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Nooneatall: Why does the author describe Blacky as fat? He's just cultivating mass!!

Gourmet of Another World · C610
7 hours ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C1
2 days ago
See this! I just gifted the story: Balloon View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C1
2 days ago

Krader: Let's all give author-sama a bit of slack here. I just want to point out that the quality of the translation and frequency are matched by very few other novels and wr pay the same amount of ss for any novel.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1580
3 days ago

Khalis: "As a result, she specifically trained her ears for Glory and improved it even further."
I wonder how that training works.
Ye Qiu: This is the sound of grenades.
<boom> <boom> <boom>
Ye Qiu: This is the sound of Steamed Bun attacking someone.
Steamed Bun: Ayiyiyiyiyiyiyi~
Ye Qiu: This is the sound of a tree falling on Huang Shaotian
Huang Shaotian: F***! F***! F***! <boom>

The King's Avatar · C1556
4 days ago

Khalis: "Try and harass them!" Ye Xiu messaged.
Tang Rou in World Chat: "Zhang Jiale will never amount to anything better than 2nd Place"
"What happened?" Ye Xiu asked.
"One of them is lying on the ground and clutching his stomach" Tang Rou replied.
"Good Job!"

The King's Avatar · C1555
5 days ago

Migole: At the moment Shuhang has the following items which he can produce from within his body:

1) One girlfriend who is also kind of a ghost

2) One girl/lamia made of holy light who likes to French kiss Shuhang’s girlfriend, possibly under the influence of another ghost

3) Roots which even Shuhang has begun to call tentacles

4) Spirit Water capable of prolonging life

5) Incredibly delicious smelling lotus flowers which can combine with other items (IE saber intent grass) to produce even more items

Did I miss anything? Shuhangs methods of cultivating seem to have gone off the rails at some point somehow...

Cultivation Chat Group · C889
1 week ago

zhainan2157: I see a future Doudou in Lady Onion.

Cultivation Chat Group · C885
1 week ago

EndlessEra: This Zhang Xuan shamelessness has just up another level. He's now full of praise for the Zhang clan once he become the clan prodigy.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1563
1 week ago

Yukiibaragi: That little monk is the new strongest member of death seeking sect. And likely to become the master of death seeking sect

Cultivation Chat Group · C881
1 week ago

Karsh: If this talk involves saying thank you for translating this amazing novel for us and always consistently releasing atleast two chapters a day. Then sure I'll come along!

Library of Heaven's Path · C1551
2 weeks ago

keise12k: I’m going to go have a talk with this translator.....Who wants to come with me?

Library of Heaven's Path · C1551
2 weeks ago

BananaKingAsia: OMG..... Wait for 12hours - and happy just 5minutes - and now must wait 12hours again.

Library of Heaven's Path · C1545
2 weeks ago
I am getting so hype right now! View More
Library of Heaven's Path · C1506
1 month ago

SilentWatcher: "People showing off are destined to be struck by Lightning" why thank you for en"lightning" me! I'll show myself the way out now....

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C206
1 month ago
I pray that the cauldron becomes a candy dish that does nothing but sit on the counter filled with free sweets for the rest of the story. View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C206
1 month ago

listenedpromise: YX loves trolling people esp his opponents. Among all Glory pro players there, for opponents, YX's favorite target : 1. HST. 2. ZJL (Yup, SECOND). Because of those two's reactions, it's really fun to provoke them, can't help it. 🤣

The King's Avatar · C1517
1 month ago

NoNameP: Do you feel satisfied being just a normal tribulation? How about that, be my student then I'll teach you and you will be god's lightning tribulation on the future

Library of Heaven's Path · C1472
1 month ago

rugufu: did he just try to keep a low profile?

Library of Heaven's Path · C1458
1 month ago

God_Bard: Spank until you shiiittt

Cultivation Chat Group · C835
1 month ago

k3pa: "he felt as though something had swept through his body" that's just nightingale doing ASMR

Release That Witch · C1347
2 months ago

Jacob0: "I want all of you highly qualified engineers to design a functioning automobile that runs without assembly-made parts and preferably with a magic-powered uranium core." -Roland

Release That Witch · C1251
2 months ago

Foooo: When opponents are over analyzing SBI's tyrannical chain punch. Calm down, he just want to use it. No other reason there.

The King's Avatar · C1480
2 months ago

4HOURS: They will learn our peaceful ways, BY FORCE

Release That Witch · C1198
2 months ago

Dice: Greetings, I come to bring Freedom to your people. I already anticipated your happiness and willingness to comply so no need to say anything just get on the boat.
-King Roland

Release That Witch · C1198
2 months ago

KCA: *Hitting at the back of head Invokes dizzy for 15 seconds*
Special skills: *50% chance of making all characters hit more susceptible to heaven's path scamming art*

Library of Heaven's Path · C1409
2 months ago

AzureWater: A Few chapters later:
Sanctum of Sages turns into the Sanctum of Xuanxuan faction

Library of Heaven's Path · C1385
3 months ago

sancturillore: ... omg. I just realized something about Ye Xiu being Glory's text book. Even the way he acts goes with it. A text book isn't meant to be closed off and kept from people who want to learn and improve. On the contrary, a text book is meant to be read and for people to learn from it.
As such, Ye Xiu is Glory's text book because he's the model almost every single pro-player has studied and learned from, AND he's also a text book that keeps on updating itself. And he doesn't keep his knowledge away from even his opponents. He openly teach them and guide them in the right direction for them to be able to improve themselves further.

The King's Avatar · C1348
3 months ago

Khalis: "Let's decide the winner!"
"Whoever logs out faster wins"
And so Hundred Blossoms won their first point against Team Happy, to Steamed Bun's confusion since he claimed he won.

The King's Avatar · C1143
3 months ago
Reading Status: C1003
This is a pretty bad Mary Sue novel that I started reading so I could understand why it was so popular, but I couldn’t figure it out so read more in the hopes that it would gradually become good (which it didn’t) but by the time I realized that it would never get better, I had already read enough of it that I figured I might as well binge read to the latest chapter (1003 at time of review).

I’ve thought about this novel a lot because it is simultaneously so stupid and mediocre and yet somehow very readable, and I think that the trick is that very few plot points are fully and finally closed before new characters and plot points are introduced—you keep reading to find out what will happen with X, but X isn’t fully resolved before Y starts and takes precedence in the story, and then Z starts and pushes down Y, and X may or may not ever be mentioned again, and so on. I fully admit that it takes skill for a writer to do this effectively, but that is not the same thing as saying that this is well-written or a good story.

I feel the same way about this novel as you would feel about a bag of stale potato chips that you started eating because you were kind of hungry and too lazy to cook but then continued eating because you’d already started eating and didn’t want to throw out the rest of the bag— nothing about the experience is particularly pleasant and you feel confused and regretful at every stage of the process. View More
Trial Marriage Husband: Need to Work Hard
3 months ago
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