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iamkalpana: First of all let me say this, I think all of us have waited way more for this chapter than the power couple themself 😝

Bambi and the Duke · C149
5 months ago
O.m.g...please update soon.. cant wait 😫🙈🙈🙈 View More

Htetthiri28: Yes!!! I'm so very pleased with your quick decisions and straightforward actions, Leo. You're right. It's not too soon but rather too late for things to progress further. The evilness of the time won't wait for your happiness. Thanks a lot author-san. I have been waiting and checking for updates the whole day. It was really worth the wait since you updated three chapters, not just one. And they finally made up too. Now, i can finally continue my studies in peace.

Bambi and the Duke · C147
5 months ago
Agree View More

deebajafferi: Even i think so may be he is tiring to make things complicated btwn su yu and qin

My Youth Began With Him · C1358
7 months ago
Thank u 🙈😊 View More

ash_knight17: I hope you enjoyed the 3 chapters together! Don't forget to vote with your power stones every day. I will post the next part on Tuesday!

Bambi and the Duke · C96
7 months ago
👌😠😠😠 View More

vimoua8: wow, I actually though Jiang ye might have feelings for her beyond just her body but he sure proved me wrong. I was hoping for another Su Yu but nope. Jiang ye, you can go screw yourself.

My Youth Began With Him · C1352
7 months ago
She will be his back up plan in case something happens 🤔 View More

Hautea: They will need the million yuan in Mian's ATM because I have a feeling that GK will get bankcrupt sooner or later😐😑. Huo Siqian will probably not get Huo Mian's money in her ATM because his target was Qin Chu and his goal was Huo Mian. 🙄🙄

My Youth Began With Him · C1346
7 months ago
They will create blood bath 😣 View More

Cutiee123: Oh god..I didn’t believe Charlotte is dead somewhat,but she is dead seriously😭😭😭Now they have taken Rory’s body,I think they are gonna use him to create chaos between human and vampire and war is going to happen.The massacre that had happened in the Valerian empire by witches..ah..I don’t want anything to happen to Leo and Vivi..Author pls don’t kill Bambi in the process..I m getting scared☹️☹️☹️

Bambi and the Duke · C93
7 months ago

Eternalrg: The tension between humans and vampires will increase even more after this...they're in Mythweald which is dominated by humans and plagued by witches, thanks to Norman...
And this time, there are form changing creatures too...a war is definitely coming. Tough times ahead for Leo and Bambi...
So, Vlass has gone to Bonelake to look for Rory, but does he know he was going to Carmichael's mansion? Plus, they've taken Rory's body with them, so they definitely plan to use his disguise to create mayhem.

Bambi and the Duke · C93
7 months ago
I like Chu in black😍 View More

happles: The content has been deleted

My Youth Began With Him · C1334
7 months ago
🙊🙈 View More

AoiMayu: Gosh, its her family.! I knew it.! Finally...!

My Youth Began With Him · C1330
7 months ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣 View More

XOMatsumaeohana: Mian, don't sign for that box. It's probably from the creeper 😱😨

My Youth Began With Him · C1326
7 months ago
True..love is blind 🥰 View More

Yuuchan: Poor Charlotte...I hope she and Rory will be together again. It's true love is blind, I just hope her father could realize and understand Charlotte is already in love with someone.
This also reminds me back of Heidi and the Lord lol

Looking forward more of Charlotte and Rory ❤

Rest in Peace, Julliard. You will always be remember 😢

Thank you for the updates, Author-san. 😘

Bambi and the Duke · C91
7 months ago
🤣🤣🤣 View More

XOMatsumaeohana: (╥﹏╥) Ending the chapters with yet again one sided love from Su Yu. The author doesn't want to leave him alone on this matter.. 💘💘💔

My Youth Began With Him · C1322
7 months ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣 View More

Connaussieur: Omg cup size

My Youth Began With Him · C1318
7 months ago
Right!! View More

XOMatsumaeohana: HSQ wouldn't have won if he didn't play dirty.

My Youth Began With Him · C1314
7 months ago
😂😂 View More

XOMatsumaeohana: Pest Yishi finally uses her brains

My Youth Began With Him · C1310
7 months ago
Hahahaha View More

happles: The content has been deleted

My Youth Began With Him · C1306
7 months ago
Hahaha me 2!! View More

springlady: Nicholas can be really scary if he wants to huh. For a second there, I was scared for Vivian lol

Bambi and the Duke · C88
7 months ago
😂 View More

Roshi6: Oh I hope my love for Nicholas does not reduce by the end of this book!!!

Bambi and the Duke · C87
7 months ago
Me 2! Maybe the fortune teller will tell her about her background. View More

XOMatsumaeohana: Honestly, whether Mian's pregnant at this stage in the story doesn't make much of a difference. Remember 4919 chapters everyone 😂 ~~ 🤔 I do want the story to start focusing properly on Mian's real family background

My Youth Began With Him · C1294
7 months ago
They are so cute 🥰🥰 View More

joen90: Haha cute answer from Qin Chu,denied,but in the end he is the one who will send her wife there😂

My Youth Began With Him · C1290
7 months ago
Me 2😂😂😂 View More

MADsi: The story is amazing and everybody enjoys while reading this novel a lot and there's no doubt in that but how many of you guys love the comments section 🤔 Am I the only one who enjoys reading the comments as soon as the chapter ends 🤔

Bambi and the Duke · C85
7 months ago
👌 View More

XOMatsumaeohana: Not this again Xiaowei, why do you have to inform Mian about Su Yu returning? What is she, his girlfriend? Sure they are friends but she can find that out later. You don't have to personally inform her 🙄🙄 Damn, is there no female in this novel with actual high IQ? 🤔

My Youth Began With Him · C1282
7 months ago
Why would she go with him and not inform chu😣😥 View More

nerieatienza: Sometimes your IQ is not working properly don't trust Huo Siqian he is planning something evil

My Youth Began With Him · C1278
7 months ago
Agree👍👍 View More

Aliana_Alex19: I just want this book to be acted out as a movie. I will watch it amillion plus one times.... 😍😍

Bambi and the Duke · C84
7 months ago
Poor leo😂😂 View More
Bambi and the Duke · C84
7 months ago
I agree😇😇😇 View More

Critz: No please don't split in parts. Shorter chapter breaks the momentum of story. Long chapters are better.

Bambi and the Duke · C83
7 months ago
❤❤❤🥰🥰 View More
Bambi and the Duke · C83
7 months ago
I think linling is actually going to loose....the rest of the gang is to smart😂 View More
My Youth Began With Him · C1261
7 months ago

chinawa: Sneaking a photo of HM and sending it to SY..seriously! I know its just a photo...but it seems to me he's tolerating SY feelings still..I thought you wanted him to move on.😥😥😥

My Youth Began With Him · C1257
7 months ago
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