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Omg i can barlery breath while reading this View More
Satan’s ‘Reincarnation’ · C6
8 months ago
Loving it do you think he will be able to be emune to the sun without a daylight ring eventauly and stuff like that like the white wood tree or whatever it was call? View More
Becoming eternal, Vampire diaries. · C1
9 months ago
im confused View More
in the world of Naruto ... (a few years before?) · C1
9 months ago
Why i have been waiting so long? View More
Alucard's Reincarnated Little brother · C7
9 months ago
MAKE HIM A GOD! also can you have him meet up that demon god later on! View More
I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C39
9 months ago
Good so far! View More
The Angelic Asura (Vampire Diaries , Originals Fanfic) · C1
9 months ago
Nice View More
Reincarnated Vampire God · C2
9 months ago
Reading Status: C4
Im just loving this so far!

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Alucard's Reincarnated Little brother
9 months ago
Loved it kinda wish he just disipeared when the kimgdom fell or whatever then apeard before alucard after he turned into a vampire View More
Alucard's Reincarnated Little brother · C4
9 months ago
What about the pink haired demon lord you cant not make her his lover right? View More
Tensei Shitara Dragon Datta Ken · C12
9 months ago
Have mc make his own body out of the cosmic energy of his destroyed galaxy or whatever View More
Psychic in Against the Gods · C1
9 months ago
More View More
Dimensional Travel · C4
9 months ago
Make him do the god ritual View More
I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C36
9 months ago
so did he reincarnate and just remember his pasts life memreis <---- forgot how to spell that right. or did he just apear their and get fake memereis View More
True Vampire in Teen Wolf · C2
9 months ago
This is amazing View More
9 months ago
WHHJADHO UWDFUGH AWLUIGFD ghuyopasho;iubj fgjtedrosiu;dh g[iophj aEKL
' rt gijpo'flp;asdaz xbjikp;gsr ujoip=fgewaesifoptyh jtgqrfew yiop jRWT34EYOIH View More
9 months ago
Prometheus's Burst · C18
9 months ago
good so far i dont really like the **** wolf world fan fics or whatever they are called but this seems to have potential! View More
True Vampire in Teen Wolf · C1
9 months ago
Loved this chapter View More
Being Op is a way of life · C1
9 months ago
well im not reading anymore i dont really like gender bender View More
A Lazy King Reincarnated as Hybrid Vampire · C2
9 months ago
Yay he is finaly going to loose his virginity View More
Overlord - Of Sin and Sanctity (Discontinued) · C14
9 months ago
NOOOOO View More
True Vampire(dropped) · C6
9 months ago
Please turn him into a god eventauly View More
I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C26
9 months ago
OMG im just imiaging say i am satan or somthing. View More
Satan’s ‘Reincarnation’ · C5
9 months ago
so cant they just destroy the sun i mean in the short term super man is op in the beggining but eventaly they can just block all sun light so he just looses all his powers fucking idiotic to choose super man View More
The Real Monster · C0
9 months ago
are him and serafall gonna ****? i hope they do! View More
Reincarnating as Issei Hyodo in DxD world · C40
9 months ago
Yo have him take erzas virgenity when their like 12 View More
Fairy Tail: The Story of Sid · C0
9 months ago
Why dosent he accept it and rape jane i mean she would porbly love it it sinces its him you know View More
The Monster Inside: The First Vampire · C36
10 months ago
Have him do the god ritual thing pls View More
I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C14
10 months ago
Make him a god View More
I'm just an 'Ordinary' Human (Marvel fanfic) · C14
10 months ago
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