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So this is like dungeon seeker? View More

ISWEARIF: This book was incredible since he went to hell but that all ended just because he couldn’t kill the girls at the tournament for bull**** reasons.

Requiem of Souls (Original)
15 hours ago
Reading Status: C88
Gate to the Multiverse
1 day ago
Bull****! Mc is just a coward.. He keeps visiting useless worlds then you are saying he wants to get stronger?? I don't see him getting stronger right now .. All author do is copy this movies that not a lot of people watch View More

Jasonenrick: He wants to get stronger step by step because MCU and DC is full of gods and like he already said he isn't as strong as Superman Silver Age 'yet' and there were a lot of peoplr able to kill superman so he doesn't want to risk it and wants to become stronger with time ;) . If i did get it right because i am not the author ;) ty for the chapter btw

Gate to the Multiverse · C83
1 day ago
What a ****ty plot View More
Gate to the Multiverse · C79
1 day ago
What a show off. Pointless, moron View More
Gate to the Multiverse · C42
1 day ago

Pripriri: some random villains keeps popping up everywhere . And every villain encounter Mc is always shock because they are strong and it gets annoying that makes me want to strangle the author ..

This is not a virtual reality game anymore. From my perspective Mc is just a stupid person and loves carrying noobies . He helps other people but he doesn't even help his mother who is working really hard just to make his life comfortable. But all Mc do is play games gives unique items to strangers....
And he's not even earning money on this game.....
In 300 chaps he is still poor idiot old man.. That always relies on his mother . And he just play stupid game

Realm of Myths and Legends
1 day ago
That's boring View More

_SupremeBeing_: Just by the way, dear readers, what do you think about a Boku no Hero Academy FANFIC?

Naruto: Space-Time Lord · C15
2 days ago
All the mc do is defend. She doesn't even know how to counter attack.. Lot of people keep plotting her but it's like she doesn't care. What a high stupidity View More
Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife is a Little Sweet · C1253
2 days ago
I think reading godly prodigal is better than this.. This one is more stupid View More
My Extraordinary Achievements · C8
2 days ago
+1 luck Is that really good? Are you nuts? View More

Eternal_Pathfinder: Dude, luck is impossibly good. If a millionaire could buy luck, or invest. He'd go bankrupt, buy the luck, then trip over a suitcase with random numbers, a homeless man would give his lottery ticket, and then he would win ten million dollars.

My Extraordinary Achievements · C7
2 days ago
. It feels like he wants to be pitied by other people .
If he want peace just let him kill himself.. This idiotic emotions2x is really irritating. Haixt. And he is so edgy right now that's so stupid View More
Chunibyo's Fanfic. · C65
3 days ago
Haixt View More
Chunibyo's Fanfic. · C64
4 days ago
you are delusional do you really think all girls acts this way?? It's too irritating , and fvking useless title I got clickbait . Legacy of beta boku View More
The Legacy of Son Goku · C0
4 days ago
I need to wait a week again 😭😭 View More
The Strongest Omni Traveler · C176
5 days ago
Reading Status: C84
This is irritating WTF I really regret reading this ..
I can't stand mc he needs fuvking money yet he keeps telling people and sharing it WTF that's so annoying really makes me want to punch my phone.
And when he join guild all his money he keeps giving on guild.. I've read 500 chaps already but mc is still fucking poor!!
But he is kind and honest so he keeps giving other people golds!!
Don't bother on this trashy novel. This will just make you angry on how moron and irritating mc .
I understand he is so weak and untalented but can't he just solo sometimes??
Even when walking he still needs a group!!
His decision always is idiotic. This really makes me angry View More
The Great Thief
6 days ago
thus bullying thing is too force View More
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C7
6 days ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C1
6 days ago
Stupid View More

TheHiddenSword: The wives are as important as him yes, and it's not to meet the other gabriel that they're here

The Dragon And His Priestresses · C6
6 days ago
Reading Status: C6
Don't waste your time on this boring fanfic. Don't waste your time on this boring fanfic. Don't waste your time on this boring fanfic. Don't waste your time on this boring fanfic. Don't waste your time on this boring fanfic. Don't waste your time on this boring fanfic. View More
The Dragon And His Priestresses
6 days ago
I believe this is just a waste of. Time to read. It's like his wannabe wives is the mc not himself and the **** is this why go to dxd .do you really want to meet the other Gabriel that bad? View More
The Dragon And His Priestresses · C6
6 days ago
so idiotic.. Why the **** he keeps baby sitting his creations.?? Does he want to die that badly on his creations? And not to mention he keeps ****ng changing this game. Such a die hard attention seeker View More
The Dragon And His Priestresses · C2
6 days ago
Wangdong? View More

Dangeroustoxin: Nx chp, meeting Wang Dong!!! I 'm really excited to write about them.

Douluo Dalu 2 - Fan Fiction · C20
6 days ago
1week no update 😭 View More
Mystic Demon Slayer · C13
6 days ago
Is this Pokemon? And pls end this boring trial world already View More
Supreme Harem System · C37
1 week ago
So all mc did just to power up before is gone already? Haixt what a waste. But I enjoy the kaiju world. I'll just drop here View More
A Kaiju reincarnated into Pacific rim · C36
1 week ago
Just write stop asking. This is already boring and yet you keep giving spoilers View More
Supreme kingdom · C0
1 week ago
Not funny at all View More
While others cultivate, I use RPG leveling system to cultivate smut romance with their CEO's · C8
1 week ago

Cangkun: New Novel Again!?
Btw why not update Fairy tail again?

Jurassic Hero (Boku no Hero Academia Fanfic).
1 week ago

Pripriri: You made it so edgy too much that it takes 10 chapters to settle things

Supreme Summoning System · C36
1 week ago
just take the harem tag it's absurd that this is harem when he is just a big fox but no human form.
Coz Even his tail can break those girls lol View More
The White Demon Fox · C0
1 week ago
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