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Oh gosh... Im so happy! You are back!!! I really missed u 😔 View More
Qi Xiuying - Another Transmigrate's Story · C63
5 months ago
U r right sis View More

Caribbeauty1: Both of them are jus right for each others' disgusting'

Behind your Mask is a Beautiful Smile · C105
5 months ago
Hump.. Look at that crazy bi*ch... What did she expect from that sc*m View More
Behind your Mask is a Beautiful Smile · C105
5 months ago
Im diying here!! 😭 give me my lovey dovey time dear author 💓 💋 View More
Secret Marriage: Cold CEO & Mystical Young Miss · C55
6 months ago
Take that u ugly man!!! 😈 View More
The CEO and his WIFE · C46
6 months ago
Nice comeback author!! 💓 View More
Mr Ceo's Little Lover · C70
6 months ago
Ommmo just wainting x long jian to realize iris is more fitted to be long enterprises heiress and try to harm her View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C377
7 months ago
Darling, welcome back!! We miss u a lot!! View More
The 3 B's- Beauty , Brains and Bravery · C253
7 months ago
Omg what's going on?? I can not read the chapters.. Only comment... Webnovel u are killing me 😱 View More
The Evil Consort Above An Evil King · C950
7 months ago
Omg.. nan shen!! Hurry up or tan hua flower will be stolen!! View More
The CEO's Office Boy is a Girl · C133
7 months ago
I was thinking tje same thing... She may hook up with her ex and bamm a child to have a strong hold on ling familiy View More

khucinono: I dont even think that unborn child is ling hao son at all

Sweet Love 1V1: Spoiled by The Executive · C28
7 months ago
Take that youbold witch!!! View More
Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief · C38
7 months ago
Jajajajjaja she should pull her hair instead... That crazy lass View More

hahahwww: Those poor leaves bruh

Behind your Mask is a Beautiful Smile · C53
7 months ago
Booom!!! Just take that blow! I hope the elder can help nan nan to have a brighter future! View More
Rebirth to a Military Marriage: Good Morning Chief · C34
7 months ago
I hope from now on he can continue supporting his wife... He knows she is hardworker.. Also this can lead to love dove scenes View More
7 months ago
That is what a doting husband should do 😆💖 View More

AshleyArenas: Lol! Why am I imagining Liwei doing the same thing Lu Tingxiao did just to make sure that his beloved Ning Xi won't do any kissing scenes or rated r scenes with other men except from him 😆😆😆

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C343
7 months ago
Yeah.. That b*itch is crazy as hell... But well.. We just have to wait for a enjoyable face smacking... Not slap, smack!!! View More

littleloner: I cant wait for the moment jinning's fans see her true colors. I just hate her character so much.

Strike Back, Proud Goddess! · C40
7 months ago
Oh gosh.. Why is that all rejected girls are so delusional?? He doesn't like just acep it and move on.. Dammmmm View More
Behind your Mask is a Beautiful Smile · C47
7 months ago
I know she believes xue zin is like a sister because they grow up together but seriously that zin girl only wants to become rich.. She is not a good girl View More
The Empress is Dead · C88
7 months ago
Oh ira we are so proud of you... U have to treasure ur viv and ur baby now 💓 View More

LazyCutieBaby: I'm happy they're taking baby yet steady steps towards a Blissful life together

Reborn as a Mom · C165
7 months ago
O*** viv is soo shameless and cute at the same time.. How does he do it?? 💓 View More
Reborn as a Mom · C164
7 months ago
Go go go huang!! 💓 View More

Nova30: I ship them. They are perfect for each other 😍❤️

The Empress is Dead · C85
8 months ago
Obviously they are not going to believe she is reborn... But at least i hope they can help her revenge on that bi*tch View More

badgirlbee: fvck i want mass release 😭 that b!tch jining i wanna skin her alive 😤 im glad tho that she was open with her brothers.

Strike Back, Proud Goddess! · C20
8 months ago
That lu guy is really hateful View More
Rebirth of the Strongest Empress · C122
8 months ago
Ira is soo cute... Maybe she purchased some with pokemon cartoons too... Just to see his pokeballs 😏 View More
Reborn as a Mom · C162
8 months ago
Same here sis... 😢 View More

Ekengkong: I'm out of spirit stone! How could I read the next chapter😭 I've already used up the reading bonuses. I can't wait for tomorrow!

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C314
8 months ago
Yes and he's still waiting to gain FL's love.. hah... Just keep dreaming baby View More

Linpeiqi_22: This fifth prince is so annoying🙄

The Empress is Dead · C81
8 months ago
Wow arria u nailed it!! I love that song... I just imagined xiulan trying to make liwei shake his butty View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C294
8 months ago
Me too!!! 💓 View More

Blissful: I’d like a massage too, please!

Great Doctor Ling Ran · C127
8 months ago
Dear arria, how did you do it?? I mean, how can you put so much feelings in those words? I'm crying... I cannot stop. I had to close my room because i cannot control my feelings View More

aistitch: dear author, did u put onion in the chapter?
im crying rn😢😢😢😭😭😭

His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C289
8 months ago
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