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  • Force Of Paradox

    Force Of Paradox


    Add Paradox An orphan without family died from a terrorist attack When he died he met a goddess called Amaya who told him about his origin when she tought him what he need to know she sent him to another world than his world A world of magic and supernatural powers ــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ the characters wil have some differences from the original characters It's my first novel so there will be some mistakes help me to fix it please. my first language isn't English so there will be some mistakes too, help me in that too if you liked the novel then give it your votes,rates and your reviews please ^_^ release rate will be random but i will release day=chapter if i can Thank you


SHE IS A YANDERE. Don't understimate the yanderes. All of of them have world destroying ways. THEY ALWAYS HAVE. View More

loveosu: Ah yes, thank you.
But I don't think our char here will ever have that problem. He is not Hajime, therefore, he can just kill Kaori if she snaps and plan to attack him in any way.
After all, everyone in his eyes is just NPCs

Arifureta: Commonplace Gamer, Strongest in Other Worlds · C3
1 month ago
He accepts anything she says.
Plus, he is always afraif of her when he remember her past or when she punishes him.
He is terrorized by her too.
And he proved the worst thing that happened in his life is when his wife fell in love with him when he was young because there was girls that had crush on him.
He said that period of his life was a living nightmate for him.
Because of his wife. View More

loveosu: If I remember correctly, Kaori's father is alive and fine. He appears with his family during the 'returned home' arc. He has no problem with his wife. Again, this is just according to my memory.
Can you kindly reminde what's wrong ?

Arifureta: Commonplace Gamer, Strongest in Other Worlds · C3
1 month ago
Can anyone tell me how can he have Divinity-EX with this trash of stats.
Like really???
He is one of the few true gods that have this kind of divinity now and still this weak???
With this kind of divinity he can beat the hell out of anyone.
The only ones that can face him is a god older than him with the same divinity or with a weapon that can destroy the world when used with it's true power like EA, Spear of destiny and arturia's lance.
Flash news, the strongest weapon is with him.
Longiuns is lost forever.
And the goddess will never fight anyone just for the heck of the moment.
More so if their fight could destroy the world. View More
Transported in an isekai world with his class · C7
1 month ago
First thing, if the mc created gods and started a new age of god, Gaia will benefit from it.
The humans will return to her just like the the former age of gods, and Alaya will return to her again.
And if there is gods, then there is strong humans that can start a new age of heroes that will benefit Alaya.
Their hostility for the MC is without any reason. View More
fate of a MAGE (Fate:stay night) · C20
1 month ago
Will Hassan scold (Hassan edition) him? Lol View More
Transported in an isekai world with his class · C5
1 month ago
Excalibur was a last phantasm created inside the core of the Earth.
So, your backstory is duper duper good. Lol. View More
Other Dimension's Knight · C0
2 months ago
More updates View More
Plus Nine(BNHA x Worm) · C1
2 months ago
2 Lumina View More
Arifureta: Commonplace Gamer, Strongest in Other Worlds · C5
2 months ago
Man, Kaori is cute, yandere but cute, by the way she will have a mental break down if H ignored her for a long time, and will do what her mother's did to her father, she is crazy so don't think every thing will be ok if the MC ignored her, it will worse View More
Arifureta: Commonplace Gamer, Strongest in Other Worlds · C3
3 months ago
With his first wish, his body doesn't have any limit now.
Soo...he became a sayian without the tail. Loool View More

LIX: Shittiest wishes I have ever heard of, he's like a weak version of Midoriya.

Reborn in MHA · C1
3 months ago
He is on his way to become Saitama, lol. View More
(Dropped) Re: Boku No Toraburu · C7
3 months ago
Regrowth can revive any dead being before 24hours from the being's death.
He used it on the dead soliders and his sisyer when she died at okinawa.
That's why he was called the Devil of Okinawa View More
The Irregular In ATG · C1
3 months ago
You know that by giving him Kaleidoscope you gave him endless source of magical power, right? View More
Dropped story v.1 · C0
3 months ago

Broughtwaorld: Continue

(Dropped) Boku no Toraburu · C0
3 months ago

Nirvanic_Sun: Option 3:It doesn't even matter that she's a loli.

Blue Blood in Gensokyo · C10
3 months ago
I thought he will take selfie with the T-rex when he saw it :D lol View More
Ascending the Heavens in Marvel · C2
3 months ago
Couldn't they wish for him to be an author as big as the world lol View More
Ascending the Heavens in Marvel · C1
3 months ago
No ntr View More
(Dropped) Boku no Toraburu · C0
3 months ago
It's not oneshot, right? View More
Legend of the Wrought Iron Hero Emiya Shirou (blade of humanity) · C1
3 months ago
The content has been deleted
Chikao's Chronicle · C0
4 months ago
Get all the girls
Lol View More
Lust Incarnate · C8
5 months ago
Give him the ultimates View More
· C8
5 months ago
Save Mana And Inori View More
Reborn with the power of the king and a system · C12
5 months ago
All might will have his ass handed to him soon
He should go to gran torino
One troll is better than five View More
My Hero Academia - Journey of Son Goku · C5
5 months ago
Save Mana and don't make Shu a di** like the anime View More
Reborn with the power of the king and a system · C9
5 months ago
Spirit Butterfly is Soft Feather father View More
5 months ago

ElPiwo: Spirit Butterfly is Soft Feather father not True Monarch Yellow Mountain

5 months ago

Cosmic_Sovereign: Take All The Girls!

Swallowing the Heavens and Earth · C2
6 months ago
Ops.. sorry.............................................................Wrong Animevrese lol View More
DXD: Hard to kill · C28
7 months ago

berserksloth666: his original gf should be reborn as soft feather would be really funny

Cultivation Chat Group: Tales of Song Yifeng · C0
7 months ago
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