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This ***** is the reason why tangxi dead, she put a bomb in tangxi 🛬 so that she can have the male lead. Tsk! Grrr really wanna kill her!

She wanted the fame, glory, fortune and the man of tang xi. View More
Strike Back, Proud Goddess! · C59
2 days ago
No! Author please have mercy to both little monkey and kaixin! 😭😭😭 View More
Be My Strength · C407
2 weeks ago
5years? Equivalent for another cute mini davi. 😊😊😊 View More
I Love You, Monster: The Blindfolded Wife x The Masked Husband · C291
2 weeks ago
Na, I think she can't seduce him, that ling man is not like zheng scum who has no taste and brain to know, who is ***** and not. View More

XiaoReiChan: I knew it, that was her! 😁

It's funny that Xia Mengxi is thinking how stupid the other socialites are but in fact she's just the same as them. And why do I have a feeling that her supposed intention was to help that Zheng scum but it feels like she's gonna snatch this Ling guy the next opportunity she gets. Who's with me on this? 🤔

Mr. Tycoon's Daring Wife · C169
2 weeks ago

maeshart: Wew, so that woman, really was her mom. Haists! 😄😄😄 what a badass mother, owws! She help her daughter to get out to that place.

Thanks! Author, for update! 😊😊😊

Dear Young Master, Spare Me Please? · C145
3 weeks ago
Hmp! They want to take iris down? Iris no need to use her hand 'cause the badass big bro, will make him realize what is so called hell it is.
Try to plan to hurt his sister? Hmp! Gonna be your doom!

Your just an illegitimate child, because you born from lust not from love. Gees! So that was expected. View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C319
3 weeks ago
I just want this princess to behave herself, not plotting a scheme or anything. Like stealing someone's husband just to gain a power that she want or destroying friendship of Soujin and Yan.

Cause if that happens, Died end was her ending from Junhua and Soujin. View More
Flowers Bloom from Battlefield · C385
1 month ago

Jae_Sehyun: The unlucky couple that will get slaughter by Soujin shall they anger him.

TBH I don't like Xiao Meng tho.

Flowers Bloom from Battlefield · C385
1 month ago

maeshart: Gosh! No! Little zi? You just pretend right? 😭😭😭

Dear Young Master, Spare Me Please? · C130
1 month ago
Oh please! Big bro long hui, don't become a villain cause you will be dead to real big bro of Iris.
😄😄 View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C286
1 month ago
Did that ***** feiyan think she can seduce when shen yi? Tsk! What a *****. Feeling true heiress of sun? But the truth is a thief, steal someone position and things then act like a benevolent noble woman.
Gees! Really want to kill her. View More
Little Miss Devil: The President's Mischievous Wife · C218
1 month ago
Sorry emperor!
But your empress now, was happy jumping, catching prey or some interesting in the forest with your little brother Jiang liu while laughing to their heart content. View More
The Employed Empress · C135
1 month ago
Start to understand what is x'rated, 🤔
After reading this,
I prefer fighting scene or killing and cursing villains. View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C265
1 month ago

StanLJP: That girl they mentioned they wanted to marry to Zhehan , can already see her making trouble and causing drama in the future. Another pretentious female who thinks the ML is entitled to them since they’ve liked them since childhood and such. On another note, quite like the in-laws. A chance for her to experience some real motherly and fatherly love for the first time.

Secret Marriage : Wife Spoiling Husband · C121
1 month ago

lorcamayie: Every time I see the emperor with yei ning!
My mood become worse, then skip the scene where emperor and his noble consort on it.🤢🤢🤢

The proceed towards empress, Jiang liu or anyone else. 😄😄😄
Thanks! For update, Author!

