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So we are in 1250 chapters halfway in vol 6. Cuttlefish saying some volume will be shorter, I am guess vol 7 and 8 will be 100ish chapters each, so this novel will be around 1500 chapters. He plans to finish it in June, so 14 chapters a week, we will have around 280 to 300 chapters left. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C887
3 hours ago
Well you guys have no idea how scary Amon is. When you actually read that part, you will be like WTF! View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C876
2 days ago
But we are no.6 now View More

CKtalon: Another 2 chapters for getting #7.

Lord of the Mysteries · C796
4 weeks ago
Undying View More

B4AZ: Btw, anyone know tittle for this new volume?

Lord of the Mysteries · C741
1 month ago
It's from Dunn, his captain, so his new name is revenge for Dunn. View More

ResidentialPsycho: Does anyone know who the "Dwayne" in Klein's new identity is based on? I've been thinking about it but haven't figured it out. In all of his alternate identities so far, both the first and last names have been based on fictional characters.

Lord of the Mysteries · C737
1 month ago

reader_seer: This is the full version,by@breakbreakbreak

Author‘s conclusion of vol.3’
Volume III is called Traveller, so the style I preseted is relaxing, the structure is also uncomplicated. Just as I said , travel around, enjoy the scenery, meet various people, involved in some things, but not very deep involved.
Frankly speaking, content resemble travel is still somewhat difficult to write. Just after hardly shape a character. glance over a place,with a sense of their custom and peculiarity, you have to leave, and continue a journey. Space limits, a huge challenge is how to introduce and shape impressive, interesting characters, while triggering some funny events.
Thinking back, before klein's advancement, I surely did a good job :). After that, I was busy with concluding the storylines, there were too many things to write, and were basically what I had written before. Since many had been already written before, I omitted some of them for granted. It may seem a bit rushed now.
A lot of people say that my outline is very detailed but TBH, its not. I have detailed settings. The outline is often what this theme is, what structure should be used, which lines be pulled in front, what new foreshadoes can I set, which suspense to be unfolded and where should it be...and then, play freely. At the end of an arc, I want to outline the next story. So prepare hundreds of or even thousands of words of content in advance, where you must think about each plot within it, is not only wasting time, but also Very Dull, because you didn't really write it out, you can't know how the story is going, how to pick it up later, and there will always be new inspirations during the writing process.
Just like when I wrote a story about the end of Klein’s departure from Backlund, there occured a picture adout Final Return with the undercurrent around and the finishing touch,and the reserved show up of the Brother and Sister .At the same time, when I was arranging the outline, there already existed an annotation about the world in the book, .but there is no more specific. After that, when I wrote about releasing the "nightmare", inspired by the content of Klein’s taking his daughter a message, I had another inspiration presenting the End Of A Trip. When writing about Grossel's Travels and setting the specific characters in the book, I got a Loen soldier, and suddenly had the inspiration for homesickness, and then, I was very clear about the whole part of volume III.
The third part is flat, which is determined by its structure and reserved style. I also said it in advance that, my friends who hope for a big event at the end, may be a bit disappointed. As I just said, I would end up with a sense of a dark and turbulent crisis. All events, including the appearance of Ince, the murder of Mother Tree of Desire and the attack of the Rose School of Thought. Those plots tighten the reader's emotions and set off the picture of Klein's returning to Backlund.
Umm, the two difficulties in the Volume III, one is that the front part , travel style is difficult to write, another is to write two dungeons, the battlefield of the gods and the world inside a book, which is quite a test for me.
According to the experience of writing The Sage Who Transcended Samsara, I have fixed the two points , Suspense and Companion,and with the experience before and during writing this arc, I also fixed the point of Fun, but I always feel that it is still worse.
Later, I remembered that when I was chatting with Douzi(a chinese WN writer as well), I found that the creative methods of the two of us were different. I wanted to tell such a story and a world view first. Then, I will finalize several main characters based on the story and background, others are slowly added later. He must first think about having such interesting people, and then to finalize the encounters of these people,they travel together, they generate entanglement, and what kind of stories will arise.

