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Looking back at my comment it does sound a bit sarcastic...it wasn't I was genuinly intrigued that he/she thought that the horny ones here on this app are the BTS people. Bruh, take a look at the fanfiction comments.

-Add raven, goldfish, thermostate to harem please ;)
-Tnx for chap...Bottle X MC please XD
-MC should not be in a relationship...just make him sleep with everyone

I kid you not this is what I see everytime I go into the comments. I've never read the Jook fanfictions so I don't really know if its that bad or anything but it can't be worse than this. View More

Troll_Fox: Stfu bts loving *****

Can all you fucking bts kpop and jook fans stop spamming the fanfic area · C1
2 months ago

Oniichan_Thickskin: You wanna enjoy the real WARZONE?! Join the United States Marine Corp you maggots?! ... *cough sorry, got to make this reference... been involved in almost every wars since World War 2. Good job btw.

WARZONE: Modern Warfare in a Fantasy World · C1
4 months ago
This book has gone further than I thought it would. View More
Marvel's Agent Belova · C8
4 months ago

Igpl: *salutes*
L. L

WARZONE: Modern Warfare in a Fantasy World · C0
5 months ago

Gh0st: .......... Really? Well i wont read your Harry Potter story. That might go hiatus

Marvel's True Demon · C7
5 months ago

GunnerGod: I like these types of MCU stories but this may sound like I want you to change the story but I just want you to think about it. 1. The mutant ability i believe that it should not be op it should be something that fits is current skill set like enhanced nerves to were he can dodge bullets but not for long. 2.The SYSTEM I believe you should make it so he can only get coins from missions and that the shop only sell information about the future plot of the world but not at a cheap price. These are the only thing I would like you to think about because I find that character development and a slow to medium strength progression is better that becoming OP to quickly and this only my opinion but stories that have the MC become to OP very fast become quite boring really quick. THINK ABOUT THESE SUGGESTIONS 🙂👌

Marvel's Agent Belova
5 months ago
Reading Status: C4
Not bad. I guess.

Writing Quality: [4/5] There isn't a lot of errors I can spot. There are a few but it isn't so bad that I couldn't read it. The scenes could be a lot more descriptive but the approach to the character is pretty good.

Stability of Updates: [3/5] It's pretty stable on how many times it updates, but there was a 4-5 day wait where there weren't any chapters. Again, the author didn't give us a weekly plan or anything so I might be being a little harsh.

Story Development: [5/5] It's really fast in the beginning, like the first 16 years, but it slowed down. A lot. There is two chapters of him talking to Agent Fury and Natasha. But I like it like that. It doesn't feel rushed. It might be slow, but it's always constant. Some parts are just a bit too short though. Like the action scenes with the guards.

Character Design: [4/5] The character's not bad but I don't see him being very consistent. He's always changing. Maybe that's the point of being a spy though. Always changing your thoughts to react to different situations better. Think from different angles.

World Background: [...] I don't really have anything to say about this one. It's the MCU world with a bit of changes. So far the MC hasn't been alone and explored the world so this might change in the future.

The reason I put everything as 5 stars in the actual grading is because of some Jacka** who posted a one-star just by looking at 2 chapters. I'm trying to break even so...here I am. My real opinions are already said on the review though.

All in all a 4.2 for me. But you should check it out yourself. See if you like it or not. View More
Marvel's Agent Belova
5 months ago
So he's an assassin...is there a system? View More
Marvel's Agent Belova · C2
5 months ago

GGMissFortune: Honestly pukeworthy. Writer gives the protagonist a system based on desolate era cultivation and then nerfs it to $hit tier. Don't fking write a crossover fic and underpower one verse because of "balance" reasons. This ain't fking league of legends boi.

Ascending the Heavens in Marvel
5 months ago
Dang, this is a pretty good ending...I thought that anna would kill him to end it but...wow View More
Hitler Führer - RtW Comedy Fanfic · C18
5 months ago

snatts: Thnx...
i Almost Died Laughing‎‏ xD

joooooohn cenaaaaa

Hitler Führer - RtW Comedy Fanfic · C18
5 months ago
Anna is also reincarnated! Is this RTW sh*t or made up? View More
Hitler Führer - RtW Comedy Fanfic · C17
5 months ago

Axcart: Has no BS herem or dum AF mc, good novel

Worst novel (do not read this) · C1
5 months ago
... View More

Kinoro: Update on story status: The current story of "The Perfect Specimen" is on pause while I write my other story as a way to implement everything I have learned writing The Perfect Specimen. You can expect the new story to be uploaded sometime in March 2019. Thank you everyone for your support and look forward to the best I have to offer currently.

The Perfect Specimen
5 months ago

Kinoro: Update on story status: The current story of "The Perfect Specimen" is on pause while I write my other story as a way to implement everything I have learned writing The Perfect Specimen. You can expect the new story to be uploaded sometime in March 2019. Thank you everyone for your support and look forward to the best I have to offer currently.

The Perfect Specimen
5 months ago
Tnx but...are the chapters getting longer or is it just me? View More
The Icy Superhero · C4
5 months ago

Godlyghostwatcher: Hmm interesting I looking for an ice powered mc

The Icy Superhero · C2
5 months ago
I've heard about a person getting iced out but...woah View More
The Icy Superhero · C1
5 months ago

Glasir: Sup bitches, hey author, please don't make a harem. Like harem is for losers yeah, lol. If your reading this brad, FUCK YOUR HAREM SECT and your over-priced chicken strips!

