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Benrex777: I like the ANTagonist POV. I'd be frightened as well if some stupid monsters were so smart.

Why do they not want to eliminate the ants in the same way as the humans wanted to? Doesn't that kingdom know that ants are dangerous if left alone? I know that they do want to kill the ants, but it sounds like they just want to kill them because they are part of this mission, not because they are a natural disaster.

Chrysalis · C379
3 months ago

JokeDagger: FINALLY AN UPDATE! Ur late on my fix, but ily anyways u sadist! So this chapter is on the enemies? So u could say this is the ANTagonists POV??

Chrysalis · C379
3 months ago


Chrysalis · C379
3 months ago

Ilaem: The third missing part:
'What, what the h.e.l.l? The options on this is incredibly good! On top of that, its name is wedding ring? By any chance Couple rings?'

Harin had slightly(?) distorted Jinsungs intentions.

In order to check once more, Harin asked him carefully.

“This… Do you have one as well?”

And Jinsung didn’t let her down and pulled out his ring.

“Yeah. Mine’s here.”

As she confirmed that they were couple rings, both Harin’s already red cheeks had flushed even redder.

“Th…anks. I’ll wear it well.”

With a fluttering heart, Harin placed the ring on her finger.

And with a slightly different meaning(?), Ian’s heart was also fluttering.

‘Keu, I’ll finally be able to get rid of my lv 50 ring now!’

As the ring was placed on Ian’s finger as well, a system message popped up for both people at the same time.

The seal lifting requirement of the ‘Wedding Rings of the Forest’ has been met. Elmorff’s blessing will be given. All combat stats will increase by 20%. All cla.s.s stats will increase by 30%. All skills’ cooldown times will be reduced by 1 second. (Not applied to skills with a cooldown time lower than 1 second.) From now on, once every day for each person, you can summon your partner with Elmorff’s abilities.
After checking his increased stats, the corners of Jinsung’s smile hung from his ears. And he felt somewhat weird as well.

‘Since I’m wearing this like a couple ring with Harin, it even feels like I have a girlfriend.’

It wasn’t such a bad feeling.

Meanwhile, Harin, who watched a grinning Jinsung, had a similar, yet slightly different thought from Jinsung.

‘Have I just been troubling my heart in vain up until now? I thought he seriously had no interest in me…’

A slight misunderstanding caused her pretty lips to turn into a smile.

Ian, who had parted from Harin, headed to Forlan Basin with Fiolan in order to go into the dungeon.

“Ian, first of all, it might be hard to clear the first round, so make your goal trying to get as familiar as possible.”

“Yes, well… Understood.”

“That, you watched the dungeon attack video before coming, right?”

Ian nodded his head.

“Yes. I’ve replayed it one or two extra times before coming.”

“Okay, then it will be easier to explain.”

Fiolan, who arrived at the entrance of the dungeon a moment later, began to explain.

“Firstly, the key point of the first phase is to overcome it quickly. It’s not like we get more EXP the more monsters we catch, so we need to overcome it as fast as possible and run to the ‘Sanctum of the Hero’ in the centre.”

It was content that Ian became well-informed of from watching the community, but he listened intently to her words to re-organize his thoughts.

“And once the second phase starts, monster waves from a total of five locations will come flooding in. If the Sanctum of the Hero gets destroyed, you will get kicked out of the dungeon, so protecting the sanctum is the most important.”

“The phase is over once a total of about 200 monsters are caught, right?”

At Ian’s question, Fiolan nodded her head.

“That’s right. And once the monster waves are over, 3 middle-cla.s.s boss monsters called ‘Giant of Hatred’ will appear.

Taming Master · C92
4 months ago

kradidark: missing first half of the chapter:
The four people, including Harin, took a look around the newly built manor chaotically.

It had become wider and more luxurious, to the point it was incomparable to the 'Village' rank guild building.

Ian went around thoroughly checking the locations of the NPCs here and there in the manor as well as its functions.