Lord of the Mysteries · C732
1 month ago
Be patient, this volume will blow your mind multiple times. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C733
1 month ago
At end of Vol.3 Author summarised the volume and I do a brief translation here, note this is not a word to word translation.
Volume 3’s title is “Traveller” so author writes it using a casual style, the structure is also simple, a man on his journey, stop at a place for a while then move on, see some sceneries, meet new people, complete some tasks but don’t get deeply involved.
To be honest this kind of travel style story is not easy to write, you try hard to create a new character, a new place, make some custom differences, and then you have to leave all these behind and keep on your journey. It challenges author’s writing skills to quickly introduce new characters with unique characteristic and new events that are interesting. Authors believes he did a good job before Klein advanced to Marionettist, however after that he was busy to close some story lines, too many things to write and it’s on Klein’s return way, so he omitted some details for those revisited places, author feels he rushed a bit on this part.
Many readers believing author has a very detailed outlines for the story but he doesn’t, he only made detailed settings. After he sets a theme for a volume and decides using what style to write it, what foreshadows he is going to close from previous volume and what foreshows he is going to lay in this volume, then he just fills the volume with stories freely, he doesn’t want to think every plot beforehand as he constantly has new ideas. Just like at the end of last volume the scene when Klein left Backlund, then he has the idea how he is going to return at the end of this volume, also mention his siblings in last chapter. Also he wants the book world to be introduced in this volume but he is not clear how this part of story going to end beforehand. When he writes release “Nightmare” beyonder characteristic plot he then has the idea to write a plot to pass message to the daughter, this can be also considered as a journey’s end in a way. When he designs the setting of “Groselle’s Travel” and creates a Leon solider character, then he has an inspiration to return him home. Combines everything together he is clear of how he is going to write for this volume.
Volume 3 is kind of flat because of the structure and the style. Author mentioned this before in Raw that reader may be disappointed if they want to see something big unfold at the end of this volume. He wants to create a perilous atmosphere to set off Klein’s return, this includes Ince appears scene, malicious of the Mother Tree of desire and Rose school of thought’s attack.
There is another ordeal in this volume, that’s how to write the raids of ruin of God’s war and book world. As he gained experiences from his previous books, he sets two themes for it, one is “Suspense” and another is “Comrades”, he then wants to add “interesting” on top of it, but at the end his is not completely satisfied and he should do better. He explains the thinking how he creates and writes these two raids, for this part it’s too long for me to translate. For example the book world, because it’s going to be a short story in this volume, so Klein as an outsider doesn’t have time to know those characters’ past, so he only records what they say and what they do, for this part of story you can see generally Klein has no inner monologue.
Author summarised at the end, he created some good characters and stories but rushed the last part of this volume, and he wished he can slow down a bit. The next volume is going to be called “Undying”, the opening words for this volume are “Undying, a bless or a curse”. ** the opening words for “Traveller” are “Every journey has an destination”. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C732
1 month ago
We are at about the end of volume 3 here, and I believe the raw is about the end of volume 5. The story getting better and better people are losing control waiting for the update. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C719
1 month ago
Well I have to tell you guys, next level is 10 times harder than this. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C664
2 months ago
I made an excel sheet when I read the raw with every location, it's hard to picture everything in head but much clear on paper. View More

Surely_Panda: Is there a maps of this world? I keep on trying to picture the island as something like Hawaii locating in the Pacific between Asia and American but I may be way off base on that.

Lord of the Mysteries · C614
3 months ago

Alessan: (Serious) Last night I had a dream where a hot Earth Mother was baking me cookies while explaining what kinds of different beyonder pathways connect to each other. I think this story is becoming a problem.

Lord of the Mysteries · C614
3 months ago
@Translator there were two errors in 4th paragraph, Will Auceptin names wrote as Will Arrodes. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C591
3 months ago
There are two translation errors at beginning of the chap, I just put a comment at end of paragraph. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C567
4 months ago
I wonder why the name translated to Helene, for me I think Elaine would be more close to the Chinese pronunciation. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C562
4 months ago
Hi translator there is an error, Waymandy is more than 200 years old, not 200 hundreds years. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C523
4 months ago
@translator there is a error in this chapter, it's in the middle of the chapter about Emlyn could only respond with blank look, and blank expression, it's after you modified it you forgot to delete one line. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C486
5 months ago
I did it myself yesterday, and it's not a direct translate. View More

Citadel1: Just so you guys know, this translation was copied and pasted from the machine translation on comrademao. I don't think it's gtfantasys own translation.

