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Thanks for this! Will be looking forward till the end. 💓 View More
Captive? · C11
11 hours ago
Oh no Bai Lian, YOU are not worth it. Hmm but why do I have a feeling that this Mo guy is going to regret his words and get attracted to Huyin. 🤔 View More
Money-Grubbing Lover · C80
1 day ago
Can't believe it's been 5 days when it feels like an eternity from the last update. 😔 View More

Rilexy: Oh great. Another cliffhanger. You're really a pro at this NixxxiE 😫

The Mafia Prince's Naughty Angel · C18
1 day ago
Hmm a new character? 🤔 View More
Money-Grubbing Lover · C79
2 days ago
Yes! Prince Charming is married to the Lost Princess! 💓 View More
Money-Grubbing Lover · C78
3 days ago
It's understandable. Afterall, you still have your own life to live and it's not like you're being paid for this. Or at least not yet. But perhaps, you could've said it gentler or explain it better like what you just did so that we'll understand more. Anw, wish you all the best. Stay safe and God bless! View More
Captive? · C10
4 days ago
Shots fired! 🔥 View More
Money-Grubbing Lover · C75
6 days ago
Oh great. Another cliffhanger. You're really a pro at this NixxxiE 😫 View More
The Mafia Prince's Naughty Angel · C18
6 days ago
Nah, you have an amazing store of ideas and creativity. Hehehe its just that I recently finished the BF and I could still recall some details. Thanks for clarifying! 😁 View More

Tinalynge: Not really I just have no imagination and reuse names all the time :D

Money-Grubbing Lover · C12
1 week ago
Heavenward District? Hmm? Is it the same project Zhou Yan asked from the He family? The one He Julong was in-charge of? 🤔 View More
Money-Grubbing Lover · C12
1 week ago
Oooh Congee with lean pork and century eggs, hehe reminds me of Blossoming Flowers' Jiang Yingyue when she made this for Han Qingshan. 😊 View More
Money-Grubbing Lover · C9
1 week ago
So much love for this novel and for the author 💓 View More
Blossoming Flowers · C267
1 week ago
I'm torn. 😑 As much as I like this story, i'm not comfortable with the way the author keeps on giving conditions. Perhaps it's the difference in values but still 😟 View More
Captive? · C9
1 week ago
Why not? Teheeee that would be fun. View More

book_dragon: I'm afraid that this time 😣 Arius is goin' to buy the BAR in which Azalea is working 😂, as he had already bought the whole shop for sweet ❤️ Athena.

Captive? · C9
1 week ago
And now he's regretting it. Oh well. View More
Captive? · C9
1 week ago
I want to read more but i dont have enough coins 😖 we're on community quarantine tooo. Haysss. Hope y'all are safe. ✌ View More
Femme Fatale: The King's Deadly Temptress · C342
1 week ago
Oh shooot! Yeyyy yeyy yeyyyy! I'm so glad to read good stuffs while on community quarantine. Hope y'all are safe there! 💓 View More
Captive? · C7
1 week ago
~cause I see sparks fly whenever you smileee~ View More
The Mafia Prince's Naughty Angel · C17
1 week ago

Jami_Anderson: I bet Azalea isn't going to be to happy with Elle and Ben for taking Athena to Arius. He flat out told her he didn't want a family. But I so happy that they brought her to the mansion. Now to find Azalea and find out what she has been doing. I love this story and I can hardly wait to read more!

Captive? · C5
2 weeks ago

Reader2k20: Hey hey Author
Ease down
There are a few readers like me who love your work but don't comment or rate every single chapter
But we still read your work and love it

Captive? · C5
2 weeks ago
More! More! Mooooore! But safety first. Keep safe, NixxxiE! 😊 View More
The Mafia Prince's Naughty Angel · C16
2 weeks ago
Damn! There you go! 👏😊 View More
Captive? · C5
2 weeks ago
Hmm? This chap seems like a giveaway already. 🤔 View More
Captive? · C4
2 weeks ago

The_Sweetness: Well it's been 1.5 yrs. 9 months to carry a child and then the child is 7 months old making it 16 month progression so it's off by 2 months according to the story.......🤔🤔🤔🤔 unless Azalea had her baby late some carry past due date🤷 I really want Athena to be Azalea and Arius's especially since she's calling Arius dada and the staff is freaking out but i want them to be a happy family meaning I want Azalea there too!!!!

Captive? · C3
2 weeks ago
I was kind of hoping it'd be his child considering the time frame and how many years it has been. However, it would be totally weird for the story to just jump like that. Anw, I hope Azalea comes back soon or maybe in one of his trips, he'd see Azalea with a child. That would bee a good start of their encounter too. View More
Captive? · C3
2 weeks ago
Regardless of the gender, Im so glad this is back. 😁 View More
Captive? · C2
3 weeks ago
Ohmygee! I can't get enough of this! Huehue me want mooooore 😍 View More
The Mafia Prince's Naughty Angel · C11
4 weeks ago
Yayyy! Woot! Woot! 🎉 mass release as celebration! 😁 View More
Femme Fatale: The King's Deadly Temptress · C318
4 weeks ago
Ahh. It breaks my heart hearing Falcon's side of the story. 💔😞 View More
Femme Fatale: The King's Deadly Temptress · C317
1 month ago
Thank YOU Dear Author! 💕 View More
Femme Fatale: The King's Deadly Temptress · C315
1 month ago
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