And it seemed that process was boring, as Fiolan and Herz said something came up for them in the middle and had disappeared off to somewhere.

Naturally, just Harin and Ian remained in the manor.

And the last place that the two people found was the kitchen of the manor.

The manor's kitchen was still empty.

This was because Jinsung, the Lord, didn't distribute the guild's resources.

Harin questioned with an excited voice.

"Wow, can I really use this place?"

Ian nodded his head as he responded.

"Yeah, I purposely left this place empty so I could set it up after I discussed with you."

If Ian had distributed the guild resources, starting from the NPCs, a lot of different content would have been automatically set up, but unless there was an individual more talented in cooking than Harin, rather than an automatic set-up, Ian thought that it would be more effective if he entrusted the authority to her, which is why he went with that method.

For Harin as well, there would be no better place to raise her Cooking Proficiency if it was a facility like the manor's kitchen.

"Alright, nice! I'll have to move my tools and ingredients over here."

"Yeah, go ahead. I'll toss the manor's kitchen set-up authority to you later."

"Alright! This is exciting!"

Harin wore an expression showing genuine happiness.

This was because, aside from everything else, the bigger the brazier, the more helpful it truly was to try wider variety of dishes.

The more variety of attempts she took, the more recipes she could create, and that was a shortcut to raising her cooking level quickly.

Harin, who entered the kitchen, spoke to Ian.

"Wait for me so I can take a closer look around. That's okay, right?"

"Yeah, go ahead."

As Ian nodded his head, Harin went around, thoroughly looking around here and there, from the kitchen to the restaurant.

During that time, Ian waited for her by using his skills which the cooldown times were over for, such as his Training skill.

And shortly after, Ian and Harin, who had completely finished the manor visit with the kitchen as the last stop, stepped outside together.

Harin asked Ian with a quiet voice.

"Jinsung, what are you going to do now, then? Do you still have any quests left that you need to do?

"No, I've finished all my quests now."

"Then hunting?"

Ian shook his head.

"No, I said I'd go to the 2-player dungeon with Fiolan later."

"Ah, I see. As a matter of fact, I think I remember hearing her say that she was going to go to the 2-player dungeon with you when you returned last time."

Fiolan and Herz were a given, but now, most of the guild members that were over lv 100 had cleared the 2-player dungeon, the Grave of the Forlan Hero, that was discovered in 'Forlan Basin'.

And whenever they had time, they made groups of 2 and went to the dungeon.

It was possible to enter the Grave of the Forlan Hero five times in a day, and the biggest merit of that dungeon was rather than the items that could be obtained, it was the incredibly savoury EXP.

Because of that, it was to the point that it had become a part of the northern continent user's daily task.

However, the difficulty level of the dungeon was so high that there was yet any guild members that had gotten anything above a B-rank, but Fiolan was determined to renew the record once Ian, who was naturally talented in PVE, returned.

"Yeah, based on what I've heard, the EXP-obtaining structure is incredibly advantageous for Summoners as well. It's not a method where you gain EXP based on the monsters you hunt in t

Taming Master · C92
4 months ago

Royalstyle: I think the writers space button is broken? 😅

Taming Master · C3
4 months ago

Moloxiv: thank you demonape for your kind support. I will do my best to serve good content for you to read!

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C128
4 months ago

Moloxiv: I did not expect this kind of reaction >_>

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C122
4 months ago

Sheriff_K: Yeah, it’s shocking.. I didnt get that vibe at all.. I guess a lot of readers ar fujoshis. 😜🙊

