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ChuchunmaruGod: It's Grade-A delicious story. get ittttt


Reincarnated in Star Wars with The System
1 hour ago

neobenmike: Writing quality is good, story development is somewhat cringy with creepy pedobear vibes, character design sucks specially with the mc, mc is cringy and a creep. Another system with a mind of its own fic with wank fic tone

Reincarnated in Star Wars with The System
1 hour ago

Blasphemer: The only good thing about this novel is the number of chapters and update frequency. Thats probably the only reason ppl are reading it.
Now onto the story review,the mc is a guy that has a multiverse system that has a qq farm from the novel as well as the shadow hack.What does he do with his cheats? Nothing he doesn absolutely nothing,im not kidding when i say nothing,its not like those mc that dont abuse their system,the mc literally does nothing with his cheat.He doesnt get strong at all in the first 100 chapters which is the harry potter world.What he does do is basically suck hp's dick and his friends all story long.Whatever he worked hard to get,guess what ? He becomes a tooth fairy and gets it for everyone with a soul in the story.He is basically the cheat for the hp world for everyone.Guess since he doesnt abuse it for himself,he might as well let others abuse it for themselves right?

Now that if that isnt infuriating then we get the whole lets reveal everything to everyone trope,yeah he shows everyone what makes him special etc,why bother with the mind arts if youre gonna reveal everything lol We spend 100 chapters of him basically being the same as any other character in hp probably even worst,he isnt smart,he isnt talented he has a lot of problems but his system can fix it but he doesnt do so heh.

Now we have the next world,a world with vampires and werewolf in it.Guess what he does in such a dangerous world where he can be killed in a moment's notice? He doesnt get supernatural powers from his system oh no he doesnt capitalize on it at all.He chooses to stay human and play mysterious only to almost die from a accident. Pathetic,did i mention he is scared of needles too?

Overall this novel has a useless mc that is a doormat for every single character in every world,probably gonna be a doormat for the characters in the next world too.He is already trying to abuse his system so his vampire crush's problem could be fix rofl.

My Multiverse Trip
1 week ago
Wc. Just helping some low IQ people View More

Felix9713: Thank you, your comment is very insightful.

Felix's Classroom of the Elite
2 weeks ago
You didn't change anything at all.. Mc is still stupid and pathetic View More

Eluka12: I am not going to be so shameless to rate my own novel full stars... I will grade it how I see fit.
writing quality 3. needs work...
stability updates 5. I release every day!
story development 4. could use a lot more work!
Character design 4. I make each character unique!
world background... this is a hard one I rate it 2 and a half if I could... I need to work on that!

My Harem Empire
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C0
I already experience trauma on this gay**** author.
Don't read this ****! Author will just let you experience an otherworldly fetishes he have View More
The Astral Womanizer
2 weeks ago

Aknalogya_El_Layto: I have nothing to say, this book from another's world ,completely different,

When I noticed it was about cards I was disappointed, but start reading the book and you will find why I did give this book rating 5/5 in everything.

The most difficult part to believe is that this is original book, and the author upload 10 chapters daily!

The Master of Cards
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C0
Coxcppxpcpcpcpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpxpcpxpxppcpxpxpxpxpcp View More
I Don't Want To Defy The Heavens
2 weeks ago

Rosano: Mad respect to the author. I love this fiction. Here are my reasons to love this book:
1. Although mc has a system, it only provides him with jutsus(Not some childish boring bs like bloodlines, albilities from other animes etc. )
2. The author respects and appreciates hard work considering how mc growth is one step at a time and gradual as opposed to "Oh I shall join anbu at 6 years old and conquer all beauties !!!!!" Bullsh@t.
3. Author cares fir character development.

2 weeks ago

T0XIN: Shameless Author here.

I know you're disappointed about me dropping my last book, but I assure you this one's worth it. All in all, this is my second attempt at writing something and I have high hopes for it.

Hope you enjoy!

2 weeks ago
That's because your IQ is lower than normal humans View More

Felix9713: It says that you wrote this review at 14th chapter (not sure how exactly it works and if it's the truth but let's say that you dropped it there). At that time I was still at the beginning of so-called "writing" so my experience was none. I was also slightly afraid to create my own plot so I simply replaced Ayanokoji with the MC. I don't want to say that I am much more experienced right now compared to before but I am slowly starting to make my own plot. I was thinking about rewriting some of the oldest chapters because even I don't really like them but then again I said to myself that I can at least use them to compare them with my recent chapters, to see if I have really gotten better at writing or not. (And sure I am lazy + I don't really have that much time for that).
Anyway, I understand your point in this but if your problem isn't just that MC replaces Ayanokoji in certain events but that the MC is practically doing the same thing as Ayanokoji then I can't really change that because creating MC with a different goal while making it entertaining is really hard and not for me.

