pain from some attack, 250 is gonna be like, "What's pain? If that is painful, you have never suffered real pain...*cues the flashback of the Hellish training and Shiyu's medicine* " Thx Henyee! :3

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C671
1 month ago
His act showed dedication towards gaining points nothing cheat like about that. View More

Ixcamik: I'm not convinced that what the mc did was cheating. It definitely went contrary to what the teachers wanted, but I don't think it constitutes cheating. The students were put in a dangerous situation in order to test their character. It took the mc three days to figure out that it was a test at which point he acted in a way to leave a favorable impression with the teachers. Which they believed for a while and fought over who got to recruit him, after it was decided one teacher revealed that it was possible that mc knew it was a test, at which point teachers are upset and declare that he cheated. Sounds to me like they were angry and embarrassed that they fell for his act.
To me cheating would be someone telling him ahead of time that there would be a test, and he then uses that knowledge to do better. Instead mc used his intelligence to figure it out, some hints may have come from the autobiographies but that wasn't mc exclusive knowledge any student could have read those if they wanted to.
The clues the mc used weren't the only ones, if they had Time to think more people would probably figure it out, such as why did all of the weak students survive but none of the stronger teachers? How come no students died surely they can't be that lucky? And the last monster that showed up out of nowhere.

A World Worth Protecting · C4
1 month ago
Is it sad that the relationship between mom and daughter remind me of my relationship with my mom, especially when I was in elementary school. Heck even now 😅🤔 View More
A Pampered Wife’s Notebook · C8
1 month ago

WinterAngel: I say this before women are scary, I'm a female and honestly when ever I read or watch a tv show or movie with females act like this I feel worried cause I know it's a possibility. Hell I use to have lots of girls around me and saw how they treat one another and men so I drop them, I can count the amount of girls I as close friend on one hand and only one is really close enough for me to tell her things and still I don't give info that are way important to me.

Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C190
1 month ago
I can deal with the age gap 😆 View More

Sha_Ami: Physically 17 but mentally around 20-21

National School Prince Is A Girl · C818
2 months ago
I feel like future hubby is gonna be angry at his mom and older sister 😅 View More
Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief · C241
2 months ago
Yes bed scenes...I'm so happy
But should I worry over age difference 🤔🤔 Nah View More

Sha_Ami: The 1 chap/day torture is here. 🤣🤣🤣

Lemme add more to it. For less than 2 weeks (novel based timeline) there will be 5 Bed Scenes of MoJui. 😜😜

National School Prince Is A Girl · C818
2 months ago

Sha_Ami: The 1 chap/day torture is here. 🤣🤣🤣

Lemme add more to it. For less than 2 weeks (novel based timeline) there will be 5 Bed Scenes of MoJui. 😜😜

National School Prince Is A Girl · C818
2 months ago

magarlin: A little spoiler for guys. 😁😁😁

After the winning the game Qin Mo was informed about the AIDS-case made by the fake Z in a mall. While Bo Jiu was also in disguise (dyeing her hair into black) with the help of Hoshino, in order to capture the suspect and "teach a lesson" the fake Z.

After the case solve, Qin Mo will handcuffed Bo Jiu with him and what happen next is the moment we all anticipated for. The SEX scene!😍😍😍

Qin Mo to Bo Jiu in His Bed: "do you know the best way to compare size???....to put it in, let you have a good taste of its size"

Kyah!!!! Hope you like its guys!😘😘😘😘😘

National School Prince Is A Girl · C818
2 months ago
Forget slapping her, just forcibly marry her off to that slag man who won't take no as an answer View More

bluemoon2020: The mc need to teach that girl a lesson 👿
the mc is so passive when she is going to slap that🦟

Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C168
2 months ago
I love it 😍😍😍 "My mess is your mess and your mess is your mess" 😂😂😂 View More
Honey : The Empire's Treasure · C198
2 months ago
So Long Hui disagrees with wifey killing him cause her being a widow is no good...so is it ok for him to be a widower or would he follow her in death 🤔🤔 View More
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C164
2 months ago
Long chapters are the best😆 View More
Lucy Reborn · C68
2 months ago
Hubby and his bed skills 😂😂😂😂 View More
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C155
2 months ago
I think that if she schemed such an act then she herself should fall in that plot as well to understand the full extent of why it's bad to do View More

Am3lia: Even bough I am extremely against any kind of sexual assault. I can’t help but agree, she needs to learn a lesson. A woman should never issue an order for another woman to be sexually violated especially gang raped. So to me she isn’t a woman nor a human. Don’t get me wrong I fully understand her motives behind what she did and why. I just think that as fellow women we should have compassion and empathy towards each other even if we are enemies. Ordering the men to beat her is fine, but adding the order to rape isn’t. Now if they chose to do it on their own that’s also different. But she is scum. Also the men need to be castrated. 😁

Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C154
2 months ago
Smart plan, have a group of guys attack the girl in the martial arts club 🙄 View More
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C153
2 months ago
Sons will steal away all Mama's attention hence Wifey not show him enough love 😉 View More
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C152
2 months ago
Agreed child care is a job in itself...I mean yeah it's great cause you get to see the baby grow and accomplish stuff but it's very tiring. And I'm not speaking as a mother but as an older sister that gets stuck babysitting from 8-6 five days a week for my now eight month old sister only a few more years to go before Pre-K 🤗 View More

little_pengwings: And I'm super agree with Lena.
If Lena and Kris married, why Lena need to work in the office ?? I mean her husband is super rich, if she wants to help her husband she didn't need to work. As a woman and wife, the right things to do is take care of her husband and the children. Come on, their family didn't need the wife to help with financial issue right ? 😆

It's not that Lena being lazy, being a fulltime housewife is really tiring too. Take care of the babies and your husband, need a lot of efforts. People said when the husband and children unhealthy the mother will take care of them. But if the mother fell sick, the one who take care of her is herself. Which is mean being a housewife you must be stronger than everyone else.

Second Lead Syndrome: A Second Chance · C229
2 months ago
💞💞💞 View More
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C148
2 months ago
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