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Reading Status: C312
It’s goooooooooooooooooooooood hdhdhdhdhdjdjdjjddjdjjdjdjdjddjjddjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjndnddjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdjdj View More
Scholar's Advanced Technological System
9 hours ago
They totally burned the ribs at the end.. View More
The Villain's Wife, · C161
3 days ago
Lol what's with all the randoms who catch their girls cheating on them? Author has a small NTR fetish. 🤔 View More
Great Doctor Ling Ran · C332
5 days ago

LigmaBallsBitch: This is really bad.

1. He returned back 10 years in time. He decided to make everything in his life better. How you say? By playing a game ofc xDD.
2. A game that just came out somehow overthrows multitudes of other VR games just by existing.
3. The only game I know to let users run for 8 hours to travel instead of adding a feature that transports players from town to town instantly, city to city or however the developer wants it. If that's not a sh8y game I don't know what is.
4. What game would require 3 times the size of earth? It's not like every single one of us would play that game right? Did we people somehow remove poverty by 2129 so even people considered poor there have VR machines? That's a nice world to live in, tell me about it.
5. Level 0 monsters give out 3 exp. Leveling from 0-1 requires 1000 exp. Quests exist but for some reason there are so few of them in the game when it's supposed to be expected that quest demand is astronomical upon launch. Now if you'll excuse me, I still have to kill 334 lvl 0 monsters to lvl up. (or more if I'm in a party)
6. He's very lucky that it made him get an item with higher stats than it was supposed to before in his previous life. His luck is really heaven defying that author had to use his Trump card "lucky friend Blackie" so it won't look unnatural.
7. Zhao Yueru.
8. Several companies invested their resources in a game that just started. I don't know why they did, don't ask me.
9. There are several wars stated that had been initiated with thousands of players which coincides with point number 3 and 4. If there is no way to travel fast and the world is so big, then how??? There is the mentioned scrolls of teleportation but it's also said to be very important, everyone has it then? Idk man.
10. The time inside the game flow slower than reality, it's also possible to play while sleeping. So this game must be called Lucid Dreaming Online! Jokes aside, it's really detrimental for the brain to not rest, sleeping is not only for the body. So this game is only possible in theory, the author should have mentioned something to let me suspend my disbelief smh.
11. In addition to point 10, if it really is possible for the brain to work tirelessly even hypothetically, then surely the dedicated who play for the whole and only stop for a piss or eat will surely have an edge right? No they don't, this is so sad Alexa play despacito 2.

Ok I'll stop.

Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God
1 week ago

Astralx: Title Jebaited me, expecting to see gore and blooshed, but got disney rainbows.

The Great Ruler · C891
2 weeks ago

YunCheGOD: Waiting for those haters who kept judging the mc for the past 5 chapters to apologize. Suits you guys right, mindlessly judging when everything was already into place. The reasoning and logic behind the mc's decisions, the so-called selfishness. It was all a fabric of your own imagination. Repent

Only I level up · C180
2 weeks ago

L337Rev: Do you really think that students would have a pill that would actually expell a sovereign level poison on hand

The Great Ruler · C364
3 weeks ago

ONELEAF000: Dude he literally can’t because he’s at school and if he kills a student then he’ll be hunted down or punished severely

The Great Ruler · C318
3 weeks ago

L337Rev: Everytime i see your name i already know you dissed the author because you didnt like something he had in the chapter and everytime im like why did you even make it to this point

The Great Ruler · C287
3 weeks ago
What about his nephew? He just left the kid? View More
Soaring of Galaxia · C728
3 weeks ago
Take all my power stones. JUST TAKE IT View More
His Genius Wife is a Superstar · C560
1 month ago

Setheris: It’s not specified what the “mysterious” person can control. It’s obvious thats it’s Qing Ling to us, but keep in mind that it’s been like 5-7 years for Xiao Yan. The Dou Continent is huge, so it it could be a different person in Xiao Yan’s mind

Battle Through the Heavens · C1238
1 month ago

Prat0711: Bull **** gu clan they have so many do zun and do sheng and didint do **** to hall of souls our mc even he is weak he is going head on with them.Gu clan is biggest disappointment of this series

Battle Through the Heavens · C1012
1 month ago

Gachibee: Apparently little girls being dou huangs is very common... Young men at the age of 20 being dou Huang? Now that's a shocker

Battle Through the Heavens · C830
1 month ago

Tygon: If he only had something that could burn away the poison. A heavenly item that was unmatched throughout the continent. Something that could refine all types of substances. If only...

