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This was such a turn off.... Bye View More
Immaculate Spirit · C79
1 day ago
Welcome back....!!! View More
The Unknown God · C37
2 weeks ago
zZZ View More
Draconic Online · C24
1 month ago
I will be honest...at first I was really confused why mc being an assassin was fighting like a berserker trading hit for hit...
But now I understand you have been greatly inspired by Assassin's Creed series...
Currently liking the story haven't checked last update date yet hope you have not dropped this story... View More
Draconic Online · C14
1 month ago
Will you continue the story??? View More
The Unknown God · C36
1 month ago
Just finished reading from the 1st to current chapter...

And can't wait for more... View More
Omni-Mastery · C139
1 month ago
Search for the wolf king's core... View More
Omni-Mastery · C45
1 month ago
See this! I just gifted this : 5x throwing knives View More
Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C614
1 month ago
Also they will die if they jump in water(river n stuff) in AC I. View More

Daxude: And they will discover the biggest technique of stealth : jump in the hay, or sitting on a public chair

Black Tech Internet Cafe System · C614
1 month ago
Loot the battlefield....so much stuff...infinite inventory... View More
The Origin World System · C4
1 month ago
And no cooking emperor please..had too much of harem mc being the chef of the group.. View More

YeHanying: Please make the mc immune from girl's power like looking at him with puppy eyes or glare.. From what i imagine he is an emperor so he should not show weaknesses! Noice Prologue !

Super Emperor System · C1
1 month ago
How frequently will you release new chapters? View More
Super Emperor System · C1
1 month ago
I forgot what the story was about..
Had to re-read it..
Don't drop please..
Will there be regular updates? View More
Machine-O-War · C28
1 month ago
Shit the Mc is beginning to awaken god complex(type nagato or Pain).... View More
One piece- With a Naruto system · C15
1 month ago
Such a bad entrance..
At mc could have used universal pull on luffy and luffy will have star in his eyes... View More
One piece- With a Naruto system · C2
1 month ago
Why an annoying system? View More
One piece- With a Naruto system · C1
1 month ago
Because the mc can show off??
No need to worry about the number of enemy after all. View More

Coeur_noirs: Why the **** a crew for that retarded rubber man

One piece- With a Naruto system · C1
1 month ago
We readers support any good novel that we come across...
But the author also need to continue them so please don't "drop" like so many other authors who promised not to drop but it has been a year without any new chapters...please don't be like them... View More
Absolute Stealing · C31
1 month ago
Common author you can do 2 more...!!!!
Please..... View More
In Other Realms with My Own System · C30
1 month ago
Mc: very well then I won't be showing you all old greedy geezers other higher grade books I planed to show... :B View More

Aulibaba66: Thanks for the chapter.
Why don't he pressure these greedy old geezers? When you look at how much money he gets for it is nearly nothing.

In Other Realms with My Own System · C30
1 month ago
That's it??
Only 2 chapters?
More please.. View More
In Other Realms with My Own System · C29
1 month ago
Good job. :D View More

Wolf555: saber-------Artoria Pendragon
caster------Tamamo no Mae
assasin-----King Hassan
ruler--------Qin Shi Huang
avenger----Oda Nobunaga
shielder----Ajax The Greater
alter ego---Okita Alter
gunner-----Emiya Alter

Fate/Heroes · C1
1 month ago
No name for siblings? Or mc's mom?
No interaction between mc n the twins.. View More
Unknown path · C6
1 month ago
The mc became M sad View More
My Martial Spirit is System · C10
1 month ago
Nice and interesting take on the cultivation world....

1 particular problem:
How is mc going to answer when asked where did he get those legendary sutras??
The lesser grades can be said he researched those himself , him being a genius etc.

The story is good but it feels like reading a summary of a novel. There is very few character interactions.

About his slaves: how on earth have they managed to become high levelled cultivators??? Some even same level as mc.? View More
In Other Realms with My Own System · C27
1 month ago
God:of you go and no keeping of your memories... Lol

Mc: oh sh*t.... View More
Otaku in fairy tail · C1
1 month ago
Fainted?? Really..??
Are cultivators so weak willed? View More
Dual Cultivation · C203
1 month ago
Finally a new chapter.... View More
Harry Potter And The Rise Of Golden Falcon · C61
1 month ago
Can't the mc just teleport the arsenal stuff in his home basement?? He can loot so much stuff.. View More
Absolute Stealing · C28
1 month ago
Are you sure elina is not the mc?? View More
The Chronicles of Elijah · C37
1 month ago
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