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And here ladies and gentlemen is why you should never add scaling equipment to any game, it is utterly impossible to balance correctly View More
The Devil's Cage · C1296
2 weeks ago

EatDatPussy445: Fortnite is gay stfu lol

Godly Model Creator · C96
3 weeks ago
But complaining is fun! View More

purafyre: This is a belated statement and probably won't t read this, but people who complain about a novel and then proceed to continue reading it and then continue ***** and whine about it are f*cking losers. GIANT f*cking losers. Either shrug it off and keep reading without complaining or stop reading. People who continue b*tching and moaning just prove what f*cking r*tards they are.

Godly Model Creator · C90
3 weeks ago
A lot of it comes from self confidence, once you start believeing your not good enough for relationships then you kinda stop feeling attraction. thats how i was all through out highschool. but now that im improving myself and feel like a decent person as a whole im starting feel it again View More

Rawr_Kitten: ..... why does the mc always have to randomly fall in love.... like that whole status **** where he is oblivious and only sees her as a freind until he gets even the tiniest whiff of powrr then the mc turns into ima make you my slut for my harem and your gona love it ****... i mean really the mcs definitely dont love the females they are just dominate and want to screw any female that looks semi pretty near them.... its literally a male lion thats horney...must we the readers suffer a mc who only thinks with their penis.... also female leads stop with the bs... you dont like him ... you dont we know it you know it... its either pity lays curiosity or the fact you think the small bit of power hes showing you is a slight turn on ... but you still believe you can dominate him so hes a harmless kitten ...

Godly Model Creator · C27
4 weeks ago
But the world record for holding breath is 18 minutes. View More

NorthbloodDemon: We all have a lifetime of 6 minutes, but inhaling oxygen resets the timer

Godly Model Creator · C9
1 month ago
Get Out (ditto) View More

Loldassjs: "high level yoga flexibility" nice.. sounds delicious 😘.
I want to see some incest T_T 😆

Godly Model Creator · C2
1 month ago
They are now the Knights who say "Ekke Ekke Ekke Ekke Ptang Zoo Boing!" View More

Gr3yW0rmag3: The Knights of Ne are here for your shrubbery

Spending My Retirement In A Game · C67
1 month ago
Imagining this 70 year olds enthusiasm is heart warming View More
Spending My Retirement In A Game · C2
1 month ago
Mans just performed a heart breaker on a Starcraft enemy with a magic boxing glove in another dimension and your criticizing the physics involved. Ok kid View More

Cimmerian: Author needs to learn how punches work; they do not “pull”, in fact...

The Ultimate Evolution · C1314
1 month ago
That cliff hanger cuts deep, i was on the edge of my seat View More
Kingdom's Bloodline · C505
1 month ago
But seriously why does wu even care about 2567? they met like once and he was cold and distant the entire time. View More
The Devil's Cage · C1184
2 months ago

The_Bum: Lol poor Wu and Blacksmith, the Mimosa already has Kieran 😂

The Devil's Cage · C1184
2 months ago

Dess: Like this if u get chaps in the morning

The Devil's Cage · C1152
3 months ago
nononono you misunderstood its not "F*ck Jadestar!" its "f*ck Jadestar ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)" View More

Noalein: Roman (basicly): "F*ck Jadestar!"
Also Roman a few minutes later: Gently holding a Jadestar in his arms.

Kingdom's Bloodline · C486
3 months ago
imma sh*t myself if StarPlatinum and ZA WARUDO show up View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C7
3 months ago
Yeah, creepy, Mysterious and always pretending to know what in the f*ck is going on when he has had zero oppurtunities to figure it out View More

missymirei: The feeling he gives me is just like the owner of Trafford's Trading Club. Slightly creepy, mysterious, but very novel.

Lord of the Mysteries · C6
3 months ago
A feckin DandyWHAT. jesus christ and i thought modern british slang is bad, now i know where they get it from View More

F2Y: Loen Kingdom is like Britain, Intis Republic is like France and Roselle is like Napoleon.
Gold pound is like pound and soli is like shilling in Britain.
British currency system in Victorian era:
1 Farthing = 0.25 penny
1 Dandyprat = 2 pence
1 Groat = 4 pence
1 Shilling = 12 pence
1 Florin = 2 Shillings
1 Grown = 5 Shillings
1 Pound = 20 Shillings
1 Guine = 1.05 Pounds
1 Sovereign = 1.5 Pounds
1 Rose Royal= 2 Pounds
OMG, you have to be good at math.

Lord of the Mysteries · C4
3 months ago
Hey Balls.
Lord of the Mysteries · C1
3 months ago
F*ckin' weeb View More

Jack_N_Mikhail: Please stream animes and turn all of them into "lame otakus" Gintama style

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C125
3 months ago
if something is loved and then the government goes ham on PSA's and sh*t telling people it was so wild it would f*ck your life up, that's not going to stop it from being consumed, it's just going to change the demographic. View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C113
3 months ago
"Nalan Hongwu hid a hand grenade in his pocket and bought the M249" you mean he bought the "aw sh*t i missclicked i meant to get a negev" View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C104
3 months ago
aaaaaaaa рoт eбaлЬ!!!!!!!! View More

Arjunaz: I can't wait to see "RUSH B CYKA BLYAT" scene

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C102
3 months ago
Sponsored by Sprite View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C38
3 months ago
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C36
3 months ago
NB4 darksouls View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C3
3 months ago
for the satanic hellspawn that is a centipede this thing is acting pretty cute View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C4
3 months ago
No footballs or lightning? Do you even have a cantrip? What a useless mage View More
Monster Pet Evolution · C1
3 months ago

ShouGiichiLeBlanc: 👍

Taming Master · C38
4 months ago

StressedByHW: My time to read in a different website

Taming Master · C38
4 months ago

Cat_Ranger: Wtf 38 chap is premium already? What a rip off..

Taming Master · C38
4 months ago
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