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C122
4 months ago

HomelessOne: The idea was good, but it happened too fast. This should’ve been an arc spanning over many chapters, with Jun frettering over whether this was right or not. Have the system tell him he has no choice but to kill them, rather than as a side option to get better materials faster. Pressure him into thinking he HAS to do this. As he waits in the dungeon for an adventurer group to enter, he should be very nervous and wondering again and again if this is fine. The fight with the adventurers should’ve lasted longer, with Jun maybe in a life or death situation until he incapacitated his foe. Then he could realize how easy it is to defeat the adventurers. Give more time to him realizing part of him likes it as he forgets that he was wondering if this was good or not. Show the zither mistress getting more and more concerned as the fight progresses, and he starts being sadistic. THEN have the zither mistress interfere with the final act. Have him stand up to the system, saying he’d rather give up on being the best dungeon supplier if this is what he has to do. Then you could have the system reveal it was a test, and a necessary one too. This could’ve been nine or ten chapters at the least if handled properly with a nice sense of Jun growing up. Instead we get all this in a rushed 2-3 and it doesn’t seem to flow right. I could even accept Jun waking up in his bed in the next chapter and thinking it was all a Dream. Too fast and too unbelieving. I’ll still view Jun as the same I’ve always viewed him In previous chapters, with no growth. Knowledge for the future, author.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C110
4 months ago

BookWorm84: Hilarious

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C79
4 months ago

Pandapocalypse: I love your book. I’m seeing a common trend on all of these books though, and there will always be people complaining about “filler”, and perhaps they need to stick with short stories or comics.
To be honest, it’s all valuable and enjoyable story, but it’s not what those people are looking for. Yet, without these “filler” moments, all you’ve got is fight, lvl up, tournament, rinse and repeat, which isn’t a novel.
It is literally impossible to make a novel without what these people are deeming as “filler”.
You keep doing you, tell those polar bear to nick off, and the pandas that I love them.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C79
4 months ago

Kimara23: I dont see it as filler. I see it as the ins and outs of people's lives who happen to all share the love of dungeon diving. Thank you for great imagination.

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C79
4 months ago

VoidSearcher: Today we mourn the protagonist of this Story, as he has fallen to the wicked T-pose curse. Amen

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C79
4 months ago

Lord_Snow: yeah and it's much better than some arrogant young master then next is elder and after that is whole clan hahaha

Number One Dungeon Supplier · C79
4 months ago
Yes, it's ... post-godly cliffhanger stat!!! View More

IcicleShard: This man's cliffhanger stat is at max

Night Ranger · C647
4 months ago

Johnsons: It's Toad. He's going to be all "Sorry Marvin Princess Ghost Mother is in another castle!"

Night Ranger · C647
4 months ago

IchigoIzanagi: I need moar! I need the fix man! I’m loving this ark so much! My first comment so I’ll also say THANK YOU and keep doing your very awesomeness stuff author!

Chrysalis · C327
6 months ago

Abaddon: That explains dragons magic resistance, they eat so much goats that they acquire their resistance.

Advent of the Archmage · C70
6 months ago

SuperPork: I laughed at the idea that a random rock could be turned into a lump of gold "the same size and weight." Author is apparently not aware that gold is crazy heavy, unless that random rock was made of plutonium.

Advent of the Archmage · C70
6 months ago

Kuukyo: No comments about the "Higgs force field"? No? Ok 😔

Advent of the Archmage · C70
6 months ago

NoTofu: So goats are magic resistant

Advent of the Archmage · C70
6 months ago

Tibbles: A MC with a decent EI? What is the world coming to when the MC can guess the princess fell for him?

Advent of the Archmage · C57
6 months ago

DespisedKry: Fuck yeah

Advent of the Archmage · C57
6 months ago

SevenSunsCelestial: "They had seen each other for only a total of two hours." Finally an mc whos mind actually functions like a real human beings.

Advent of the Archmage · C57
6 months ago

RinoZ: correct! will fix!

Chrysalis · C306
6 months ago

DaoistLilSpoderman: G E N I U S

Chrysalis · C306
6 months ago

Ligare: At last our aptly named Tiny, that must be for the brain, will no longer be the distilled essence of pure stupid.

Chrysalis · C306
6 months ago

lemonswirl: The big croc is probably super pissed

Chrysalis · C306
6 months ago

Charizma: I'm quite sure it was already stated that she started raising an army of her children to attack the Legion's wall that prevents her from getting closer to the core.

Chrysalis · C306
6 months ago
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