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One more chapter left!!! View More
The Great Ruler · C1564
2 months ago
What are the other author' works ? View More

louifey: Really wanted to mention that this chapter bluntly connects 4 works of the author after the mention of Heaven’s Declaration Academy but the end of the chapter .... FINALLY! 😂😂😂

The Great Ruler · C1554
2 months ago
🤣🤣🤣🤣 this is the funniest shit I've heard in this comment section View More

FlyLice: He's the MC. He'll even write down his address, phone number, and email address.

The Great Ruler · C1540
2 months ago
*ass View More

Peter310319: So......who called for some add whopping

The Great Ruler · C1531
3 months ago
So......who called for some add whopping View More
The Great Ruler · C1531
3 months ago
😂 😂 View More

deadpoolpokemon: They are going to turn the Great Thousand Worlds into ruins anyways, why the f*ck would they release him? 😂😂😂

The Great Ruler · C1521
3 months ago
The heavenly evil diety sounds super powerful for the immortal emperor to just seal him and not kill him off. So how the heck is our mc going to stop him if he eventually breaks out (which we know he will) View More
The Great Ruler · C1514
3 months ago
Nah remember the extraterrestrial race are still around maybe the final battle will be with them View More

JahUnit: Ugh the author did such a good job so far compared to his other novels but it seems hees dedicated 50 of the last 100 chapters to muchens friends
Being in danger and him appearing in the last second. This is getting super annoying and ruining the ending imo...i bet next time its the academy, then itll be the wen clan, then itll be luoli(clan sees how good she is and wants her to marry one if their princes). And ofc the final battle will be in mu estate continent...i hope im wrong and that its not as predictable as i think zzz

The Great Ruler · C1452
4 months ago
This dude is the king of triumph cards View More
The Great Ruler · C1412
5 months ago
Bro come on she's literally begging.......you came to the lower planes to help out the natives so help her out View More
The Great Ruler · C1384
5 months ago
😏 well damn....... View More
The Great Ruler · C1382
5 months ago
For ss View More
The Great Ruler · C1320
5 months ago
Reading Status: C1228
I've been reading this whole series ( books) for quite a while and honestly I'm really interested in the extraterrestrial race. Who are they really ? Where do they come from? Do they have like an overall overlord or something? How where they able to make contact with the realms? And why are they looking to conquer them? Is their realm about to collapse because of their negative spiritual energy? Since they were around during the primordial times where they always around? Hotel? Trivago? View More
The Great Ruler
7 months ago
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