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Very true. I have a saying that matches this perfectly

"I rather be hated and alive then loved and dead"

Meaning for me as long as your alive you can fix any mistake you made. You can make up with a person who hates you. The dead can't make anyone smile. That's why its our job while we are alive to do it View More

HadleysCrow: For me its better to see your child to die with a smile rather than to die whilebhating you :(

Reaper of the Martial World · C21
2 hours ago
Bleh. Thanks for the long explanation but these people don't care. They judge and stare at characters like they know it all and written them themselves. Forget about telling them anything. They wanna judge and leave let them. People like them aren't worth the time View More

Zelsa: I think you are missing the point. First try to think in the author shoes before making a judgement call. I think personally the whole point was to show the mc personality, particularly his courage and fearlessness to stand up to others. It's similar to the scene in one piece when luffy and zoro were willing to take hits from bellamy crew mates when they insulted their dreams. The goals are clearly different from this mc but their ideology are similar. Both stand up and fight for what they believe in. One Piece is for dreams and this story is to stand up to those who oppress. There are different ways to fight and these two cases the nonagression or willingness to be beaten reveals the mc resolve and determination. Questioning the mc's intelligence or complaining about the bullies is irrelevant. The story has already implied how competitive this school is and the families disposition implies how cruel they can be.

Reaper of the Martial World · C10
6 hours ago
As they say romance is spice of life. I think you simply read bad romance View More

TheDolphin: It’s a easy way to ruin these types of novel. Go to a different novel for Romance instead of a novel with a monster as the MC. Know what you signed up for.

Evolution God · C28
15 hours ago
Someone really doesn't like romance View More

TheDolphin: I had my doubts at the start but the story is definitely getting better. As long as there isn’t a harem or love life then this story will have a bright future

Evolution God · C28
1 day ago
You just started. Their is nothing wrong with that. Don't compare yourself to them. Give it time I'm sure it will be great View More

Cryot0n: Yea, but I know mine isn't as good though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I just enjoy writing something during my spare time

Evolution God · C4
1 day ago
And that's really good so who knows this could be good as well View More

hell_knight: Wait isnt this story basically (reborn:evolving from nothing) but with him being the only one capable of evolving instead of it being a group i mean the system is almost the same

Evolution God · C1
1 day ago
Lizard: enemy attack

*does a pushup*

Lizard: hey baby why don't you come on over *does pushups* see these moves oh yeah. View More

MilkGod: MilkGod's facts: Lizards communicate to each other by doing pushups.

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C165
2 days ago
At least if you train you can beat Brock with metal claw. Misty becomes hard with charmeleon View More

Devil_Hex: It's tough. Try starting Firered with Charmander and don't catch Pikachu in Viridian forest. Misty's gym becomes a hell.

Journey Towards Greatness · C325
4 days ago
This is probably one of my favorite chapters. To Rod screaming at him to Fen misunderstanding to the author cockblocking him to the girl time. Just this was so funny and adorable I couldn't help but enjoy it View More
The True Endgame · C329
5 days ago
I know so. You have a fellow lover right here. You are welcome View More

Tomoyuki: I hope so. Thank you for the encouragement.

Summoner Sovereign · C176
5 days ago
Easy my friend. I know. Just breathe. As long as you enjoy writing it and readers enjoy reading it their is nothing wrong. The many outweigh the few. Think about it like this. For every one person spreading hate two more come and say they love it. Its all worth it View More

Tomoyuki: Why can't it be both? I enjoy writing this story because I like seeing readers getting satisfied by it. If they hate the story and flame me, how am I supposed to enjoy writing it? Would you enjoy playing a game or doing something when everyone constantly tells you that you suck at it and insist that 6lyou should give up? It's easy to say, "just ignore the haters," but it really is not practical. Do you tell someone who's getting beaten up to "ignore" getting punched and kicked? Just because it's mental or verbal or psychological abuse doesn't make it any less hurtful.

Summoner Sovereign · C176
5 days ago
No no. You misunderstand. By for yourself I mean you write because you enjoy it. By for others I mean you write for their satisfaction. As in you may hate it and don't wanna write you keep going because they like it and not you. Its not about hording. View More

Tomoyuki: I write for readers to read. If I don't want anybody to read and enjoy my story, why would I bother uploading it online in the first place? If I'm writing solely for myself, I can just keep the story for myself and read it on my own instead of sharing it online.

