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But still great chapter I loved it View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C115
3 weeks ago
I love the chapter ....BUT THE CLIFFHANGER!!!!!!!!!!!!
for the love of god I would have rather you hold on to the chapters for another day and then finish this in one go cause that cliffhanger just killed me.....!!!!!!!!! View More
Playing with other Supernaturals · C115
3 weeks ago
I did not see that coming ...
BUT...FFFUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKK that cliffhanger View More
Fate/Heroes · C71
1 month ago
Just damn...
My words fail me... all I can say is that this was/is a great chapter
I would give it more stones if I hadn't already given your other chapters them View More
douluo dalu : A great big brother · C66
1 month ago
That is one hell of a way to end a chapter
BUT I NEED MORE!!!!!!!! View More
douluo dalu : A great big brother · C65
1 month ago
So he's on the true level without the vains...? View More
Reincarnation in Against The Gods Fan-fic · C63
1 month ago
just caught up today...
I love the fanfic...please keep them coming View More
Journey of a Soul- A Naruto Fanfic · C28
2 months ago
shen yue: make humanity great again... View More
How Much For Your Soul? · C44
2 months ago
you could do AVATAR with the spirit realm being where the Kia's live and bending just being a (special) manipulation of ki...

you could also do a cultivation type of world(ATG,GRL,MGA,TDG,ect.) to give a good since of power levels....and if you do go this root dont make it so the MC is killing people like 20 realms above him like every cultivation does... make it so he has to use tricks/cheat/poison/gang up on/ect to beat someone strong so you dont break the whole point of making power/cultivation levels...
(I say cultivate leves cause at least this way we can see if the MC can win a fight unlike how DBS it's hard to tell just how strong someone is sometimes) View More
The Path of the Great Sovereign · C160
2 months ago
this is what happens when the boss and the MC use fusion to fight mob characters ....RIP View More
The Path of the Great Sovereign · C156
2 months ago
I like the story but that's stupid...
just have him awake the fruits and make the steel df like bans power(7 deadly sins) where he can (temporarily) take an opponent's strength/speed
of course either make the process slow or put a cap on it like the body having to be strong .... and if he steals too much he becomes super weak for some time View More
True Justice In One Piece · C0
2 months ago
that back story sounds like it could be a good story all on its own...
**. good start View More
fate of a MAGE (Fate:stay night) · C1
2 months ago
please kill her in a brutal way...
I hate her character so much(from the show and manga) View More
Akame Ga Kill: Garou · C6
3 months ago

Goyya: BTW, In my head,
Silly face = Ahegao face


Playing with other Supernaturals · C11
3 months ago
****... cliff hanger
I both love and hate what just happened View More
Akashic · C57
3 months ago
can you wait on the H-scene till the're at least 16(so like 2 years)
loved the chapter and the semi-H scene View More
I am in Harry Potter! · C31
3 months ago
the beginning of this chapter made my day...
I am in Harry Potter! · C24
3 months ago
that is how the relationship should have been in the movies.... View More
I am in Harry Potter! · C15
3 months ago
author-sama just blue balled me View More
Douluo Dalu: Wulin's Legend · C100
3 months ago
love the chapter View More
Rebirth in Bleach · C67
4 months ago
just take my stones and keep writing this masterpiece... View More
Rebirth in Bleach · C62
4 months ago
I love this novel...
more please View More
Douluo Dalu: Wulin's Legend · C98
4 months ago

TheFluffyMan: Yup,even in canon novel,he is one pitiful guy where he alwqys walk in the line of life and death...People may say Snape is one bad guy,but I said that he is a guy that had much stronger heart to endure pressure,a great mind where he could juggle in light and darkside,patience to endure loneliness,feeling that is so passionate that even till death,he still remember his one and true love....

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C19
4 months ago

lazy_guy67: I kinda expected him to end up with Luna

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C18
4 months ago

NeroChevalier: This harry is a bit hypocrite and that made him more human(people are hypocrite in one or other way), just remember that this type of character is not easy to write, also some people don’t like imperfect protaonist. As a choise explain what are his defects and virtuds. For me you has made somethig right so thaks for the story.

New Dawn- A Harry Potter Transmigration Fanfic · C18
4 months ago
thanks for the great chapter View More
Douluo Dalu: Wulin's Legend · C96
4 months ago
I'm first.... View More
RWBY Re: Jaune Arc · C43
5 months ago
I need more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! View More
The Path of the Great Sovereign · C114
6 months ago
if it ain't clannad dont talk to me... View More
Start by Becoming a Mangaka · C356
6 months ago
give fenrir a dream/Message of some sorts from vhan... (it would make her happy to at least be able to see him and isn't that what we all want... a happy fenrir) View More
Fenrir's Journey : I Shall Devour The Heavens! · C58
6 months ago
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