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No problem with the love part but make it slow or her part. Him having stronger feelings for her will save us lots of headaches, thx u. 😪 owh for That Fang girl he should b honest on not wanting her. She will find trouble with the fl anyway, from the way i c it. View More
Colorful Rebirth · C89
2 days ago

ghaziyan: If u work with someone day and night with some life and death matter.. Happened to see the true person in this situation.. It's natural to develop feeling how deep it is depends on ur heart defiance.. Like from dialogue b/w two v get to know that ming shu feeling r olny upto likings and caring.. Not deep for time being and yifeng already on the path of love.. So their romance it's not sudden for me... Thanks for release chapters.. #ming shu❤️yifeng.. ML❤️FL... always.

Colorful Rebirth · C89
2 days ago
Author ur the best😂😂😂i laughed so hard my tummy hurts View More
The national prince charming took first place again · C440
2 months ago
I really have a question for the author! Uhm if u don't mind asking where r u going with this novel!? I'll b danm if u let that mo guy b with her in the end... Even if yu and mo r the same person idc just leave her alone or found a man she loves but danm seriously ima flip if they end up together😑😒 View More
First Marriage, then love: wife, never divorce · C396
2 months ago

Smiiley: Hey Author @feipei
You know your novel is damn good right?
Is that the reason why you keep torturing your readers by not updating!!

The Return of the Devil's Wife · C85
2 months ago
The content has been deleted
The wife of a powerful family: Huo Shao, how dare you flirt with me · C380
2 months ago
Ud b assassinated by those ants before a week gone by😂😂😂 View More

Daoist_lover: Woow if only I could do what she does instead of being a couch potato

Reborn at Boot Camp: General, Don't Mess Around! · C48
4 months ago
So r u trying to tell me that they never have sex and they talking about dual cultivation!? Wth!!!!! Just call the damn thing robing skin View More
Lady Cultivator · C310
6 months ago
My question is how did lily's mother ended up living with qin mo!? I mean its obvious to say that he knows shes not his daughter. And y going all the way to remove her uterus?? I mean seriously, I'm pretty sure its the stepmother's way but come on man remove her uterus for what!? And again y is this man looking for lily!? View More
The Villain's Wife · C278
6 months ago
The power of reading many novels View More
Ultimate Goddess System · C4
6 months ago

girl9020: Sounds like this family is full of psychopaths

Princess Agents · C6
7 months ago
Any of u ever ready something that ur so scared or embarrassed of what gon b said next u just stop there for a moment!? Idk where the feeling comes from but its there😂😂 and it pisses me off especially after she scream I'm like ohhh s**** I'm not gone read what happen next its too embarrassing 🙈 View More
Reborn: Runaway Bride · C2
7 months ago
The system is really trying to kill u sofy haha😂. With a guy like Gio I mean come on! And u gotta cheat on him and on top of that its not just fucking its an whole being official girlfriend stuff 😹 View More
The Sinners' Queen · C10
7 months ago
Rune still doesn't get it does it!? Its not about protecting her its about her being able to protect herself. She was right under ur nose and they took her away if it wasn't for figs training and Leon attacking moves u wouldn't have find her. U don't want ppl to touch her then teach her urself. Ur making her feel useless just cuz of ur fear that she'll leave once she become powerful, ur keeping her to urself but ur forgetting of her having a family and friends. View More
Return · C94
7 months ago
Like lily said u didn't know what the feeling of being abandoned by Iran own family was and now u know haha View More
The Villain's Wife · C192
8 months ago
How foolish tsk tsk.... U don't get ur parents killed again.... I'm pretty sure they didn't have an accident probably his enemies kill them but here u r.... And again haha imagine b here laughing to c how hurt u gon b when he gon play u like a puppet never go home always thinking bout his dead lover everything hehe this is going to b fun Cuz ull b hurt broken. View More
Rebirth:. I Hate My CEO Husband · C35
8 months ago
Oh my! Haha li ur in deep s*** haha View More
My Beautiful Commander · C106
8 months ago
I think ima vomit blood from all those acting Yooo😂😂😂😂im dying over here View More
Genius Doctor: Black Belly Miss · C1651
8 months ago
Author its all ur fault I almost die from chocking. On I got a black too, its called Louis Vuitton😂😂😂haha View More
9 months ago
I think 008 brought the butterflies. Specially he knew she would fall and to make her let go of tang xi he had her surrounded. View More
Strike Back, Proud Goddess! · C148
9 months ago
Secret room!? Find kimtan naked!? Or he was listening!? Which one is it arrrrrggggggh View More
It's Payback Time : dont mess with me · C113
9 months ago
Everytime I read this chapter, I could c myself stabbing him sooooo many times yo😂 View More
Evil Emperor's Wild Consort · C49
9 months ago
Since the class is called "devil class" make it worth the name. U have the old man, and the overlord and ur also an alchemist. Change the class make it the top class in the school. Make it worth the devil meaning have the 2 instructors to build their bodies. The old man for cultivating and other stuffs u as the pill mater help em too and the overlord for dangerous missions View More
Overlord, Love Me Tender · C216
9 months ago

ayuzaawa: Dear author why not put 2 chapter in one go instead of this torture cause sure I can't take it anymore pretty please I am not asking for more 🙏🙏

MRS Qin who do u think Lily is she isn't the same girl who would take your bullying without saying a thing and she isn't like her mom either so just u wait till she take care of u lot

The Villain's Wife · C82
9 months ago
Lily, ur such a bad girl😂😂😂. And zuo's even worse 😂he already know exactly what lily wants oh and haha I'm pretty he's really mad tho View More
The Villain's Wife · C82
9 months ago
I'm 100℅ sure that she'll b with Troy. Cuz after all this playing in bed thing she should b pregnant or something. Anyway I font want her either Shawn a man that when hes mad that won't listen well it might b ok in a way and pretty bad in another way. When she said she blacked out he should've asked if she had been drugged and what does that mean ur leaving ur woman naked in a bed with another man just cuz ur mad!? Y didn't u drag her out. And yes he did made this mistake just like Julian I'm pretty sure that julia's not his daughter that I'm sure of it just cuz Victoria did the test that doesn't u couldn't do it urself and yup that cuz someone's life. Just like Shawn didn't drag jillian out there to watch the CCTV nor made her take a drug test that mistake alone nearly cost her her life. View More
Revenge: Queen of the Fashion World · C24
9 months ago
Y do I feel like wei lan's husband is just gon b here to monitor Liwei!? View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C458
9 months ago
Oh my 😂😂😂 hes already playing her with a ring and blood, a freaking alliance 😂😂 View More
Overlord, Love Me Tender · C6
9 months ago

LittleIfrit: Oh, man! U showed up just to ruin ur crush's plan! 😂😂😂😂😂

Codename:Phoenix · C38
9 months ago
Oh my gooooooodddd my heart just stopped View More
Codename:Phoenix · C35
9 months ago
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