Felix's Classroom of the Elite
2 weeks ago

Ankit1480: Was interesting at first but became disappointing really fast.
The MC doesn't seem to have any goal or motivation for the future. And despite claiming to be 500+ years old, he doesn't show much maturity.

Martial Artist in Animeverse
2 weeks ago

Suriel8224: Dropped this trash ff is getting worse. Mc is so friendly and likes to show off his useless strength.
Author even planning on making mc join straw hats.
Haixt. Reading mtl one piece ff is better than reading this trash. Dissapointing.. Only the first arc is better. But the problem is author likes to make the mc show off to other important characters that you will just get annoyed by how friendly he is.

You should just dropped this. Mc is so friendly that makes readers want to punch you .

Martial Artist in Animeverse
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C15
Author. Thinks baseball players are superman. Fvking idiot!! Normal person only have 1 stats but a senior of baseball team have 24??
And the mc is useless too. He have op cheat but because he is an idiot he is weaker than others..
You should just dropped this **** .. View More
Life in Diamond no Ace with a system
2 weeks ago
Freaking tras Power levels .
Normal person have fvking 1 point but baseball players have 24?? WTF is that? Is he superman??
And the mc is freaking weak either. I'm out waste of cheat View More
Life in Diamond no Ace with a system · C15
2 weeks ago
His cheat is freaking useless if he is the one using it.
Even watching can give exp why not just watch on TV View More
Life in Diamond no Ace with a system · C11
2 weeks ago
Idiot View More
Life in Diamond no Ace with a system · C8
2 weeks ago
This trash is boring and annoying to read mc is useless and a coward. Nami take all his beris but he didn't do anything. What a stupid villain and useless View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C138
2 weeks ago
Why the fvk every fanfic you recommend always likes talking in their mind and useless? View More
My Self-Insert Stash · C117
2 weeks ago

Suriel8224: Just another guy reincarnated then join luffy crew. It's like the original but with another guy in luffy crew. Why bother read😊😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

Strongest Pirate
1 month ago

FvkYouBoy: I don't like the mc. 👎👎 it feels like a wimpy kid trying to be a badass character.
And he's like a tail following his so call3d onee samaaaa!! Integra 😆 he's pretty much us3less even with all his advantages. Talks like a merciless person but in truth just a coward

Echo Reincarnation Journey Through Multiverse
1 month ago
This novel seeks woman for his harem too.. LoL.
But with isekai mc that only knows how to boast and tell his secrets hahaha View More

Nickelaos_Nogaro: There is lot free novel where you can find your strong MC who only is a badass and seek women for his harem! This novel is more focus on a simple person who got the chance to live a new life and will have to change few by few by finding true allies among the piracy gold age!

Ryumi Pirates Adventures · C0
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
Ryumi Pirates Adventures
1 month ago
He only knows how to boast. But weak as fvk. It's only 1 chapter and I already hate the mc.
This kind of mc doesn't know how to keep secret is the I hate the most. And from he's a beta male too. Maybe. View More
Ryumi Pirates Adventures · C0
1 month ago
I'm out. It's just so bad View More
The God Of Cells in League Of Legends(paused) · C11
1 month ago
The scenes keep jumping. Making me confused. View More
The God Of Cells in League Of Legends(paused) · C9
1 month ago
I don't really like the system. Mc doesn't need that useless thing View More
The God Of Cells in League Of Legends(paused) · C5
1 month ago

Overlord007: Why are you so insistent on saving Krypton!
It is pathetic and should go extinct!!!

And Kara almost killed the MC and his response is Okay!!!!!!
MC has human emotions in the body of a kyptonian with emotion repression but this is too much!!!!
No rage that he almost died again!!!!


Yeah I was reincarnated as a kryptonian.
Oh, I almost died because Kara wanted to test a rumor.
Doesn’t matter.

And why nerf the MC since the start.
I mean nothing goes for him at all and anything he does lands him in more trouble.

I mean if I imagine myself in the MC place, I would kill myself because of how depressing this sh*t is!
Nothing goes for me, almost died from a rumour and no emotions and control over my fate even though i can have so much power!

I usually don’t write such reviews but this one just got under my skin so badly!
I mean it has so much potential yet fails so spectacularly!

Dio El
1 month ago
It feels like he's not using his advantages that much View More
Game of Thrones: The Lion-Blooded Witcher · C5
1 month ago
His speed is already like a teleport. View More
Invincible System start from One Piece · C63
1 month ago
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