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White_Clown: i like idea about make MC be Weapon Master but other idea is too OP 😅
maybe he can kill Madara before Kaguya's awakening 😅
how about make him use unique weapon later like killua's yo-yo (HubterxHunter) or Sanjiegun (Triple Stick)

CHUUNOBI - Naruto FanFiction · C14
1 hour ago

BloodRiverDaoist: Monogamous Monogamous
Monogamous Monogamous
Monogamous Monogamous
Monogamous Monogamous
Monogamous Monogamous?

3 hours ago

BloodRiverDaoist: Monogamous Monogamous Monogamous Monogamous Monogamous Monogamous Monogamous if I repet it a lot of times that increases the number of votes for monogamous that's how it works right?😇🤔

3 hours ago

BloodRiverDaoist: Monogamous please

3 hours ago

Weirdo: Suddenly a pig that could use illusion appear, shouting in language of gods, "I WANT THE FOREVER WARM AND FRESH PANTIES THAT JUST TAKE OFF FROM THE WHOLE UNIVERSE BEAUTIES!!!!!!! "

I am Krillin! · C46
5 days ago

AlmightyAsterisk: I never doubted fairy tales popularity and kinda expected it to win but after this plz do one as mc being in fullmetal alchemist as a living philosopher stone of infinite power.

If you don't want to then don't just consider the idea for a few minutes.

《Infinite Stamina》 · C0
1 week ago

Illusory_Reality: I have an idea !!!

How about , instead of using the super dragon balls to wish for a planet earth in universe 6 ...... you can make some people from universe 7's earth go to a habitable planet in universe 6 .... this way a super wish is preserved and can be used for another thing

I am Krillin! · C43
1 week ago
Maybe you could make it so that Harry doesn’t get chosen for the tournament?! (It would be an interesting twist 😁👍) View More
Rise of House Cason · C82
1 week ago

Ammar_monim: You should settle down in one world.

《Infinite Stamina》 · C0
1 week ago

thotieslayer: One piece

《Infinite Stamina》 · C0
1 week ago

Mhopedo77: Before mc go to next world, please edo tensei him in naruto world.....

《Infinite Stamina》 · C46
1 week ago
Interesting 🧐😁 View More
Did you say the Demon Lord was a...? · C2
2 weeks ago

Illusory_Reality: You can make him find the other part of the buddha scripture in the 6th universe

Make it that when he finishe mastering the buddha scripture , and his sacred ki purity is 100%
He can begin to fuse the benelovent buddha stand within his body , then he will be able to sense god ki and absorb it , then try to create a god ki mode or a god ki power multiplier technique

I am Krillin! · C34
2 weeks ago
Reading Status: C26
Really hard to find a good Si, thanks for posting this 😁✌️ . . View More
My Self-Insert Stash
2 weeks ago

KaiokenGuy: There will be no more women added towards Krilins harem, two is enough and I could kill the story by adding more, I can't write harems properly, even normal relationships are a stretch for me, I can't write romance.

I am Krillin! · C31
2 weeks ago

AdrianVeidt: Good decision author..i agree

I am Krillin! · C31
2 weeks ago

BackroundCharacter: Sorry, its almost the end of the quarter at my school. So I’ve recently been hit with a Truck kun full of homework... So I’ll be able to start releasing chapters again once I’ve managed to get caught up with school again... Also, happy New Years everyone👍 (Science homework = 99% complete) (English homework = #####?!|+,^|>{*.*?%%%%%% ERROR..............)... Um... I think I should get back to... That..... (Flips through more pages of English homework)... (Inhales)..... (Exhales)..... I’ve got a lot of work to do... (Spots a baby centipede).................... I SWEAR TO GANDOLF, I HOPE ANTHONY SUCCEEDS IN ERADICATING YOUR KIND FROM THE DUNGEON... (Spots a baby centipede outside my room)... Well, the good news is that the centipedes don’t only exist inside my room alone anymore... The bad news is that they live all throughout the house now... (Sigh) I’ll be getting back to my homework now, so I hope you all have a wonderful day, and remember everyone. The only good centipede, is a dead centipede..... ☠️

So... I Reincarnated as a Dungeon Core... In the Middle of the Ocean... · C21
3 weeks ago

shiaoshiao: Hmm , I don't think he ever got a skill to manipulate mothers.

Chrysalis · C28
3 weeks ago

MartialGodd: Instead of gold digger , you made 18 more of bald digger😂😂🤣🤣

I am Krillin! · C29
3 weeks ago

manny0101: ... That was anticlimactic.

I am Krillin! · C29
3 weeks ago
Is this dropped? (I hope not...) View More
So... I Reincarnated as a Dungeon Core... In the Middle of the Ocean... · C21
3 weeks ago

CANAAN: Why you even read comments I don't know, but you should never focus on them as long as you're writing your story. That's the number 1 way to lose motivation.

I would have given you a full rating, the only reason I did not do so is because you use chapters for **** like this.

You should be mature enough to realise by now that 99 percent of the commentors are tolls or people who want to bend an author to write the story they themselves envision. They're all trash.

So why do you read comments at all? It's not worth it. Focus on doing and writing what you like, post the store you love and do **** all regarding people and their comments.

Sakura Is Reincarnated · C17
3 weeks ago

willy_aprianto: Happy new year sorry late,, and sensei where new year chap 😢😢😂😂

Sakura Is Reincarnated · C17
3 weeks ago

willy_aprianto: Sensei i like u story so dont need to pay the haters attention

Sakura Is Reincarnated · C17
3 weeks ago

PanKeRio: Well its not like he Has to make A big familia with a god from skyrim
I mean u can write it as mc asking to akatosh for this blessing or falna to acclimate in this world and maybe A way for him to recruit People as in bestow further blessings by using dragon tongue
Or Simply akatosh giving him A shoutto recreate The falna
Or mc making one
Afterall if he knows The right words he can do so

Kiir kogaan
Child blessing

For 3rd Word Depends how u want it to go
If u want others to learn shouts go with
Sil meaning soul
Or maybe If dont want to
Brod meaning clan
Dun meaning grace
Hun meaning Hero

Depends what u want
It u do not want to create dragon words There is already some on wiki Ready to use

And that would be all needed honestly
Really akatosh does not have to be There in person
Sides hes A dragon so it would be a bit bad to intermingle with other gods
But doesnt have to be this way
Akatosh can stay in his own realm
Give mc his own place in akatosh realm in A dragon body if he dies as he Has a dragon soul
And also mc can go back to life if There is someone that can use The shout alduin used to bring dragons back as those with dragon souls are immortal

If u like sth from this but have A problem just reply to me with ur dilemma and I might give you A solution Depends on what u want and where do u want to go with it really

Is It Wrong To Be A Khajiit in a dungeon · C9
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter 😁✌️ View More
Is that a Wisp? · C101
3 weeks ago
Good story 😁✌️ View More
Ascendance: The Rebirth of the Unknown Gamer · C5
3 weeks ago

Foul_MouthedFatty: Story is nice
Why there is no comments???

Ascendance: The Rebirth of the Unknown Gamer · C5
3 weeks ago

Chaoticmike: If you go premium then you can’t have a patreon and you give up your rights to the story and in the future if you want to put it on amazon you can’t.

Is that a Wisp? · C99
3 weeks ago
Thanks for the chapter 😁✌️ View More
Saving The Future · C42
4 weeks ago
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