Summoner Sovereign · C176
5 days ago
I know. But I also mean in general. Why do you write? I've seen these comments break you down so I was worried you lost your way. Hence my long text View More

Tomoyuki: I was being cheeky, if you get what I mean.

Summoner Sovereign · C176
5 days ago
Tell me my friend. Why do you write? To please these folks? To feed them crumbs like they are birds pecking the ground? Or are you writing for yourself? To feel the joy of the words written out that bring a smile to your face? Tell me why you write. Forget these that bring in hate and toxicity. You stand here before me and ask if you should continue. We cannot answer that for you. Only you can. If you succumb to those that throw poison at you and scoff at your every word then I'm sad to see such greatness fall. However if you look at them in the eye and tell them "I write for me. If you do not like it you can read some thing else. I do not have time for those that do not have time for me" then those that stand against you will fall. Look inside and ask yourself why you write and the answer will fall in front of you. View More
Summoner Sovereign · C176
5 days ago
So do I. Ah how fun View More

AlphaStatus: I always enjoy when a young master gets his just desserts!

Golden Fox with System · C74
6 days ago
I know. I'm surprised but happy to see him again View More

FlavorTown: Damn i never thought we'd see snake again, Nice surprise!

Outcast (Dragon Cultivation series) · C45
6 days ago
Come now it's no fun if we know. The mystery is in the waiting View More

7Setin: Will Riwall and Anna be lovers in the future? Have children???

The Madec Legacy · C30
6 days ago
Continue they are adorable and funny View More

Reili: so should I continue the mini chaps in authors notes or stop them?

Nanomancer Reborn - I've Become A Snow Girl? · C162
6 days ago
It never is View More

Tomoyuki: Not a pleasant memory, I assure you.

Summoner Sovereign · C111
1 week ago
Let's not forget ash and them are complete idiots View More

wheelmann2003: Thats because team rocket is amazing at everything but stealing pokemon and getting away with it

Journey Towards Greatness · C321
1 week ago
Surprised to see this come so early. Looking forward to what you got View More
The Demon in You · C19
1 week ago
I feel like it would be more fun to pay off a bigger player to simply be in disguise. Haha the look on their face when they attempt to rob one of the big people would be priceless. Or maybe send in a person to "have fun" with them instead. Using a bomb is just too simple in my book View More
Guild Wars · C5
1 week ago
Hey hey hey what's with the sadness? Your here now and that's what matters. Who cares if the updates are sporadic you got a life to live and their ain't no shame. Ain't got nothing wrong with the wait time. I love this story so keep your head held high. I don't mind waiting View More
The Death God’s Daily Troubles · C31
1 week ago
I will never understand why people must bully people over the internet. Over people you do not know. Why you must listen to the rumors and the hate spread and why you must feed it your own. I am sorry to hear this actually happened and I pray for the family and friends. Death is something we all must live with but to take it into our own hands is a step too far. View More
The Demon in You · C17
2 weeks ago
I wonder how Julian will feel once Unova comes when ash lost against his first fight View More
Journey Towards Greatness · C315
2 weeks ago
I know I know I dont need to hear the speal. Just be careful View More

CrossArk: Essok

The Blade Keeper · C3
2 weeks ago
Sigh. Brother. You shouldn't encourage them. But whatever gets your writing juices flowing. Just don't get too crazy with the guy View More

CrossArk: The busty onee sans gave me some ideas. 😏

The Blade Keeper · C3
2 weeks ago

YukeliTheAbsolute: My hero academia: Another reincarnation like here

My Hero Academia: Another Reincarnation · C1
2 weeks ago
Reminds me of some of the readers here. Thoth in particular View More

The_Dark_Theme: I am already dont like this....that scientist i meant
And the torture and so on....

The Blade Keeper · C3
2 weeks ago
Somehow I can't help but enjoy when I picture aizawa standing near a fish tank feeding two fish View More
Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic). · C121
2 weeks ago
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