The Employed Empress · C134
1 month ago
160 View More

huaxue: I wonder at which chapter she will divorce him? I really can't see that anymore 😢 poor her

The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses · C63
1 month ago
Haha, the torment is getting crazy.
Long journey of suffering for fl before ml realize he love her.
160 chapters I think. 🤢🤢🤢

Thanks for update, Author!
Temporary stop reading this, continue when it's on 160 or 165 chapters.
So that I can't make curses every chapters that fl suffer, due to her stupid husband. View More
The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses · C63
1 month ago

maeshart: Na, he never change, wait before their baby die and got divorce by her, that the time he realize everything he did, but it's too late already, so stupid really!

Oops! Sorry author! Got carried away, and give some spoilers. But thanks, Author for updates! 😊
Cause my head is aching just to use google translate for reading this novel.

The Wealthy Psychic Lady: 99 Stolen Kisses · C62
1 month ago

maeshart: I can't wait to see, when mhutantan request for divorce against prince li in front of empress dowager. 😊
Thanks! Author! For, updates. 😊😊😊
But more, please! 🙏

Don't worry, i'll divorce you · C41
1 month ago

lorcamayie: That was so sweet! Heart whelming scene! 💑💖
Thanks! Author! For, updates. 😊

Dear Young Master, Spare Me Please? · C123
1 month ago
Make yumei out of that palace and left the scum man peinan with his ***** feining! View More
My Consort Has Gone Mad! · C113
2 months ago

maeshart: When you see the emperor's getting dress, instead of helping him.
You just proudly face him, then grin and turn your back to him, to continue your sleep!
Nice one My Empress! 👍👍👍

The Employed Empress · C131
2 months ago

lorcamayie: While the empress doesn't feel hurt, I feel that, I'm the one who gotten hurt after seeing the emperor's with his noble consort! It's suck!

The Employed Empress · C124
2 months ago

maeshart: I only wish, an'jian and yong meet, and she will say everything to him, including little rui is still alive.
And urge him to go for little rui faraway to the enemies. Make himself stronger first before comeback, make a plan of revenge and save an'jian.

While An'jian will stay in palace to run a havocked for her enemies life! So that they can easily defeat them if both of them have a plan.

Rebirth of a Poisonous Woman · C70
2 months ago
Can the author, do fast forward now? I really hate too read about this An Clan and those villain celebrating the suffering of An'jian. 🤢🤢🤢

Can you fast forward to the scene, where they are begging for their life to spare from An'jian. View More
Rebirth of a Poisonous Woman · C64
2 months ago

maeshart: Can Author, make weiwei and that guy who look like her brother meet? Then make them, having a little chat.😊

The Employed Empress · C118
2 months ago

WinterKaguya: That old Matriarch is as biatchy as any other. She does not seem to care about her family at all, only the family’s name. Very typical of such matron of that age and time. Grand Preceptor An probably has more to grieve. I’d probably think this is his most loved woman as Madam Qin hated Aunt Xiu the most. Then the fate of his daughter and of coz his grandson which I assume he hasn’t met yet?? Bai Chengzhe will use Yong to bring down the crown prince? That would end Jinyan’s reign for sure! And at the same time elevated Chengzhe’s claim to the throne would probably kill Jinxiu which I think she will not let him...oh dear, where is Ping An?? Thank you for the update!! More soon!!

Rebirth of a Poisonous Woman · C64
2 months ago

maeshart: So that old hag, choose that ***** 👸 than an'jian? Good choice! 'Cause this will doom of An Clan!
Tsk! They really expect that the emperor's didn't know, whose behind scene of all schemes?

Just enjoy the happiness that you had feel now crown 🤴👸 ' 'cause I feel sorry after that!
The tribulations huge!

Rebirth of a Poisonous Woman · C64
2 months ago
I think big brother will kill those ***** fans.
So that the remnants of previous Iris long, can left peaceful. View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C235
2 months ago

maeshart: First downfall, Madam Qin!
Haha 😂
Whose next? Crown princess? Crown prince? Or those not loyal soldiers of emperor's?
I think the empress is, after his son.

Yes! Yes! Start cleaning majesty! 👍🤗

Rebirth of a Poisonous Woman · C62
2 months ago
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