Battle Through the Heavens · C805
1 month ago

Tygon: It would be nice if Xiao Yan arrived early for once instead of the very last possible moment.

Battle Through the Heavens · C757
1 month ago

DriftingClouds: Heh. The Deep Green Longevity Pill is cream colored.

Battle Through the Heavens · C735
1 month ago

Tygon: Does the protagonist suffers from Alzheimer's disease or some type of amnesia? He has already concluded in the past that they are after the jade key, yet suddenly becomes surprised? Something similar happened when he was forming Pan's Gate. He first agreed to form it with the other four and then had the exact same discussion with the other new students to agree again.

Battle Through the Heavens · C710
1 month ago

strawberrysunday: ...yes i notice that too... This is damn illogicAl, wats wrong with the author...

Battle Through the Heavens · C710
1 month ago

strawberrysunday: ...ugh I feel like the heavenly flame was degraded,, his claws should have been charred black after a hundred claw attacks, it shouldn't be a hundred but just a single touch should have charred his claws black...or was it just his green dou qi, I thought it was the the heaverlyflame he used as a flaming armor dou qi?

Battle Through the Heavens · C574
1 month ago

Zareq: Isnt it convenient that he monologued his entire scheme to an empty room

Battle Through the Heavens · C310
1 month ago

Greymage: ...Does the author not know how cold-blooded animals work?

Battle Through the Heavens · C210
1 month ago

H_King: And Qing Lin said in a low sinister voice ” Mangekyouu Sharingan “

Battle Through the Heavens · C197
1 month ago

Sirrachada: I'd be pissed if someone was trying to offer my soul up to a banana, too.... .-.

Coiling Dragon · C371
1 month ago

ClaymoreJoe: People reading this seem to forget that part of the closeness to others in Eastern culture has to do with how they help each other succeed in life. You laugh at Linley for being arrogant, but when was he truly arrogant? He was hell-bent on avenging his ancestors and his family, and when he found out who caused all of this pain, he wanted to eradicate such persons. And you all call him stupid, but he's still a kid! "More mature at age 8?" He wasn't dealing with this **** at age 8! He was focused on simply becoming stronger! He didn't start getting like this until the ones he called family started dying around him! "My mother died in childbirth." "Actually she was abducted by the royal family." He was prevented from receiving his mother's love, for ****'s sake! The royal family killed his own father! He wanted revenge! Not everyone who seeks revenge is cool-headed and thinks everything through! I doubt any of you would be more calculating than he was. And you honestly think he'd care about every death he's seen? He barely knew any of those who died in front of him or died by his hand. When you think about it, this is a far more realistic reaction than you assholes seem to think! He's not a fucking Mary Sue! He's not invulnerable, he's not not invincible, he has flaws. Meanwhile, all you want is a completely altruistic, overpowered ******ton who gets by with nothing more than luck or constantly increasing power. You are all children, in this sense. Grow up. Not every main character has to be all-powerful and all-caring throughout the story.

Coiling Dragon · C167
1 month ago

Rainess: Lol Xue Ying is like wtf man this had 2 daos lol why u gotta be like that

Lord Xue Ying · C637
1 month ago

Samayouryuu: "Yo dude, I know we just tried to kill you and all, but heck, here goes... You OP son, come join our crew. we play it like Aladdin son, show you the worlds."

Lord Xue Ying · C218
1 month ago

Extasse: If this quality continues we’ll finally be able to enjoy our chapters...

Otherworldly Evil Monarch · C592
1 month ago

CanaryWO: The fact that you’re still here at this point, even though you complain about talking wanting to see action, is genuinely baffling. If you want mindless slaughter and action sequences, then surely by now you’ve discovered that this novel isn’t for you? It’s honestly what makes this novel more unique and different the the usual xianxia.

Legend of Ling Tian · C215
2 months ago

World_Sovereign: Well I had enough, while I think the whole 'silkpants' stuff is good but now I'm getting fed up and would like to see him act normally and not in 4000 chapters later.

Legend of Ling Tian · C167
2 months ago
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