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but wat if it's an upgraded version were whenever he completes a task the path deems challenging he gets the equivalent of a life in any record he visits cause he would obviously get kicked out of atleast 1 on his journey but the path would consider him not wanting that therefore giving him an ability that even if his soul is destroyed in a certain record or he receives damage that would cause him to leave the record the ability would do something akin to the effigy of a hero thing to allow him 2 atleast escape View More

KatSlap: What if the 12 Labors thing is about Vahn's unhidden and hidden innates.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1279
1 day ago
that's true but at the same time none of them were probably as pure as vahn
he saved lives while being in an isolated and controlled state so he was unable to do any actual bad
he had probably not even killed an ant or fly View More

Heinz5003: More like the most unknown variable, just the mere fact that Vahn got the path is probably related since while very rare there would definitely be people who saved a lot more lives than Vahn. A genius who invented something that saved lives, a hero from another world etc but that won't grant them the possibility or the path to reach tier 9

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1165
4 days ago
the comic is currently ahead of this😔 I was hoping to read ahead View More
Rebirth Of The Urban Immortal Cultivator · C300
1 week ago
I hope he doesn't end up taking this mother and daughter(or sister) pair View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C1093
1 week ago

Destrucfor: He just ignored all the restrictions. Honestly it was very funny. It really reminded me of invisible dragon.

Whenever I read a commenter that ignored something you already established, it's frustrating

For example, ******* is his goal, the path is the metaphysical manifestation of his compass, and his ability is what restricts him. Until he becomes strong enough, the path is nothing more than possible guidelines granted for Vahn to explore.

In other words, given enough time he will inevitably become powerful, to simply ignore that buildup is to ignore the entire story. Honestly I'm excited to see what you do with the idea of xenos, spirit beasts, souls.

Buddhism would make us believe all living things have souls, and all souls are souls. But the natural state of a soul is a human soul. That a soul travels through different incarnations in different lives as different beings. (Beasts, human, demons.. I think there's one more but I forget) This is why when spirit beasts cultivate, they in turn develop a human form.

A social representation of a religious concept. It's the same as when writers include god, or angels or demons following Catholicism.

Personally, you are mixing a good series of rules following records from anime worlds and anime related worlds (focusing on type moon and granblue fantasy) I'm excited for the ways the subordinates improve going forward.

How many will prioritize chaos beast concepts? Remaining as an animal and improving those attributes. How many instead will attempt to become more and more human?

So far there are both types of people surrounding Vahn. Honestly I do not envy you, going to other worlds and not picking up a myriad of lovers will be hard with Vahn being the way he is. I could only imagine him showing up in something akin to highschool DxD..

As funny as it would be, I don't think it should be somewhere he should go next. Personally the places he could visit would be considered both how they could help him improve, or have him experience something he is lacking. This would be akin to Harry Potter (a place to relive a childhood, or allow his children a new world to explore safely) or the Touhou Games world (scarlet devil mansion) to find people in similar situations.. or even clockwork tower (fate series) to improve his study of magic...

However I personally see him traveling to Negima! To learn Magic Erebea, then he would go to granblue fantasy next.

This is the logic outcome, his repertoire includes Eva as a teacher and a priority, said magic system as a way to improve danmachi, then the majority of his naming seemed to be influenced by Granblue fantasy. Which would be really cool to read about him being able to travel there!

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C0
1 week ago
Reading Status: C157
..................................................................................................................................good novel View More
Gacha Sovereign
2 weeks ago
stop the fillers please🙏🙏🙏
this novel used 2 be so much better
u should go back 2 making it about a fox's journey it's starting 2 lose its uniqueness
the system has been used 4 kingdom building already but he isn't strong enough nor does he know enough
he hasn't explored anywhere and his harem is building up 2 quick
plus he is wayyyyy 2 young
how long has he been alive in the novel
probably barely a year
so the mc is 1 year old
sure he has maturity from last life but shouldnt he hav spent more time as a beast
or at the very least conquered that forest area before he gained human form and started building a village/kingdom
the way the story is going the only good thing is his panic persona
and he is advancing 2 fast
ur gonna run out of cultivation levels soon and when he has 2 move 2 a better place what's going 2 happen 2 the village/kingdom
is he just gonna start making a village/kingdom where ever he goes
and he is starting 2 come of as more of a generic human cultivator
this novel started of well and I really dont want 2 see it ruined in the future View More
Golden Fox with System · C216
2 weeks ago
I admit that having 2 many gruesome chapters wont be nice but do u want this novel 2 end up with an mc that finishes his enemies in the generic way View More

Celecial: I'll make the request again that rape is kept out of this book. Its deeply disturbing, especially If it's the mc doing it.

