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He actually asked for the first 100 of ANYTHING. Which means it could be powers, bloodlines, items, etc. View More
Reborn: Anime world: DxD · C4
1 week ago
He is missing one skill book. The first one he too out was the “unarmed combat” book that was red. Then when naming the remaining 4 skill books, you gave him a red “unarmed combat” one again. View More
XP Grind · C2
1 month ago
The content has been deleted
Master of Time
2 months ago
Why not get the Uzumaki and Senju bloodlines and rise them with the Uchiha bloodline...that’s basically the Otsutsuki bloodline right there, and it would only cost him 10,000 points View More
Leading to be a God (multiverse) · C5
3 months ago
Reading Status: C10
Tried to read more after third chapter, but it was like dragging nails over my exposed brain. The main character is HIGHLY unlikable, and the secondary characters are cringe worthy. View More
Stronghold In The Apocalypse
4 months ago
Why would you create a system that is based only on affinity? Sure someone with a certain affinity would master a spell or type of magic quicker and find it easier and make the spell stronger, but does that mean everyone shouldn’t also learn that magic? You would have a lot of one dimensional magic users then. The beauty of the Harry Potter type of magic is its versatility. View More
Harry Potter and The Mystical Journey · C23
6 months ago

EAA: Thx. Why use magic presure at 11 year old child, do you want to firigten and get distan from Harry or anything!? (:

Harry Potter and The Mystical Journey · C18
6 months ago

leylinn: think your mc is letting his bias from what he's read effect his opinion of people. he hasn't even talked to the weasley's and he's praising them as if they were saints. but eh, guess it's author bias instead and they'll actually be saints?? o.o

Harry Potter and The Mystical Journey · C13
6 months ago
Uhm...Voldemort didn’t use transfiguration to get more power, he used rituals. View More
Harry Potter and The Mystical Journey · C10
6 months ago
Uhm...how is Cyclops keeping up with Apollo. The last view of his stats, Apollo was at least 5 times an average human being in everything. View More
Prometheus's Burst · C15
6 months ago
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