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He was probably going to say from now on you are my woman. View More

Pain0: He should've said "girlfriend" or "lover" rather than "wife" since that's going to far... 😂

Fate Online: Shadow · C179
1 week ago
Since this abyss has not only Pure Yang but also an area of Pure Yin, I would make a Yin-Yang Totem. View More
True Martial World · C285
1 week ago
Or he might have been sleeping for this entire time. A few days of sleeping is going to freak out his mother and grandfather. View More

IdHc: Oh no, the time dilation is reversed isn't it? Can't help but voice my disapproval. It's just me, but I hate it when an MC gets whisked away and loses a lot of time. Gotta deal with the annoying crap when he gets back for disappearing for years out of nowhere..ugh..

Rise of the Demon God · C72
2 weeks ago
No. He is 3 stages higher than Bu Fang. View More

Misguided_Rooster: confused...wasnt whitey supposed to be 4 stages higher than bu fang?

Gourmet of Another World · C319
2 weeks ago
I did also View More

Immortal_Roach: I cackled while reading this

The Online Craftsmaster · C18
3 weeks ago
You know since the Mystic pharmacist said she had a way of opening someone else's Warrior dimension then she probably could fix his Spiritual root or awaken his Bloodline for him. View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C423
3 weeks ago
I think he needs to try to use the Limitless mirror eyes to see if he can send the Cauldron away or store it using space View More
A Chaotic World · C244
3 weeks ago
So what about going to the center of the lake? View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C125
4 weeks ago
You mean he spent ten years and still didn't get someway to heal his magic problem or awaken his Bloodline or any bloodline. View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C123
4 weeks ago
I think it was describing him spending the Eight hours at night and then waking up. Repeating this schedule for five days. View More

AzothTreaty: Is there going to be an explanation as to how he can stay 5 days in the Endless World while in reality it has only been like 8 hours?

Commanding Wind and Cloud · C69
1 month ago
I tell you, I would f**k over the principal by surrendering in the fight as soon as it started and toss out two tags. I couldn't stand being played like that. View More
Commanding Wind and Cloud · C31
1 month ago
More like the green suit of Might Guy and Rock Lee View More

Daoist_Over_God: One piece as in it's a single suit, nothing separating the pant's and shirt part of the suit

Reborn in the Narutoverse · C6
1 month ago
Even if he does go back, what is he going to do? He can't be with his former family because to them he has probably been dead. He probably even looks different and if he comes up to them and says he is family, they won't believe him. View More
Martial God Space · C265
1 month ago
It has already been years shouldn't his sister be nearing graduating from what is high school in their world View More
Super Gene · C375
2 months ago
But come on, an S-ranked quest in the newbie village? Really? View More
The Immortal Player · C15
2 months ago
I wonder if he used An IGN of Life and Death would the skills synergize or work against one another? View More
The Immortal Player · C5
2 months ago
I still dont think it is a good idea to recruit Sikong Yan. Sure he has the fire spirit body but he hates the MC. It is kind of stupid how the MC thinks he can just control everyone he meets into doing what he wants. View More
Warrior's Promise · C804
3 months ago
I would just ask how to increase vitality from the NPC View More
Rise of The Undead Legion · C2
3 months ago
I'm hoping he learns from this. Dont just use just strength to push the enemy back, go full power and kill them quickly. View More
Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled! · C253
3 months ago
Steel Body seems more external and Iron Vessel seems more internal to me. View More
The Almighty Tyrant · C6
3 months ago
My first thought about the spider was to have the brother Adam who high affinity for arachnids to tame it. View More
The Strongest Beast Tamer · C9
3 months ago
I am just amazed that this time the MC is not trying to get back in the clan to prove them wrong. Finally an MC with some sense. View More
The Blood King · C2
3 months ago
What I wonder is since heroes are allowed to have 5 other powers courtesy of novices, experts and champions, why doesn't he ask management if he can bring Elise with him to the battlefield. View More
Legend of Legends · C397
3 months ago
He has totally forgotten about the woman at the store. View More
Legend of Legends · C57
3 months ago
Is anyone else hoping they are more world jewels. He can get them and then create the infinity gauntlet of the game world. View More
MMORPG: The Tales of Souls · C112
4 months ago
I just have got to think that she wasn't allowed to eat chicken before. Seeing how addicted she is to it. View More
Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled! · C112
4 months ago
The author is obsessed with farts View More
Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled! · C109
4 months ago
Why is it that all the older people who are way higher realms always try to battle or spar with him. View More
Unbeatable! Invincible! Unparalleled! · C36
4 months ago
I'm hoping he gets some OP attack abilities. View More
MMORPG: The Tales of Souls · C38
4 months ago
The stats are wrong. It should be 42 instead of 52 View More
MMORPG: The Tales of Souls · C4
4 months ago
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