Dragon God System · C99
3 weeks ago
I feel like this webnovel is going to be a kingdom building one View More
Golden Fox with System · C207
1 month ago
then scroll down before u start reading and quickly comment 1st
and then later when u done reading u can comment ur oppion View More

WeavingSpider: Will i ever get to write "first"?
No no no i will not because my tea, which i drink while reading, needs time.

Golden Fox with System · C207
1 month ago
are there more chapters on another website? or did u just stop
I doubt u will answer this🤷‍♂️ View More

Blue_Ocean: I wish to stick with it, and you make a good point... May the heavens smite me if I don't write 100 chapters.... *please life be kind to me*

The Evolving Stealth System
1 month ago

grimzen: A poison on the way to kill the mc the question who going to block the attack. The writer all ready done for shadowing to it. Like after the attack he choose his side

Gacha Sovereign · C98
1 month ago
Reading Status: C77
waggdkfykfyiyfidyiruiuogyiguofyiyiftuftigitdifyifhidgidtitditdietietitdudtusrussrusruwrurayeateateatetgood novel
wish there were daily updates tho View More
Dragon God System
2 months ago

XiaoNing2: Jurubeba Fact: For most people, the holiday season is synonymous with joy and fond memories, but not for this couple. Jason and Jenny Lawrence carry bad memories of their vacation. The first one went to New York in September 2001. Yes, the couple witnessed the worst terrorist attack the United States has ever seen. After that, the couple decided never to return to New York. But that was not the only tragedy they experienced.

In 2005 they were in London, just when the clandestine suicide bomb attack took place in the English capital, the worst in English history. Three years later, in 2008, the couple decided to travel again, this time the destination was Mumbai, what could go wrong? Again, the couple witnessed another terrorist attack that took place on November 26 of that year. This has killed 160 people and is considered the worst attack in the history of India. Undeniably, this couple is very unlucky indeed.

Golden Fox with System · C128
2 months ago
The content has been deleted
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C993
5 months ago
Reading Status: C993
nice story tho it ruined "Is it wrong to pick up girls in a dungeon" for me because this is so much better.......................................................................................... View More
Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos
5 months ago

OPPAIMASTA: Thanks ein I cant go back to the anime now

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C986
5 months ago
new chaps? View More
Empty-Project-3 · C0
7 months ago
He has a child with alexa
Do u really think it will turn out differently
The child will probably still chose 2 be a female because it knows it cant beat vahn
And all it takes is 4 vahn 2 use 1 of his most powerful forms and the cycle conti... View More

BattleKing10000: the path needs to give vahn some sort of trial to get over lenneth if he wants to get with alexa because it's not right to mess with her instincts if he really loves her for who she is, A TRUE DRAGON, not a human, especially because he isn't even human anymore.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C939
7 months ago
Is there english version View More

Alkogol: This translated 3 years ago. All chapters have long been translated 😠. Wixiaworld all translated......,......................................................................,....................

Dragón enroscado
7 months ago
Is there english version View More

Alkogol: This translated 3 years ago. All chapters have long been translated 😠. Wixiaworld all translated......,......................................................................,....................

Dragón enroscado
7 months ago
Reading Status: C1
👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌👌 View More
Can all you fucking bts kpop and jook fans stop spamming the fanfic area
7 months ago
Reading Status: C200
There are 1000+ chapters and yet only around 1/12th is free😓😢😓😢😓
Really wanna continue but 1000 chapters each at around 6 stones is a bit much View More
Super Gene
7 months ago
U know now u going 2 hav 2 wait 4 new chapters instead of them just flowing endlessly
Also shouldnt vahn be dealing with more pressing matters before they become bigger proubles(like dealing with amazons) View More

Requien: I finally made it i finally did reach to the daily updated chaps after reading so long i made wait what a new chap ooooo😂😂

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C923
7 months ago

Requien: I finally made it i finally did reach to the daily updated chaps after reading so long i made wait what a new chap ooooo😂😂

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C923
7 months ago
1000+ of chapters but so few are free😢 View More
Super Gene · C200
7 months ago
Get ready 4 cliff hangers until around the 160th chapter View More
Monster Paradise · C1015
7 months ago
Reading Status: C28
.....................................................................................................................................nice novel
Pls dont drop it View More
7 months ago

Banana_Bomb: knew it, Thypon would show up somehow, never thought it would be in the very next chapter, and the one battling father of all monster would be enyo instead of zeus.

still sticking my gun, that enyo aim is to free ouranos kin, the depth of the dungeon is actually tartarus and the titans are imprisoned there.

you cant bring echidna up without thypon. glad you bring that OG of monster to light.

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C885
8 months ago
Wat if its cliff hanger sama
I dont think vahn would win that 1 View More

Ricardo_Miloos: I had a sudden thought. If Vahn reach the peak of all, everything beneath him and only one who could oppose him? Does Author-sama plan to name that foe Einlion?

Endless Path : Infinite Cosmos · C885
8 months ago
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