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Original Works

  • Blind mans rise

    Blind mans rise

    Eastern Fantasy

    A boy born with an unfortunate circumstances living a life of peace in prosperous land When one day the land is attacked by bandits forcing him to move and experience the world like few other have


why has no one commented this is just the armor from the crysis sieries View More
The Legendary Mechanic · C176
4 months ago
Cm on man the guns a force of nature View More

Skeithking: I'v heard of rocket jumps but never a shotgun jump lol

Night Ranger · C221
6 months ago
Everything he got from the night walker clasd is badicly things to be used obly at night and passives that cant be used as skills View More

kessu91: so he just straight out forgot every fucking night walker skill he got and got done in like by a equal rank freak? or the fairy ring? the aoe fire atc? must have hit his head on the way down seeing as how he went full retarded suddenly...

Night Ranger · C116
6 months ago
Its stated by his bloodline rement that there are trillions of places like his they cant just walk out out and go to it the have no idea where it is and could be in any direction View More

Fujitora: Yes, he said multiple times. It's normal to "casually" dismiss this and his origins be a mystery. This novel's true name is "King of Mentally Challenged", so it makes sense.

King of Gods · C441
6 months ago
THe ****ty part about this is that in recent chapters he said his eyes he has dousnt difrentiate between the to kinds anymore as their both part of the game View More
The World Online · C193
7 months ago
I actually see that it also changes depending on your ruling if you just a town maror their is now need to have people bowing and worshiping you as it should be more of a tight knit family group than a county ruler whos is supposed to be calm collect and have ediquit then if not people would take him for a joke and tey to control him View More

BlasterXL: To have king and emperor class historical figures sit on the ground while in the beginning when he saw common peasants trying to bow before him he'd stop them because he wasn't looking for 'empty worshiping'

Just how power effects people like a plague

And he is supposed to be the MC,, Shame, SHAME !

The World Online · C163
7 months ago
Its because he wasn't listening i know that that is quite an insult and very offensive to some people besides who like to be ignored View More

AS17: Eh, could that even be called an argument? Why is she even sad? And why is he apologising? Making up? For bening distracted and not having the mood to talk? If anything she is the one who is not respecting his worries and personal issue by demanding his attention.

The World Online · C150
7 months ago
Might semm that way but to me it was more of a proper introduction that a in game charactar where most people fake how they are View More

AS17: Ahh first completely useless chapter of the novel...

The World Online · C125
7 months ago
They are still the dectectives to get the evidence of cases and things like that this is more like the acual court room (pencil pushers). View More

Gross_Toad: Seriously, where did One-Eye, Iron Hand, and One-Ear go then?

The World Online · C112
7 months ago
Is it just me or does anyone else imagine him as a smoker, just after somthing happeneds i always amagine him taking a puff of a cigeret View More
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian · C568
7 months ago
I would imagine that it means start using items to increase damage or attack speed View More

ExplodingOwlbear: So, does everyone use crappy, half-hearted skill rotations until someone says "Increase your damage output" or what? It seems an incorrect term to use for an if they're supposedly the best guild in the game, and thus, should already be highly proficient in using top-tier skill rotations.

MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian · C427
7 months ago
"Arn't all the orcs green? why are they all red her?" well its cause they drank the blood of manoroth View More
MMORPG: Rebirth of the Legendary Guardian · C311
7 months ago
Hey man pretty sure he said five days its been 3 now i believe View More

ChronoFaust: Yeah, it's just Lin Fan is lazy unlike shuhang who keep looking at the cooker and adding water to it.
And Shuhang in the same world as Lin Fan confirmed😀

A Valiant Life · C561
9 months ago
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