Lord of the Mysteries · C482
5 months ago
At the end of volume 2 Faceless author summarised the volume and I will put a brief translation here. The volume Faceless meant in three ways. First was the potion’s name, this was the easiest to guess. Second was the Klein’s status in the capital, using fake face, fake name, fake identity to meet with people, to solve problems, to get involved in different matters, he seemed busy all the time but still felt lonely when he returned to his house. Third indicated those people formed foundation of the country, in history book they have no name, no face, no past and no life only exists as numbers or as simple description. In this way aren’t they are faceless as well, the walk on of a show, the cannon fodders, who cares what they looks like. In this volume authors tried to portrait these faceless people, old Kohler, Liv family their hope, they hardship and their tragedy, to make them more human than numbers, although the stories seemed shatter, it followed this hidden theme. When some of these people die, more of them come, they are the footstone of the era but they are essential.
To consider all of these elements author discarded the more shocking ending to conclude the volume, using the worst era, the best era is good enough to express the volume name Faceless. Third volume name will be Traveller, main story line will be more clear than volume two. But when we think about the volume two Becklund there are still many stories to be told, for example royal family’s goal, 0-17, vampires, psychology alchemist, the stage is there for Audrey, Fors, Xio and Emlyn to show themselves. Klein will be back, and will be there for long.
Second volume’s plots seems very shattered but it still attractive, the main problem was the main plots was very compacted, incident after incident, Klein never got time to breath, he was always busy to solve problems, and lack of time to relax. It probably make some readers unable to relax and anxiety. Timeline was separated by Tarot meeting each week, so every week there must be beyonder events to keep the story entertaining, author tried to jump some less important meetings and make the timeline under control.
Of course Tarot meeting is an important element as well, author won’t forget the first meeting when Emlyn attend. Author also happy with the characters he built, because readers like them. Using 0-17 to close the fight to show that church is still powerful otherwise they won’t rule for long. Other than that there are more stories about it in the future.
At last after years of writing author is aiming to use simple, easy words to tell the stories, no needs to exaggerate and long description about something, leave spaces to readers, when at the right moment even the simple words can penetrate readers hearts and shock them. Even he is still not master the skill, he thinks he is on the correct track. And please anticipate volume three Traveller and it will be more fun and excitement. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C482
5 months ago

SRandom: Translator, shouldn't the divine epiphany be `find the fool...` rather than `found...`?

Lord of the Mysteries · C401
6 months ago
We still have about 100 chapters to finish this volume, so the best is yet to come. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C383
7 months ago
Title referring the food is not always delicious when you eat other people's cooking often. Shadow referring Klein is a lonely guy when he gets home, no friend and family. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C328
7 months ago
I also think the title should change to disappear. It implies that Klein steal then escape in front of high level beyonder just like the magic someone disappear in front of audience.@translator View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C321
8 months ago
@translaor the chapter title is a mistake. It should be translated as "one more case" or "another murder case". View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C298
8 months ago
There is a translation error on the 4th paragraph, shoyld be 'disguised as viscount glant servant'. View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C269
8 months ago

K_Kvothe: Objectives :
Formulas for Next Sequences : Found
Equipments: Target on sight
Materials: Search in progress
Financial status : Poor
Love life : Forever alone

Lord of the Mysteries · C257
9 months ago
The real bodyguard is going to appear on stage now! View More
Lord of the Mysteries · C244
9 months ago

Divyansh181199: If only Susie, the real protagonist of the series was assigned the assassination mission instead of Audrey, the ambassador's dead body would have been floating in the sewers already by now

Lord of the Mysteries · C244
9 months ago
yes it's the formula in the original text View More

celinetan: Translation mistake. I think the lady who sold the weapons request for the formula of Barbrian, not the potion. pls check it again, thx.

Lord of the Mysteries · C240
9 months ago

celinetan: Translation mistake. I think the lady who sold the weapons request for the formula of Barbrian, not the potion. pls check it again, thx.

Lord of the Mysteries · C240
9 months ago
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