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The emperor's gambling or expectation that others will figure out things he is trying to do for them is quite disturbing. This already led to misunderstanding with Prince Yi, although I am not a big fan of PY at the moment. If LX had not catch up this time around, the consequences would have been bad. Tsk Tsk, such a risky behaviour! View More
Circumventing Fate · C164
1 hour ago
Yes, I will like to see that too. Besides, I wonder if the lady in South Africa is truly Mian or another fake one? View More

aimej: Can we have su yuchen love rivals instead of xin mei, please? Lets see if he can be as patient as xin mei when dealin with maniac love rivals. 😏

Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife · C361
14 hours ago
So, prince Yi continues to play the game of if not for him or if he didn't exist, it would be me everything belongs to. I highly doubt that your royal highness. View More
Circumventing Fate · C163
14 hours ago
Really curious about Chun Hua's identity. I have a feeling she isn't just an orphan that was sold, who conveniently met LX initially before moving to CY. View More
Circumventing Fate · C162
2 days ago
From my understanding of the emperor's personality so far, this will not be the thing that will affect their relationship. If anything will affect the relationship, it will most likely have to do with LX not wanting get pregnant. Besides, from previous chapters, if I remember correctly, it has been said that he is interested in having one person to trust and spend his life with. So, chances are low for concubines to come into his relationship, the current ones act as decorations. View More


Circumventing Fate · C161
2 days ago
La sigh, prince Yi would have known better if he wasn't harbouring feelings for your wife. Can only hope the people of Zou will pay back the kindness LX has showed them by taking her side. View More
Circumventing Fate · C160
3 days ago
I wish I could trust Soohyun that she won't get into troubles. View More
Transmigration: The Cannon Fodder Beauty and Masked Beast · C242
4 days ago
Yeah, it will be interesting to see how that will influence their current relationship and his behaviour towards wan. View More

ANI_S: How twist would have been if he recover his memory as well?

Reborn : The Lion To Hunt The Wolf · C168
4 days ago
As heart breaking as it is, I’m glad they are finally talking. It will take time for YW to heal from her experiences from previous life. But this is a good starting point. View More

ANI_S: That last paragraph brought tears to my eyes

Reborn : The Lion To Hunt The Wolf · C167
5 days ago
Lol, I guess the Wang family is in for another disappointment. View More
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C314
5 days ago
Well, seems like hubby's insight only shows up when it is a guy hitting on XM. Surprised he is not bothered that someone else that is not his wife is taking the initiative to hire servants and rearrange house setting. View More
Handsome CEO'S Bewitching wife · C353
5 days ago
Seems like she is related to the Zi family. Just not sure exactly how yet. View More

Vangauc: I think Zi yan is her sister, cause she said mom left him and gave birth to her n her sister in secret

No Matter How Long Time Passes, I Still Love You · C94
6 days ago
Maybe Xiao Hua, he seems to be only person that trigger this type of fear or contempt from her. View More

AdaSyuha05: New character??? Who is it???

Reborn : The Lion To Hunt The Wolf · C165
6 days ago

Pixxie_doll05: I do remembered dear author...hehehe
Shi Shue and Zhie Hei I guest?

What a cute chapters😘 I'm fallen hard inlove with this two couples😍

No Matter How Long Time Passes, I Still Love You · C93
1 week ago
Please let it work. I really want something to smack CY in the face with. View More
Circumventing Fate · C159
1 week ago
Karen is really a pest. Why must you ruin the adorable time between the couples? View More
No Matter How Long Time Passes, I Still Love You · C92
1 week ago
Probably both. She hates ex-lover for betraying her and blames YW for winning his attention or having a happy life while she does not. View More

avatarg951: She planning to get back at her ex lover or Yue Wan?

Reborn : The Lion To Hunt The Wolf · C163
1 week ago
I look forward to that. Hopefully it's not gonna be a long wait. Thanks for sharing your story. View More

Bellsin: You will know it later...
First, our leads have to be together
Then I will write the past with ML's POV

Reborn : The Lion To Hunt The Wolf · C161
1 week ago
I will need more background, so I am not gonna conclude yet who is at fault or who caused their relationship to end badly. But based on the information provided, a lot the decisions and actions Yue Wan made seems to have contributed to the misunderstanding in their relationship. Her behaviour towards his grand father seems to have also been horrible too. But I am curious to know why XH thinks the child is not his? Also, if he knew about his aunt and cousin's behaviour towards YW? View More
Reborn : The Lion To Hunt The Wolf · C161
1 week ago
Lol, I just wanna tell her to stop talking because she is making the situation worse. View More

Yuki_Tsukishiro: Xiao An Fei just raised too many red flag in this chapter. On top of it, she was unaware of it. *sigh*

She already dugged a hole for herself and Bai Qingyue must be seething in anger to shove and to bury her alive at that very moment. 🤣🤣🤣

Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife · C354
1 week ago
Lol, the poor girl is probably wishing she never started the conversation. View More

soldierofchrist: Girl, you better choose your words. Or youre body will rip in two🤣

Accidentally Married a Fox God - The Sovereign Lord Spoils His Wife · C353
1 week ago
The emperor is one of the most patient ML I have ever encountered. He is also used to repressing his desires that he is choosing not to confront her about asking for contraceptive when he is already thinking of them having kids together. View More
Circumventing Fate · C157
1 week ago
Trying to hide from Anna, lol. He will be getting it soon. View More

LittleMissCutie: Where is Kyle? Missing him badly

REBORN: Revenge · C306
2 weeks ago
Sigh, it’s now onto the scheming and dealing with the rumours. How will they deal with this? View More
Circumventing Fate · C156
2 weeks ago
Thanks for asking the question Claire. I am really curious about what's really going on and what Mary's parents are after. Sigh, I need to be patient but I am so curious. View More
REBORN: Revenge · C305
2 weeks ago
Lol, poor FY getting punished after helping out. View More
Reborn : Space Intelligent Woman · C303
2 weeks ago
It might help if they give Arion the chance to explain why he left to the kids. Like others have mentioned, he shouldn't have left but this explanation should at least make the twins see that he didn't just decide to abandon them, he left for a reason. Even with this they will probably need time to feel connected to him. View More

shipramani: I still think ,sorting this emotional mess is more important. We still don't know what will happen between Kyle & Anna after this.

REBORN: Revenge · C304
2 weeks ago

Kai_Dao: Is it just me who couldn't vote for this novel with power stones? 🙁

Circumventing Fate · C154
2 weeks ago
Seems like my main concern has arrived. Someone, saw the kissing scene. I wonder how they are gonna handle the rumours. View More
Circumventing Fate · C154
2 weeks ago
Yup, curious to see how Anna will dish out that showdown. View More

shipramani: Now Kyle should get ready for next showdown!

REBORN: Revenge · C302
2 weeks ago
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