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I'm of the opinion that there is a huge misconception on tangtang too... He dotes too much on xixi View More

Mohirra: There’s a big misconception about the way everyone is thinking in this chapter. He was just asking about his sister and find out more about her condition. I don’t think his at fault and so but the way Mu Zhichen talked to him like his at fault and blaming him. Everyone sees him like a bad person or what but maybe give him the benefit of a doubt. I don’t think his a bad person maybe he’s slow or even late expressing his romantic feeling for Meili but never doubt the love for your siblings. I just hate everyone is so negative with Tang Tang.

My Beautiful Love · C579
18 hours ago
Xu tang, what happened to him so many years ago, I want to know what changed him so terribly View More
My Beautiful Love · C577
1 day ago
I also feel it's too perfect that it makes it fshy View More

Mohirra: I’m still rooting for Xu Tang! I kinda feel heart broken that they don’t have much of interaction which each other, and things with the new guy he seems too perfect.i feel like everything is moving too fast! I just want to see Xu Tang trying to win her and she gets it decide if she really want to marry someone else!

My Beautiful Love · C574
2 days ago
🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗 are those hugs enough? View More
Fortunately, I met you in this life · C171
4 days ago
😂😂😂😂 better late than never... Her death is here. Good riddance to bad rubbish View More
My Beautiful Love · C569
4 days ago
I'm loving xixi View More
My Beautiful Love · C545
2 weeks ago
Dear author, why don't you tell us what tangtang saw that day many years ago that he was traumatized. Curious cat View More
My Beautiful Love · C540
2 weeks ago
Hope so View More

Mitshiko: Hopefully soon

My Beautiful Love · C530
2 weeks ago
Officially diabetic.. can we have more please View More
No Matter How Long Time Passes, I Still Love You · C82
2 weeks ago
When are we getting rid of the b**ch👿👿👿 View More
My Beautiful Love · C530
2 weeks ago
Unfortunately she thinks everyone is as grateful as her... But that's not the case. If she lost her baby, then it's all her fault for not listening to Henry View More

StanLJP: Honestly, and i doubt that Lihua getting drugged while pregnant is mere slander either. Don't know if i should pity Lihua or curse her for being stupid and not even trusting her own husband when he stated his concerns.

My Beautiful Love · C529
2 weeks ago
What an evil being View More
My Beautiful Love · C529
2 weeks ago
I lost myself here too especially on Lin ye... Did he ever wake up or.... View More

LazyCutieBaby: Yup. No offense Author. I know you wanna spice things up and introduce the next generation but story about prev gen isn't over yet

Esp considering you introduced 2 more couples and left their story half baked

-Lin Lihua and Henry Their marriage wasn't elaborated much esp after Amy's death

-Yuan Xuan : Tyler still doesn't know about his son
-Lin Ye was in coma
- Yuan Xuan doesn't know about his feelings
-Their relationship hasn't reached a concerete place so are we getting another book on these couple... (I think that'd be great)

My Beautiful Love · C515
3 weeks ago
Why did we time skip... A loyal fan completely thrown off here View More
My Beautiful Love · C515
3 weeks ago
Een een.... Well I need my Chen Mu View More
No Matter How Long Time Passes, I Still Love You · C78
3 weeks ago
I'm so happy for her... For them. At least she saw logic View More
My Beautiful Love · C506
3 weeks ago
My my my... Go girl View More
My Beautiful Love · C497
1 month ago
When is Yun jinfeng going to die, such a pain in the ass View More
My Beautiful Love · C495
1 month ago
This is so heartbreaking View More
My Beautiful Love · C492
1 month ago
The mass release was too short is there more? View More
My Beautiful Love · C484
1 month ago
More drama, I'm so loving this View More
Help...My Wife is a Spy · C190
1 month ago
Can't wait View More

Avalorian_: Don't worry, it's being released today but in bits

My Beautiful Love · C479
1 month ago
Where is the mass release we were promised View More
My Beautiful Love · C479
1 month ago
Oh oh View More
My Beautiful Love · C471
1 month ago
Such evil parents View More
My Beautiful Love · C458
1 month ago
Waiting for that mass release View More
My Beautiful Love · C456
1 month ago
In worst possible ways View More

Danap: Her parents contributed to her stupidity.

My Beautiful Love · C440
1 month ago
Wow this drama is not gonna end View More
My Beautiful Love · C441
1 month ago
Who knew stupidity can be inherited😳🙆🙆😨 this one took it a notch higher View More
My Beautiful Love · C440
1 month ago
Don't the Blanc parents realize that Amy needs to be taught a lesson??? View More
My Beautiful Love · C438
1 month ago
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