Hero-Villain System: In the Marvel universe. · C0
5 months ago
Dude...ur really going at it with the chapters


I wanna see the witch waman View More
Hitler Führer - RtW Comedy Fanfic · C16
5 months ago

KiBiBiK: Damn author, how many jokes are you planning to make from the single RtW chapter. Let's see how Hitler meets Anna.

Hitler Führer - RtW Comedy Fanfic · C16
5 months ago

ultimate_boredom: A modern day cultivation novel with a system will be the apt description of the novel. The protagonist is a lazy person who tried to live comfortably in the increasingly dangerous world. Thankfully, he has a hard-working system to live securely. The relationship between the two is symbiotic and their interaction is funny. The novel's glaring flaw is the nationalism and racism like in many CN novels. If you can survive that, the novel is really enjoyable.

Seized by the System
5 months ago

YuZa: Finally it's been translated, I really love this movie but I was forced to read Machine translations, I could still understand the plot and story but it still cause me some headaches after lol.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System
5 months ago

MysteriousGodMan: Prediction, One of the godly omega cultivator will play league of legends, the time he lost his iron promos will be the day when the city go red

Black Tech Internet Cafe System
5 months ago

Kimochi_Warui: finally this novel has been translated HAHAHAHAHA... this synopsis alone is enough for me to get hooked!!

-Chill and mature protagonist who tries to avoid stupid fights and cares of nothing except his video games
-Story tries its best to avoid the endless cliche that is known as a cycle of revenge of everyone and their great -ancestors wanting to kill the MC for some stupid reason
-EARTH VIDEO GAMES IN XIANXIA WORLD (and apparently this isn't JUST a xianxia world)
-XIANXIA WORLD PEOPLE ENJOYING SAID VIDEO GAMES and turning into addicted gamers
-A large variety of video games

In a distant world, there is an Internet cafe.

This Internet cafe has a very high fee and there is no network management service. Each customer can only play 6 hours per day.

The owner of this Internet cafe often plays games on his own, allowing the customer to be self-contained and closes the door when service time is up. The store entrance sign clearly indication "if you'd love to play then play, if you Don't, leave."

This cafe occasionally sells Sprite, Haagen-Dazs ice cream, chips and other snacks, but everything is at an astronomical price.

Crazy right? Will someone like this Internet cafe?

I'm sorry, this cafe has even rejected the invitation of the emperor on several occasions. Now it is a booming Marketplace!

A certain martial emperor shouted in front of the cybercafe: "You have to enter the gates of [Blizzard], you shall have no regrets!"

A beautiful immortal stands in front of the cybercafe crying! Having just finished playing [The Legend of Sword and Fairy]

Two sect Masters and their clan are venting their blood and hatred in a healthy game of [cs:go]

The seductive demoness just learned how to turn people into animals from the [Harry Potter] movie series.

The gun obsessed young master of a certain clan has successfully built his own pair of Ebony and Ivory from[Devil May Cry].

The demon ancestor just ran over a prostitute in [Grand Theft Auto 5], the police are hot on his tail.

The boss quietly pulls out the god sword he got from [Zhu Xian] TV series and points it to the sky

Boss: "you can go ahead and give your love to the outside world and support the people who live in dire straits. Just leave us alone so we can eat our bags of spicy chips, chew on buckets of instant noodles, sit in front of a computer, and play games in peace. The outside world will be beautiful because of you."

Thus, the everyday life and joys of the internet cafe.

All this started from that day "Resident Evil" was introduced to this world.

Some games introducin are.
Resident Evil, cscs:, Diablo 2, Grand Theft Auto V, Starcraft, Dungeon Fighters online, Assassin's Creed, Devil May Cry,
And many many more

Black Tech Internet Cafe System
5 months ago
This fan fic kinda makes me want to check out RTW View More
Hitler Führer - RtW Comedy Fanfic · C15
5 months ago

Kaiserius: Once I saw that it is a chinese supremacy novel, i stopped. This kinda novel always spoils the reading enjoyment, a waste of word counts and makes you only feel disgusted. A bit was fine, but when too much, it just spoils it, like when you add too much salt into a supposed delicious bowl of soup.

Legend of the Mythological Genes
5 months ago

BadGenuis: How tf this novel have 4.2 ratings if the review I ever read is about this novel being lame and racist?
You can't even trust ratings anymore. I hope qidian would stop spam reviews and only let one review per account in a particular novel. Exp in reviews are not helping.

Legend of the Mythological Genes
5 months ago

Glasir: Hopefully we get to witness the fatty. I hated the trope at first but now it kinda grew on me.

Zhu Bajie(JTTW), Sima Kong(PBS), Jin Dabao(IMDC), Old Fatty Li(RFIW), ect.

These bitches grew on me.

Fury Towards The Burning Heaven
6 months ago
"Is there something on my face? "

Is he handsome? Is that what happened? Or are they shy because he is in a position of power? View More
Hitler Führer - RtW Comedy Fanfic · C14
6 months ago
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