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She isn't even interested in him that way, so why are you so obsessed with forcing her on Han Xiao? Can't you respect the choice and opinion of the two? Can't they live and enjoy their own lives on their own terms, without being bound to each other? You sure have a lot of time to imagine such nonsensical stuff. View More

Arkard: In the previous timeline Hila grew powerful after she snapped from Aurora becoming space peanut butter's bestie. This time maybe it'll be because she catches up with HX & sees him surrounded by women...

The Legendary Mechanic · C371
3 months ago
Dragon Loli? Really? You blind, mate?

What part of "a TALL, curvaceous WOMAN sat on the throne with crossed legs" makes you come to the conclusion that she is a 'loli'? Are you retarded? Too much of a pervert to think straight? View More

Arius_Swifte: A dragon loli... shoulda seen that one coming

The Legendary Mechanic · C370
3 months ago
Stupid? Because he isn't a horny person like you? Just because he doesn't act as you wish? Really? So narrow-minded? View More

TheDummy: I guess it's because he thinks of people here just as Ultra-Realistic NPCS but that's stupid too anyway

The Legendary Mechanic · C366
3 months ago
Match? If we only talk about the beauty and its impact on Han Xiao, she has already far surpassed every other female character. Those two are not even her match at all.

Women like her are the True Female Lead Characters. View More

JonesSoda: Hila and Aurora has some strong competition now ;D at least he isn't acting like when he met that one sniper back in home planet before he was famous hahaha.

The Legendary Mechanic · C366
3 months ago
It's not really BS, rather it's realistic. I know a few people who are also like him. The BS is actually falling in love everywhere with more and more women, or even falling in love with some woman just because of her looks. That's too shallow, and the true BS. View More

fionareii: I wish this novel would at least has some romantic interest for HX though. I don’t expect harem but for him to not have a liking to anyone is kinda BS.

The Legendary Mechanic · C366
3 months ago
All S-class characters are more or less the same as Hila in strength, so it's nothing special at that level. They all can destroy a whole planet real quick. View More

Malice1973: Nobody commenting on that little throwaway line about Hila? Planet Killer Hila! Can rip the souls from an entire world in seconds...scary! Wonder what Aurora is gonna be able to do. Create whole biospheres on dead rocks?

The Legendary Mechanic · C364
3 months ago
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