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Rlackbabbit: Chinese novels be like:
Luther: *cough's blood from the shock*
St. Dulan: *Bleeds from the 7 orifices from the shame*

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C629
4 hours ago

Zhilbar: Ah, he truly does put the double-ass in assassin.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C612
4 days ago

ImmortalJellyfish: Bu Fang: "Who is Wen Renchou?"

Gourmet of Another World · C649
1 week ago

Trainer_Rusty: Song Shuhang: things have been going great lately
Death: I heard you’ve been looking for me, here’s a cannon to the face.

Cultivation Chat Group · C993
1 week ago

bayernman12: Lets take a moment to appreciate the sacrifice some fellow readers took in buying Privilege, so as to serve an example for future readers to not fall for the scam.😂😂😂

Dual Cultivation · C209
2 weeks ago

Mezzanine: This novel never lets me relax. I'm always so excited for the next chapter.

Omniscient Reader · C408
3 weeks ago


Omniscient Reader · C407
3 weeks ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C551
3 weeks ago

Balor: It's like how games nowadays have trailers with fake gameplay to fool the people😂😂😂

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C551
3 weeks ago
Thanks very much for the chapter! View More
Omniscient Reader · C407
3 weeks ago

Willowy: Ling Lan: I'm interested in you.
Li Lanfeng: I suddenly have the need to skin somebody.
Min Zhenyun: *shivers*

Ling Lan: If I like a man, I have many better looking men around me.
Boss Lan Cult leaders: I feel like Boss Lan complemented me.
Lou Lang: *cough cough*
Li Lanfeng: Good thing I'm the best looking man in the world.
Min Zhenyun: (...so he has a harem?)

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C632
3 weeks ago
It's truly wonderful that this is being regularly updated again. View More
Omniscient Reader · C402
4 weeks ago

McAwesomedude: Why on earth would Roland allow tiping to be introduced into the income/salery system? Its a inferior way to make a living and favors the company, not the worker. From what i've gathered, neither China, Japan or South Korea requires tiping. In some parts of those countries it's acctualy frown upon to tip people for a service. This is Neverwinter, not the USA.

Release That Witch · C1494
4 weeks ago

oDSo: Still waiting for Tang Rou 1v3. This season is ending soon. It will leaves a bad taste if she isn't getting it when Happy won the championship.

Go Tang Rou! We believe in you!

The King's Avatar · C1634
1 month ago

PsychoReaderAimz: Thanks dear translator for the update! I always feel that this novel is underrated!!!this should be on the top 5 or 3 of the best novel here in webnovel!!!

It's Not Easy to Be a Man After Travelling to the Future · C625
1 month ago
You won't regret it. It's really a great story and it is also well-written and well-translated. View More

Mr_SpinelesS: Time to cave in and read the King's Avatar :P

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C521
1 month ago

tri2: I have achieved 100.19% CHAPTER COMPLETION! I HAVE BROKEN MY LIMITS! *Ascends to next cultivation rank*

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C518
1 month ago

Ifham: Yifan also a talented person, remember the time he invented a new technique for ghost blade class that even made all the pro players including YX shocked

The King's Avatar · C1623
1 month ago

Zekken97: Over 1000? Like i said guys, it's probably 1111(111). Lol

Anyway, I think pro players not in the playoffs anymore should be the commentators instead. Like Wang Jiexi emphasizing the 'beautiful stall'. Imagine Huang Shaotian trashtalking Ye Xiu as a special guest hahaha.

The King's Avatar · C1623
1 month ago

yourservant: Rest in pepperonis,, Mysterious Retard Duo. You are literally moonwalking directly into your casket. I'm amazed at this level of deathseeking!

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C488
1 month ago

HavenCustos: Senior white 2: Lolz, so I know I tanked this giant and all but you'll be cool right? my moms making me go to sleep now. >.<

Cultivation Chat Group · C953
1 month ago

Sukyee: Fang Rui be like, 'Our Tang Rou isn't someone just anyone can meet. Du Ming had better ask me for permission first.'

The King's Avatar · C1604
1 month ago

hadesgotz: Is Blacky the judge of master chef? Shura lad got eliminated bcz of his trash taste sword 😂

Gourmet of Another World · C623
1 month ago

sancturillore: It always baffles me how no one (other than Tyranny) considers Su Mucheng for what she really is. She's been essentially raised by Ye Xiu, but even if most don't know that they still know her as the Best Partner of Ye Xiu. Yet, they still don't take into consideration that to be able to fully understand Ye Xiu's thoughts without a time lag she also needs to be able to think like he does.

The King's Avatar · C1598
1 month ago

HalcyonSummer: Every pro-players: Healing during fight when you’re no healer should be banned! Shameless! Dirty! Vile!

Xu Bin: *takes out Sighing Wall and hides* we can hide here, Tian Sen.

Lol even our bravest knight didn’t dare to tank those hate😂

The King's Avatar · C1592
2 months ago

Deadkiddoom: [Many readers are great full for what you've done]
[You've acquired a new story]
[The story 'Translator Love by Readers' has begun]

Omniscient Reader · C362
2 months ago

listenedpromise: Ye Xiu with his Lord Grim is Glory's hidden ultimate boss so red health bar means it's a red blood. Lets just say this is Lord Grim in berserk enraged mode 😅😅😅 Anyone should be cautious!!!

The King's Avatar · C1570
2 months ago

Leioc: When did the translator look handsome?

Of course, it's when he is translating chapters!

Cultivation Chat Group · C912
2 months ago

iamvectorious: That was a GREAT TWIST!!!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1603
2 months ago

NuggerNaut: i just cant get enough of this novel, hands down one of the funnest and freshest novels Ive read in years. keep up the amazing work everyone! i know all of us here really appreciate the amazing release schedule and hard work.

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C348
2 months ago
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